Even Without Ronaldo, La Liga Still Become The Most Attractive League

Even Without Ronaldo, La Liga Still Become The Most Attractive League

Steve McManaman, a former Real Madrid manager, also spoke out about Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus. McManman explained that Ronaldo’s departure would not have a big impact on the La Liga competition.

As we know, the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from La Liga reaps a lot of public response from world football. Many say that the departure of the mega star will make La Liga competition boring. This is because Ronaldo is one of the main stars in the competition. He also became a rival of Lionel Messi who played for the Barcelona club.

But McManman looked at a different perspective. According to him, Ronaldo’s departure will not have a big influence on La Liga competition.

“Ronaldo’s departure for Juventus will not have a big impact on this competition.”

He also said that La Liga had lost its iconic players several times. But the competition is still in demand today.

“Ronaldo himself has played in England, he has changed clubs several times.”

“Neymar is like that too. So in my opinion, this will not have much impact on La Liga competition. ”

“La Liga is the highest caste competition that has always attracted the attention of football lovers. So in my opinion, the transfer of players in Europe is a natural thing. ”

“Real Madrid and Barcelona will not lose their charm. They are the two biggest teams in the world. “

Allegri Gave Compliment To Cristiano Ronaldo

Allegri Gave Compliment To Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo became a very crucial figure for Juventus in the match against Ajax in the Champions League. The mega star managed to score one goal for Juventus at the end of the first half.

As many people predicted, the match between Juventus and Ajax went quite intensely. Ajax’s strength cannot be underestimated, besides being able to displace Real Madrid, they can also draw against Juventus in this first leg.

Massimiliano Allegri also did not want to comment much when asked about Ronaldo’s ability. According to Allegri, Ronaldo’s ability is known to everyone. But there are two things that make Ronaldo different from other great players.

Allegri explained that Ronaldo was a player at a different level who could find a gap to score even though he was in a bad position. This has been shown by Ronaldo when netting a goal against Ajax.

“Ronaldo has proven everything. Ronaldo’s greatness has taken him to a different level. He was able to find a gap at the right time and convert it to a goal, “Allegri said as reported by the Italian Football.

“He was able to bring the game and provide encouragement and create movement for his teammates. Federico Bernardeschi and Blaise Matuidi also managed to make good moves at the start of the match. ”

“Ronaldo’s colleague was also great, they were able to create a space for Ronaldo and give a perfect pass. We will focus on the second leg match later. “

Impossible to Beat Barca? United Experts Breaking the impossibility!

Impossible to Beat Barca? United Experts Breaking the impossibility!

Manchester United will soon face a very tough test where they will be met with the Spanish giants Barcelona in the Champions League. Many people who say this task is an impossible task for United.

Seen on paper, Barcelona is superior to the United squad. Not to mention that Barcelona is very familiar with the Champions League so that the games that are presented are more stable and consistent, don’t forget Lionel Messi, who is still the best player in the world.

Messi alone is considered the gap between Barcelona and United. But we also cannot underestimate United who are in their best form under the leadership of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Although United’s position did not benefit, Juan Mata had a different view.

If we roll out a little United’s trip in the Champions League this season you could say it is full of miracles, let’s call it a victory over PSG which is quite surprising to many.

Seeing their experience when defeating PSG yesterday, you could say the conditions are similar to their current conditions.

“At that time I was not in Paris, the victory in Paris seemed very impossible right? But the victory was a very historic victory for us, “Mata opened as quoted by Marca.

“We were left behind in the first leg, but we managed to turn things around.”

“I believe the experience of the young players in Paris coupled with our cohesiveness at the club has made us a strong team. We will mobilize all our capabilities with United’s red jersey, we will not give up even though we face Barcelona. “

Gattuso Said Milan Just Unlucky Lose To Sampdoria

Gattuso Said Milan Just Unlucky Lose To Sampdoria

In the week 29 match of the Italian Serie A competition, AC Milan had to get a bad result when faced with Sampdoria. Visiting the opponent’s headquarters, the team made by Gennaro Gattuso had to go home with their heads down.

Indeed AC Milan can compete in a draw until the end of the match, unfortunately there is one blunder made by Gianluigi Donnarumma. How not, just running 33 seconds, he made a fatal mistake. The error was immediately greeted by Gregoire Defrel, Sampdoria led 1 – 0.

Seeing the blunder made by the goalkeeper, Gattuso believes his team suffered defeat because of being unlucky. Gattuso did not deny that his team made a lot of mistakes in the match, but the main thing was because his team was out of luck.

“That goal, we were very unlucky. We also made a lot of minor mistakes, many touches that should not have been done. We also cannot build attacks from behind as we have planned, “Gattuso opened to DAZN.

“But I need to emphasize, the performance of the players is still worthy of appreciation. When Sampdoria put pressure on us, we too often let them move. Because of that mistake they managed to build up the tempo and shape the game. ”

“Before we just lost to Inter, then we lost to Sampdoria. But we will try to get up. In the future there are still matches we have to face, we must focus on that. ”

AC Milan will face Udinese. This match will be a crucial match, moreover this match will be held at the home of AC Milan, San Siro.

Neville Ask United To Spend Much Funds To Recruit Solskjaer

Neville Ask United To Spend Much Funds To Recruit Solskjaer

Gary Neville assesses there is one thing that must be done by Manchester United if you want to be successful with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, which is in full support. Both financially and other resources.

Solskjaer just got a permanent contract from United. The 46-year-old man will be at Old Trafford in capacity as manager for the next three seasons.

Giving a permanent contract is of course not separated from the slick achievements achieved by Solskjaer. He was previously appointed as interim manager, replacing Jose Mourinho who was sacked in December 2018.

Gary Neville asked Manchester United to fulfill every need for Solskjaer in terms of purchasing players. Neville wanted Solskjaer to get a large amount of funds, as United had given the previous managers.

With United, Solskjaer has already passed one transfer market in January 2019. However, the Norwegian manager did not buy a single player. And, Neville wants to have money squandered by Solskjaer next summer.

“The amount of money spent by United must be large, but over the past few years, the club has never failed and has always fully supported the manager,” Neville was quoted as saying on Sky Sports.

“I don’t think that the club will fail financially, they will waste money. Players have played well in recent months with Solskjaer, but they are Mourinho’s [choice] players,” he added.

Giroud Want To Leave Chelsea Next Season

Giroud Want To Leave Chelsea Next Season

Lately, Olivier Giroud has rarely been seen and is more often seen on the Chelsea bench. Seeing this, Giroud reportedly is considering leaving Chelsea and looking for a team that can provide more flying hours for him.

With Alvaro Morata spearheading Chelsea, Giroud’s chance to play was thinning, even Maurizio Sarri was more interested in playing Gonzalo Higuain than he was.

The last time Giroud managed to score a hat trick in the match against Dynamo Kyiv. Thanks to this goal, this means Giroud has collected nine goals in seven appearances with Chelsea.

Actually the score was fairly good, because last season Giroud’s appearance was fairly ordinary. There were no special nicks made by Giroud last season. But due to minimal playing time, Giroud admitted to being frustrated and wanted to move.

“This makes me really frustrated,” Giroud said as reported by the RTL.

“Today I know that there is no competition to play since last January.”

“I will only be played in the European League competition. I try to play effectively, but I am still reserved. ”

“I am ready to go down the level so I can play. I need an opportunity to play more, I am not there to be reserved! ”

“I could just go and play in Paris. We’ll see what it will be like. “

Jose Mourinho Will Comeback !

Jose Mourinho Will Comeback !

It’s been three and a half months since Jose Mourinho was forced to leave Manchester United’s coaching chair. He claimed to be ready to go on an adventure at a new club that he felt suited to his wishes.

Mourinho has only enjoyed the warmth of Manchester United’s coaching chair for two and a half years. The Portuguese coach is considered the culprit of a series of bad results which were reaped by the Red Devils since the start of this season.

Now, his status in the world of football is still unemployed. To fill his spare time, Mourinho was seen several times filling out a television program to comment on the performance of the teams that were struggling in their respective competitions.

Despite appearing several times on television, Mourinho did not deny that he missed the atmosphere of training again. Therefore, he was determined to find the next labuhan club before next June to have time for preparation.

“When you are in the world of football, between press conferences, games, video sessions, battle analysis, and everyday problems, you don’t have time for yourself. I have used the last few months to reboot,” he told beIN Sports .

“The coach’s position is special and I enjoy everyday work. I want to go back this summer, starting in June, for the beginning of the season,” he continued.

For the sake of MU, Pogba Choose To Refuse Real Madrid Offer

For the sake of MU, Pogba Choose To Refuse Real Madrid Offer

Manchester United star Paul Pogba has reportedly rejected an offer posted by Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane. Pogba claimed to want to continue his career with the Red Devils who are currently being led by Ole Gunnar Solksjaer. Pogba said he was optimistic about United’s future.

Zidane himself was just appointed as Real Madrid coach. He was trusted to lift Madrid from adversity in the Santiago Solari coaching era. Reportedly, Zidane wants to make major changes in the composition of players in Madrid.

According to RAI Sport’s alerts, Zidane has prepared a list of names of players he wants to bring in next season. Zidane’s seriousness in bringing Pogba seems to be no mere nonsense, because his party has contacted Mino Raiola as Pogba’s agent to discuss.

Unfortunately Paul Pogba firmly rejected the offer submitted by Zidane. If the offer comes at the beginning of last season, maybe Pogba’s answer will be different. Because when trained by Jose Mourinho, Pogba did look unhappy and often reserved.

Seeing this, Florentino Perez did not want to extend the case and would focus on other players.

If we see, the rejection by Pogba has no effect on Madrid, because there are many other players that can be brought in, namely Christian Eriksen, Eden Hazard, and also Kylian Mbappe.

For Mbappe, Madrid will make it a long-term plan where they don’t need to be too rushed to bring in the player. One of the names that Zidane wants to hear is Luka Jovic.

Platini: VAR Destroys the Spirit of Football!

Platini: VAR Destroys the Spirit of Football!

Michel Platini as the former President of UEFA commented on the decision taken by the referee after discussing with the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in a match between Manchester United and PSG in the Champions League yesterday. According to him, VAR has damaged the spirit of football.

In the second leg that was held at PSG headquarters, United managed to get the winner after getting a penalty at the end of the match. Thanks to the victory, United are certain to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Many parties regretted the penalty decision. The reason is, the Kimpembe Presnel doesn’t intentionally touch the ball. Platini also explained that handball is not always a violation. Initially United were only given a referee by a referee, but after discussion, United won a penalty.

“When I served on the International Board, I tried to continue to protect and defend the players,” Platini said as quoted by Le Journal Du Dimanche.

“Paris Kimpembe in this case did not do handsball intentionally. The referee has acted correctly by giving a corner kick, but the people asked for a review and finally the decision turned into a penalty. ”

“Deciding to give an accidental penalty for handsball has damaged the spirit of football, against the game of football itself!”

“From the beginning I never agreed with VAR, when I was still a player, it was not always what was told through the television screen was true, there were times when such things could be tolerated.”

Neymar Said Dont Bother His Social Life

Neymar Said Dont Bother His Social Life

Neymar is the highest paid PSG star player. He was brought in by PSG from Barcelona with a dowry of 222 million Euros, so he became the most expensive player in the world to date. Unfortunately he is often caught going to parties and nightclubs just to spend time, this makes him reap a lot of criticism from the public.

As we know, Neymar is known as a player who is quite eccentric when outside the field. Many people are worried about the lifestyle that Neymar lives. They fear that lifestyle will affect their performance on the green field.

Not only happy to go to parties or nightclubs, Neymar also likes to spend his time playing games, poker and some other activities that are considered useless.

Criticized for partying, Neymar: Don’t join in!

Seeing this, Neymar then commented and said that don’t interfere too much with his social life.

“I don’t think my social life will affect my performance on the field. I feel funny about the criticism. Why do they compare what I do outside with what I have done in the field? ”

“You can see my statistics, it’s still very good! I have said before that my personal life is my business, so don’t comment too much. ”

“I continue to move forward, because that’s what I have to do, and this is my life and my business.”

“If you want to criticize, criticize my performance on the field, don’t criticize me when I’m outside the field because this is my life and I want to enjoy it.”

Sarri Said Kepa Still Be The Main Goal Keeper For Chelsea

Sarri Said Kepa Still Be The Main Goal Keeper For Chelsea

Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri insists that Kepa Arrizabalaga will remain the club’s main goalkeeper. Previously Kepa Arrizabalaga was reserved by the coach in the match against Tottenham Hotspur. In the match, Chelsea won a brilliant victory.

Sarri chose to play Willy Caballero in the starting XI in the match. Of course it is still clearly remembered not how Kepa refused when Sarri asked himself to be replaced by Caballero when dealing with Manchester City in the Carabao Cup competition.

At that time Chelsea had to swallow defeat in the penalty shootout round. Because of his actions, Kepa received sanctions from the club. Even so, Sarri explained that the incident was merely a misunderstanding.

Gambar terkait

Sarri chose Caballero to emphasize that Chelsea was not about individual games, but team games. When asked about the main goalkeeper at Chelsea, Sarri then answered emphatically, “Yes, of course Kepa.”

“I think this is a proper punishment, he has received sanctions for the club, and he also has to pay his position for the team.”

“I think this punishment is enough, tomorrow he will be played again.”

“We can’t kill Kepa, he is young and sometimes young players can make mistakes.”

“But you must be able to respond to every mistake well. Kepa has been punished and I think the sentence is enough, so I think the question will be closed until here. “

Madrid Want To Recruit Tagliafico To Subtitute Marcelo

Madrid Want To Recruit Tagliafico To Subtitute Marcelo

La Liga giants Real Madrid seem to want to bring Ajax Amsteram left-back Nicolas Tagliafico next summer.

After successfully impressing Banfield and Independiente in Argentina, Tagliafico immediately got the first place in the Ajax squad. Not only that, because he was able to play consistently, he also helped strengthen the Argentine national team since 2017.

According to TYC Sports alerts, the slick performance shown by the player made Real Madrid interested in getting his signature. Even Solari wants to bring in the player next summer.

Tagliafico’s appearance was solid enough to keep the Ajax defense, this was evident when Madrid faced Ajax in the Champions League competition. At that time Tagliafico managed to score, even though VAR was eventually annulled.

This makes Solari sure that Tagliafico is able to strengthen Madrid’s defense. Actually there is another reason why Solari wants to bring in the Tagliafico, namely the possibility of Marcelo leaving next season.

As we know, Marcelo’s position in the main squad was further eroded. He even lost competitiveness with young Madrid defender Sergio Reguilon. This raises a lot of speculation that says Marcelo will soon leave Madrid.

If the player is indeed brought in to Spain, then Tagliafico will have no difficulty adapting, because in the 2012-13 season he has played at Real Murcia so he is already quite familiar with the style of playing in Spain.

Jordi Alba Sign New Contract In Barcelona

Jordi Alba Sign New Contract In Barcelona

Jordi Alba’s future at Barcelona is finally clear. The player has decided to sign his new contract with Barcelona in the near future.

In recent months, the future of Jordi Alba in Barcelona has become a warm conversation. Because the player is rumored to be leaving from Barelona after his playing contract was never extended by club management.

Even Jordi Alba has received several attractive offers, one of which is from the British giants Manchester United. According to Mundo Deportivo alerts, Jordi Alba has certainly failed to bring United. The player has decided to stay at the Camp Nou after getting a contract extension from the management.

According to Mundo’s alerts, the Barcelona had a meeting with the agent of the player. They decided to give a new contract to the defender player. The agent also revealed that his client was also interested in signing the contract.

Josep Maria Bartomeu as President Barcleona has also poked the new contract agreement with Jordi Alba agent.

The contract is a long-term contract, where Jordi Alba will remain in service in Barcelona for the next five years. He will also get a salary increase. Even so, there is no official information related to the salary increase that will be obtained by Alba later.

Jordi Alba has recorded 2 goals and 15 assists from 35 appearances with Barcelona this season.

Benfica Want To Recruit Jose Mourinho

Benfica Want To Recruit Jose Mourinho

Luis Filipe Vieira as president of the Benfica club claimed to want to bring in new coach Jose Mourinho. He even boasted about the money that must be spent to bring the coach.

As we know, Jose Mourinho is currently unemployed after being expelled from the club Manchester United. A lot of news links the coach to other big clubs in Europe.

Actually there are two names that most want the coach, just call Real Madrid and also Inter Milan. But besides the two clubs, Benfica is also reportedly targeting Jose Mourinho.

Benfica itself is an eternal rival of the Porto club, for those of you who don’t know, Jose Mourinho once panned success with them. Seeing the conditions that exist at Benfica at this time, actually the news circulating is not mere nonsense.

Last week, Benfica also just released Rui Vitoria so they needed a new coach to achieve success. But their desire to bring Mourinho is not easy, because Mourinho claimed he did not want to return to Portugal in the near future.

Mourinho saw himself at the peak of his career so he did not want to gain success in the second caste league in Portugal. Mourinho is still patient looking forward to offers from big European clubs and decides to be unemployed until the end of this season until there is a definite offer.

Vieira also claimed to be close friends with Mourinho, except that until now he has not tried to offer a cooperation with the 55-year-old coach.

Lineker Said Messi Is The Best Player In The World

Lineker Said Messi Is The Best Player In The World

Gary Lineker, an English football legend, says that there is no need to compare Lionel Messi with Cristiano Ronaldo. According to him, Messi is a much better player than Ronaldo.

As we know, Ronaldo and Messi are indeed called the best players in the world today. Both are true players who are able to collect many trophies with their club.

Interestingly, this debate was also carried out by fans of both camps, where Ronaldo fans said that Ronaldo was far better than Messi, and vice versa.

Until now, Ronaldo has managed to collect five Ballon d’Or trophies, five Champions League trophies, three Premier League trophies, and two La Liga trophies. While Messi has collected five Ballon d’Or trophies, four Champions League trophies, and nine La Liga trophies.

Unfortunately Lineker thinks that the trophy is not the determinant of who is the best player. He believes that there is only one of the best players in the world, Messi.

“Messi is a phenomenal player. He was 31 years old but his abilities were still very terrible. All can see the slick game, “Lineker opens to talkSPORT.

“Many compare what is more powerful, but for me, Messi is the best player in the world.”

“Those who say Ronaldo is better are blind, that simple. They must see how Messi dribbling, passes, kicks and pokes opponents. Messi is the best for now. “

Girona Coach Felt Happy After Beating Real Madrid

Girona Coach Felt Happy After Beating Real Madrid

Girona coach, Eusebio Sacristan felt very happy and proud of the success of his team beat Real Madrid.

Girona himself visited the Santiago Bernabeu in the match 24 weeks of La Liga. They managed to overthrow Madrid with a score of 2-1. These results certainly surprised many parties, because if you look on paper, Real Madrid has a player who is superior to Girona.

Actually Madrid managed to score first through the action of Casemiro, unfortunately Girona managed to catch up with the numbers through Cristhian Stuani and Portu.

With this defeat, the position of Madrid must slip to third position with a total of 45 points, nine points behind the top Barcelona.

This victory is also an important thing, because Girona often lost in their last four matches. Naturally, if the coach Girona was very happy with this victory.

“Our victory at the Bernabeu was very important, for the fans and for ourselves,” said Sacristan.

“Maybe Madrid thought they could score the second goal, but in fact they didn’t. We managed to get up and be more confident with two goals. This victory is a fair result. ”

“We lost a lot of the previous matches, it was a difficult week, but we still showed our attitude and we tried to play better.”

“I think Marcelo is a legend in football. The Madrid winger was very aggressive in attacking, we got a chance and immediately maximized the empty space behind and we won, “the coach concluded.

Allegri: I Don't Want To Talk About Mauro Icardi

Allegri: I Don’t Want To Talk About Mauro Icardi

Last summer, Juventus were reportedly approaching Mauro Icardi. But Massimiliano Allegri as the Juventus coach did not want to commenting the news in depth.

Icardi’s relationship with his club is currently hot. The captain’s tires previously worn by Icardi have also been removed. This means Icardi is no longer the Inter captain.

The captain’s position is currently given to Samir Handanovic as the Nerazzurri captain. In the match against Rapid Vienna yesterday, Mauro Icardi also refused to play.

Back in time, Mauro Icardi was included in the list of players that Juventus wanted to bring. This news was also confirmed by Fabio Paratici as the Sporting Director of Juventus.

When asked for information regarding the news, Allegri only gave a few comments.

“Icardi is a great player and can score goals. He is also still young and the road is still a long way, “Allegri told Sky Sports Italia.

“He is an Inter player and I think Spalletti will talk about it better than me, the coach is him, not me.”

Actually the news is not wrong, because Inter need a replacement figure Cristiano Ronaldo. Icardi is considered to be a player who can replace Ronaldo’s position and later Ronaldo is sidelined due to injury or other problems.

As a reminder, Ronaldo was brought in from Real Madrid with a dowry of 100 million Euros. Ronaldo’s presence at Juventus also has a significant positive impact. In fact, he became the top scorer for Juventus this season.

Ramsey Decide To Join Juventus Next Season

Ramsey Decide To Join Juventus Next Season

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey reportedly rejected an offer submitted by Real Madrid. Ramsey did not want to move to Madrid and decided to join the Serie A team, Juventus at the start of next season.

As we know, Ramsey will soon end his togetherness with Arsenal. His playing contract at Arsenal has run out and he is reluctant to extend his playing contract there.

Not long ago Ramsey had indeed made an announcement regarding the club where he would join later. According to the statement, Ramsey will join Juventus, the club that won the Scudetto for the past seven seasons.

When Ramsey decided to refuse a contract extension at Arsenal, many linked him with Real Madrid, although there were many other clubs who were interested in him, but there were only a few clubs that really wanted to bring in Ramsey.

David Ornstein as journalist BBC Sport claims to have a connection with a source who knows which clubs are interested in recruiting the player. One of the clubs on the list is Real Madrid.

“Inter Milan, PSG, Madrid, Bayern Munich have provided an attractive offer. Barcleona has also offered attractive offers for Ramsey. Right now the position is above the wind for negotiations, “said Ornstein.

“Juventus was chosen because they are a very competitive team at the moment. They also become seeded in the Champions League. Besides that, financial problems are also one of the reasons why Ramsey decided to join Juventus. “

Simic is Threatened With Imprisonment After Harassing Women

Simic is Threatened With Imprisonment After Harassing Women

One of the stars of the Persija club in Jakarta, Marco Simic seems to have to deal with the law. He had to undergo a trial related to the case of female abuse he committed on his flight to Australia. His departure to Australia to undergo a match against the Newcastle Jets in the Asian Champions League qualifiers.

According to alerts ftbl.com.au, Simic will stay in Australia until the next trial, which will be on April 9. Simic was also asked to submit his passport to the Australian court.

Persija will face the Jets at the McDonald’s Jones Stadium this afternoon in the knockout stages of the Asian Champions League Group qualifying. Unfortunately he was arrested on Sunday by the Australian Federal Police at Sydney Airport.

At present the police are investigating the allegations filed with Simic. According to the report, Simic was accused of touching a woman indecently, Simic is currently undergoing a trial accused of common assult of act of indecency, aka accusation of indecent acts. If Simic is proven to do this, Simic is threatened with imprisonment.

Simic himself was accompanied by representatives from the Indonesian Embassy. He was given a parole guarantee, meaning Simic could still help his team when dealing with the Newcastle Jets along with his club Persija.

For additional information, Simic has played in six different clubs in Southeast Asia. In the past 10 years, Simic has played for 14 clubs, including Latvian clubs, Poland and also Hungary.

Reason Why We Must Love Ronaldo

Reason Why We Must Love Ronaldo

Mega star Cristiano Ronaldo is a highly respected figure by football lovers. Actually, if you look further, there are many things that make Cristiano Ronaldo loved by many people.

We call it his choice not to tattoo his body. The reason is simple, because he often donates blood. Ronaldo’s decision not to make a tattoo was because it took one year for someone who had just made a tattoo to donate blood. Ronaldo did not want his blood donor activity to be disturbed because of the tattoo. Is that nice? Absolutely yes!

He also loves charity. Ronaldo explained that his father used to always teach to always do good. Every good deed done will be multiplied by God. This is the basis of why Ronaldo continues to do good deeds by doing charity. Ronaldo also does not show off his property when doing charity. It is precisely the reporters themselves who find out when and how much the donation is given by Ronaldo. One of the real actions that is still remembered today is when Ronaldo decided to become a foster parent of Martunis, a boy who survived the Aceh tsunami tragedy.

Not only that, Ronaldo also never forgets the services of his old friends. Call it Albert Fantrau who got the mansion prize from Ronaldo. At that time while playing at Sporting CP, Albert did give a pass to Ronaldo. Thanks to these goals, Ronaldo’s career gap in the international world is increasingly wide open. Therefore the mansion was given as a sign of thanks to Albert.

Although living with a wealth of treasures, but the most valuable thing for Ronaldo is family. Ronaldo often gather with family while on vacation. He really values ​​togetherness so he built a big house on a small island that was used as a place to gather with family.

If you want to say who is the most friendly soccer player with fans, maybe Ronaldo will be included in the main list. How not, you still remember the incident where Ronaldo hugged and gave autographs to the little boy who became his fan? Even though he arrived late at the 2018 World Cup, he still took the time to entertain the child and take him to take a picture together. Its a big WOW!

How ? Is there still no reason to love Cristiano Ronaldo? In our opinion, no! The reason above is enough to make everyone fall in love with Ronaldo’s character.

Romagnoli: I'm Happy At Milan

Romagnoli: I’m Happy At Milan

Alessio Romagnoli as AC Milan captain responded to news that said he would leave the club and join Juventus. Romagnoli explained that he is currently very happy at AC Milan and said he would not leave the club.

Romagnoli himself is a young Roma dropout akamedi player. He joined AC Milan in the summer of 2015. Since joining in 2015, he has become an important pillar for AC Milan. Until now, Romagnoli had played 135 matches with Milan and had collected eight goals.

The impressive performance made him stay tuned to join Juventus. He also reportedly entered into the radar search for Juventus players for this season.

But the news seems to be a mere hoax, because the player confirmed that he would still play with AC Milan.

“I have never heard of this rumor,” Romagnoli said as reported by the Italian Football.

“I am happy to play at Milan and I will not leave the club.”

Romagnoli also confirmed that he was very proud to be AC ​​Milan’s captain. Not only that, he also hopes to play as long as possible in Milan.

“I want to continue playing here. Being a team captain is an honor for me. I want to stay at the club as long as possible. “AC Milan is the club where I should be,” concluded Romagnoli.

Solskjaer Salut With United's Defensive Player Performance

Solskjaer Salut With United’s Defensive Player Performance

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sent his praise to United’s defense after his team won over Leicester City. Solskjaer believes his players have worked hard at the match and the fruits of their hard work are victory.

In the match that was held at the King Power Stadium, the headquarters of Leicester City, Manchester United successfully scored through the action of Marcus Rashford.

Seeing the lag, Leicester tried to increase the intensity of the game and try to kick off the heart of United’s defense. But Victor Lindelof and Eric Bailly’s slick performance was able to confront any Leicester opportunity.

Despite the win, Solskjaer claimed to be less satisfied with the game shown by United.

“We know that we can play better” not to MUTV.

Indeed United’s overall performance is still not optimal. But Solskjaer was pleased with the hard work of his players so they could maintain their superiority and win the match.

“We can’t keep playing fantasy balls every week. Today we can only control the ball, I don’t think we are trying to win the ball from the opponent, “he continued.

“But I am satisfied with United’s defense. They have risked everything. They dare to sacrifice their bodies to win this match. I think our victory was largely thanks to the excellent performance of the defender. ”

“It should have been like this, there were lots of tackles released. You have to take risks and risk everything to win, “concluded the coach.

Juventus Try To Get Marcelo From Real Madrid

Juventus Try To Get Marcelo From Real Madrid

It seems that the news of Juventus’ interest in bringing Marcelo from Real Madrid is not a figment. Because Juventus reportedly sent Marcelo’s purchase proposal to Real Madrid.

The news about Juventus’ interest in Marcelo has been circulating since the beginning of this season. Of course this was triggered by Cristiano Ronaldo. As we know, Ronaldo has a relationship that is quite close to Marcelo so that Juventus management tries to bring his best friend to Turin.

According to Tuttosport’s alerts, Juventus management has agreed to Ronaldo’s request to bring Marcelo to Turin. Reportedly the Juventus have also sent an offer to the Madrid side to want to release Marcelo.

Even Juventus are ready to pay dearly if Real Madrid does allow the player to move. Juventus has prepared a fund of 45 million euros to get the player’s signature. This offer will be submitted later this summer.

Not only dare to pay dearly, Juventus is also reportedly ready to provide a big salary for the player. Later Marcelo will get a salary of 12 million euros per year, of course this value is fairly large considering the age of players who have stepped on 31 years.

Juventus’ chances of getting the player’s signature are quite large, this is not separated from the news that Marcelo’s position in the main squad has begun to shift.

Most likely Marcelo will accept an offer from Juventus seeing his unfavorable position at Real Madrid.

Sarri Said Chelsea Could Have Win Even Without A Coach

Sarri Said Chelsea Could Have Win Even Without A Coach

Chelsea have just swallowed a bitter defeat when they visited Bournemouth. In the Premier League advanced match on Thursday 31/1 yesterday, Chelsea had to bow before Bournemouth with a score of 0 – 4.

Maurizio Sarri did not even know the reason why his team could lose. Sarri assessed that there was an internal error in his team. Sarri also mentally mentions the players in the match. According to him, Chelsea is a great team, such a defeat is really strange to him.

Sarri considers that Chelsea already have many great players, although not the best in the Premier League, but his team is considered still very competitive. Even Sarri said that Chelsea should be able to win even without a coach.

“I think Chelsea are a great team, they play really well. Indeed, currently we are not at the top, but we are quite competitive in the Premier League. The 4-0 defeat was very absurd, I really respect Eddie Howe, but this kind of chaos is really strange, “Sarri opened to the London Football side.

“Maybe this could happen because of my mistake, maybe I failed to give motivation to every player. But I am very sure that this is a strong team, even without a coach. ”

“I am frustrated with this, not because of the players, not because of pressure, I just feel frustrated at failing to signal to them. I am frustrated by my failure. ”

“I apologize for this incident. I will try to find our problems and fix them. “

Asensio Threatens to Leave If Madrid Brings Neymar

Asensio Threatens to Leave If Madrid Brings Neymar

One of Real Madrid’s versatile players, Asensio is rumored to be leaving the club if Real Madrid decides to bring Neymar to the Santiago Bernabeu.

Indeed, recently Neymar has been warmly discussed to be brought to the Real Madrid club. The reason, the Brazilian player considers Ligue 1 is a competition that is far below the standard La Liga.

This circulating news made Asensio restless. Because he rejected the idea to bring Neymar to the club. Not only that, he also threatened to leave the club if Neymar was actually brought to Madrid.

The reason is actually reasonable, Asensio does not want to fight for a position with Neymar. As we know, Neymar and Asensio are in the same position so that one of these players will be reserved. Therefore Asensio strongly disagrees with the club’s decision to bring in Neymar.

When under the leadership of Zinedine Zidane, Asensio did get relatively few flight hours. Of the 53 matches that his club underwent in all competitions, Asensio was only played 19 times, even in the Champions League competition, he only played 3 times as a starter.

Actually Asensio is a player who is in demand by many people. He has a very clear ability and vision. Naturally, many teams want to bring themselves. Some of the big teams that are rumored to want to propose Asensio are PSG, Juventus and also Liverpool.

Cedric Officially Joined Inter Milan

Cedric Officially Joined Inter Milan

Inter Milan finally officially bring in new players in the transfer market this season. They officially bring in Southampton defender Cedric Soares.

This news was obtained through Inter’s statement via their official website. Cedric Soares was brought in on loan, but Inter also had the option to make Cedric a permanent player there.

Cedric himself is currently 27 years old and has played 100 matches with Southampton. Despite playing as a defender, he has managed to contribute two goals with The Saints in 2015.

Inter Milan bring Cedric because they are not satisfied with their defender Sime Vrslajko’s performance. The player is often injured so Inter must look for other options to fill the team’s void.

Previously Inter reportedly wanted to recruit Antonio Valencia and Matteo Darmian, unfortunately Inter experienced obstacles to bring the two players.

Actually Inter still have the Danilo D’Ambrosio option, unfortunately Luciano Spalletti lacks trust in the player’s ability.

Cedric himself was happy because he had succeeded in completing his move to Inter Milan. The player considers his conviction to Inter like a dream come true. It seems Cedric saw a great opportunity at Inter Milan and promised to show his best performance with the Nerazzuri.

“I am happy to be able to join Inter. “This club is incredible, wearing a jeysey Nerazurri is like a dream come true,” Cedric told Inter TV.

Sarri Asks Hazard Stop Talk To Much In Front of the Media

Sarri Asks Hazard Stop Talk To Much In Front of the Media

Eden Hazard has recently been hailed as one of the best players in the world. Hazard is often an important pillar in every Chelsea victory. Maurizio Sarri as the coach also did not dismiss this, but Sarri also asked Hazard not to talk to much if he wanted to be the best player in the world.

Since 2018 ago, Hazard has often issued words that have caused speculation regarding his future. The player had claimed to be happy at Chelsea, but he also said he did not rule out the possibility of leaving the club.

One of the teams reportedly ready to accommodate Hazard is Real Madrid. Moreover, at this time it was in need of new ammunition and Hazard was considered to fit the style of playing Madrid.

Sarri as coach revealed that Hazard could still develop, whether it was at Chelsea or other clubs. But Sarri asked Hazard not to talk much in front of the media.

A soccer player must “speak” using “his feet” in the field. Sarri said that to judge a player, the player must be able to show his skills when rolling the ball.

“I prefer Hazard to comment on using his legs. I see the potential in Hazard, he can still develop, “Sarri said.

“He must be able to respect himself. He is a great player, his individual playing style and instinct when playing the ball is extraordinary. ”

“He is not a player who plays passively, he likes to pick up the ball and chase the ball. But it is difficult to play as a striker and also a winger. It’s difficult to play only in one position, “closed Sarri.

Sam Allardyce: I Think Rashford Can't Play For A Long Time

Sam Allardyce: I Think Rashford Can’t Play For A Long Time

A prediction given by Sam Allardyce regarding Marcus Rashford’s career. The former England coach considered the young Manchester United striker would be difficult to play at the highest level for a long time.

Rashford itself is one of the successful products of the Manchester United academy. He made his debut in the first team when he was 18 years old, and since then he has regularly appeared in attacking Manchester United.

Not only being a mainstay in Manchester United, Rashford is also a mainstay in the England national team. Even when he was 18 years old, he was taken to Euro 2016 by Roy Hodgson, where to this day he is still actively defending The Three Lions.

In the eyes of Big Sam, if this condition continued, Rashford could have a chance to retire after being young. “With his current condition, I feel it is very difficult for him to play until the age of 30,” Allardyce told Talk Sports.

In his analysis, Allardyce assessed that Rashford had too many playing portions, so he did not have time to rest and that would have an effect on his career.

“This condition is due to physical and psychological and mental demands that make him experience extreme fatigue. If this condition continues, he only has about 3 weeks in a year on vacation.”

“He will play in all corners of the world because currently there is no such thing as pre-season anymore. He will play for the national team in the summer and he only has about 3 weeks to rest.”

Allardyce assesses that if Rashford continues to get this burden continuously, then he will be difficult to maintain his body condition in his 30s so he has the potential to retire early.

Emery: This Way Is Full Of Risk

Emery: This Way Is Full Of Risk

Lately, it has emerged that says that Unai Emery has a bad relationship with Mesut Ozil. Apparently this news is not mere nonsense, the article Unai Emery clearly told the media that he was indeed looking for trouble with Ozil.

Thanks to the poor results achieved by Arsenal, Unai Emery was made a scapegoat by the public and fans. In addition, the decision not to use Ozil’s energy also drew a lot of criticism. Even Mesut Ozil’s name is not included in the long-term plan he made.

This condition makes a lot of speculation where the public says Ozil will soon be kicked out of Arsenal. Ozil is considered a valuable asset for sale. With Ozil’s sale, Arsenal can bring in new players who are considered more competent.

Many media reported that there was a dispute between Emery and Ozil. Emery also did not dismiss the news, but the goal was reversed so that Ozil could increase even greater ambition in the player.

“Class must know when to trigger a dispute and when you should praise the player. “From a dispute, it can trigger players to show their quality in playing,” Emery opened to Sky Sports.

“Sometimes this kind of thing can arouse someone’s ambition,” Emery continued.

Even so, Emery said that actions like this must be carefully considered and carried out. Because this kind of thing is like a double-edged sword, where if it fails to do, the player’s condition will decrease further.

“Things like this must be considered carefully, you have to make sure everything goes well and must ensure that they are compatible with other players. Because if you fail to use this tactic, then the player’s mentality will get worse, “concluded Emery.

Xavi Invites Joshua Kimmich to Join Barcelona

Xavi Invites Joshua Kimmich to Join Barcelona

Barcelona legend Xavi recently made a compliment to Joshua Kimmich. He believes the young man has everything he needs to play for Barcelona.

Kimmich is one of the talented young players owned by Bayern Munich. He was bought from Stuttgart in 2015 ago and since then he has been a mainstay player at Bayern Munich.

The 24-year-old was known as a versatile player. This season he has recorded 26 appearances for the player in the first team of The Bavaria.

Xavi himself believes the German national team player will be a big figure if he moves to Barcelona. “I once spoke with Pep Guardiola, my former coach at Barcelona, ​​about him,” Xavi told Bild.

Xavi himself admitted that he had followed the development of Kimmich’s career and he admitted that he was very impressed with the performance of the young man.

“At that time Pep said: ‘I have a player who can play in any position.’ Then I asked ‘Who is that child?’ He said that a young man named ‘Kimmitsch’ who I honestly had never heard before. ”

“From that day on I began to follow the development of his career, because Pep really praised him. When I first saw him playing, he would be a great player and that is what he is now, a great player.”

Xavi, known as the Barcelona legend himself suggested that Kimmich try a new challenge by moving to Barcelona.

“I’m sure he will be the perfect player for FC Barcelona. During my career, I always opened my eyes to looking for players who might be suitable for Barcelona.”

“Like Phillip Lahm, Joshua Kimmich might not encounter significant obstacles at Barcelona, ​​because he will be perfect for this team. But Bayern Munich are on the same level in Barcelona and he can achieve many things there.” he said.

Manchester United is Claimed Not Able to Buy Milan Skriniar

Manchester United is Claimed Not Able to Buy Milan Skriniar

Inter Milan coach Luciano Spalletti again spoke up about rumors of Manchester United’s interest in Milan Skriniar. Spalletti said the Red Devils could forget their wishful thinking because they could not make up for the defender’s selling price.

Skriniar himself can be said to have been one of the defenders of a rising star in Serie A since last season. He appeared solid when escorting the Nerrazurri defense, so he was considered one of the best central defenders in Serie A at the moment.

The Slovak defender’s performance reportedly attracted the attention of Manchester United. The Premier League giant is reportedly interested in bringing the player to Old Trafford to strengthen their defense.

But Spalletti insisted that he had no plans to sell Skriniar in January. “Skriniar stays here,” Spalletti opened to the Goal International.

Spalletti believes that Manchester United should look for new targets in the transfer market this winter.

The former AS Roma coach confirmed that Skriniar would be priced at a very expensive price and could not be reached by red demons.

“I think he is outside the price range any club can afford. I am sure no team can afford it.” said the coach.

Skriniar himself is still under contract at the Giuseppe Meazza until 2022.

Pochettino Said Facing United Is Hard

Pochettino Said Facing United Is Hard

Tottenham will soon host Manchester United in the Premier League match. Mauricio Pochettino as the Tottenham Spurs coach admitted that the match against Manchester United was a complicated and difficult match.

Tottenham will host United at Wembley on Sunday 13/2/2019 at 23.30 WIB. In this match, Tottenham were more favored as winners. Although Tottenham is in third place in the standings, this does not make supporters and United squad tremble.

Not only that, Tottenham also appeared with considerable confidence after winning three wins in the last three games they played. In fact they managed to overthrow Chelsea in the first leg of the Carabao Cup.

If we see United, we can also see the same thing where they have managed to maintain an impressive game lately. In the last five games they played, United were able to wipe out all their victories.

Seeing this condition, Pochettino explained that United were in good momentum. He asked his foster children to focus and mobilize everything to win in the match later.

“This game will run intense and interesting. Tottemham vs Manchester United, and vice versa will always be a fun match to see. “This match will be very competitive,” Pochettino opened.

“I see Manchester United as a team at a different level, this match will be very interesting. They are in very good condition. I think the game will run quite hard for us. But we will try to get full points in the match, “he concluded.

Buffon: I am the best purchase of Juventus!

The increase in the price of players today makes ex-Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon surprised. The 40-year-old man was convinced that the defending champion of Serie A had done the right business by buying it from Parma first.

As is known, Buffon joined Juventus in 2001 with a high enough value of 52 million euros. The transfer value had made him the most expensive goalkeeper in the world before Ederson broke it in 2017.

He managed to pay the expensive transfer fee with a brilliant performance under the crossbar as well as a series of achievements for Juventus. Even the name Buffon is often referred to as the best goalkeeper of all time.

After his transfer record was broken Ederson, the price of the keeper soared. Now the transfer record is held by Kepa Arrizabalaga, who was brought in from Athletico Bilbao a few weeks after Alisson’s move to Liverpool worth 80 million euros.

The increasing selling price of goalkeepers in a short time clearly made Buffon as a former record holder surprised. He said that if the goalkeeper was bought at a high price during his time, people would question the club’s policies.

“If we go back to my purchase at Juve, the value of the money they spend on me makes every critic say the same: ‘No, you can’t pay that much money for goalkeepers,’ Buffon told FourFourTwo.

“But in the end, I was with Juventus for 17 years. I think with me, Juve has made one of the best businesses in its history. If you look at it now, I doubt anyone will disagree with it,” he continued.

Ederson, Kepa, and Alisson are some goalkeepers who are still relatively young and are stealing attention with their respective clubs. Buffon believes that all three can repeat their success in the past.

“Ederson, Kepa, and Alisson – all three are still very young, just like when I was at Juventus. So, they have made the club sure they have not needed another goalkeeper for a long time,” he added.

“I think every goalkeeper must be paid according to his value, and also according to what is appropriate for them. There is no competition between goalkeeper and defender, goalkeeper and attacker, goalkeeper and midfielder,” he concluded.

At present, Buffon is enjoying his time with the French giants Paris Saint-Germain. Although his age was no longer young, but Thomas Tuchel as a coach still often entrusted the post to him.

Benfica Want To Recruit Jose Mourinho

Benfica Want To Recruit Jose Mourinho

Luis Filipe Vieira as president of the Benfica club claimed to want to bring in new coach Jose Mourinho. He even boasted about the money that must be spent to bring the coach.

As we know, Jose Mourinho is currently unemployed after being expelled from the club Manchester United. A lot of news links the coach to other big clubs in Europe.

Actually there are two names that most want the coach, just call Real Madrid and also Inter Milan. But besides the two clubs, Benfica is also reportedly targeting Jose Mourinho.

Benfica itself is an eternal rival of the Porto club, for those of you who don’t know, Jose Mourinho once panned success with them. Seeing the conditions that exist at Benfica at this time, actually the news circulating is not mere nonsense.

Last week, Benfica also just released Rui Vitoria so they needed a new coach to achieve success. But their desire to bring Mourinho is not easy, because Mourinho claimed he did not want to return to Portugal in the near future.

Mourinho saw himself at the peak of his career so he did not want to gain success in the second caste league in Portugal. Mourinho is still patient looking forward to offers from big European clubs and decides to be unemployed until the end of this season until there is a definite offer.

Vieira also claimed to be close friends with Mourinho, except that until now he has not tried to offer a cooperation with the 55-year-old coach.

Selling Hazard Is claimed Can Bring Positive Impact on Chelsea

Selling Hazard Is claimed Can Bring Positive Impact on Chelsea

Eden Hazard is one of the important players of Chelsea. However, Liverpool legend John Barnes believes Chelsea will change for the better if they sell the player.

Hazard performed brilliantly with Chelsea this season. The Belgian star has scored 10 goals and made nine assists from 20 matches in the Premier League this season.

Last summer, Hazard was widely reported to be joining Real Madrid. Until now the rumor turned out to still not subside.

Hazard himself had revealed that he had a dream to play at the Santiago Bernabeu someday. Madrid is expected to return to target Hazard in the summer.

Barnes is very supportive if Chelsea sells Hazard to Real Madrid. Because, Maurizio Sarri’s team was very dependent on Hazard so that it could harm the Blues.

“The biggest problem for Chelsea is that they are very dependent on Eden Hazard,” Barnes said as quoted by the London Football.

“Steven Gerrard experienced the same thing, or Liverpool experienced something similar where when Hazard wanted the ball in any area he got the ball, he dominated other players so that other players could not come forward to show what to do because he was right. right dominates them.

“So if he doesn’t play well or scores goals, because the team is used to giving him the ball all the time, they don’t appear as a team.”

Barnes believes that big teams like Chelsea should not depend on just one player.

“Now it’s okay if you are a small team with big players, but for teams like Chelsea who want to be European and English champions, they must have enough big players not to dominate the team as much as him. Even Lionel Messi doesn’t dominate Barcelona like it’s Hazard at Chelsea.

Pep Guardiola: Doing Mistake Is Normal In Football

Pep Guardiola: Doing Mistake Is Normal In Football

It seems that Pep Guardiola did not want to dispute the blunder made by his side Oleksandr Zinchenko when his club faced Southampton yesterday. Guardiola was satisfied with the performance shown by his foster children during the match.

The match against Southampton was a crucial match for Manchester City. Because in the last two matches, they always lost. Actually Manchester City managed to take the lead first, but because of Zinchenko’s error on the 37th minute Southampton made it even more equal. Fortunately Sergio Aguero and also James Ward Prowse’s own goal brought Manchester City out as winners in the match.

According to Guardiola, such a mistake is natural. He does not want to blame the player too much and only tries to give input so that such mistakes do not happen again.

“Mistakes are part of developing yourself in playing. Zinchenko’s mistake was fatal, but I didn’t want to blame the player too much. He is a great player, but great players can still make mistakes and I think that is natural. ”

What amazed Guardiola was the attitude of Zinchenko. The player is able to recover quickly and adapt to the current game.

“The mentality makes me satisfied. The mistake is a lesson and he is still very young, he will learn from this mistake. ”

“I often say to players, you have to learn from Zinchenko today, everyone can be wrong, but strong mentality will turn mistakes into a lesson for the future.”

Navas Giving Signal To Resign From Madrid

Navas Giving Signal To Resign From Madrid

Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas seems to have said goodbye to his club through uploading on Instagram social media which is quite emotional. He thanked Real Madrid supporters for all their support.

Navas must be willing to sit on the bench after the arrival of Thibaut Courtois earlier this season. He only became the second option because Courtois was considered much better.

Madrid’s attitude certainly hurt the Colombian goalkeeper. Why not, for the past four and a half years, Navas has done a great job. He helped Madrid win three Champions League titles in a row.

After Madrid’s open training as a closing 2018 in Valdebebas some time ago, Navas expressed his gratitude directly to the 8000 spectators present.

He uploaded his photo when interacting with Madrid supporters with the text “Gracias por todo !!!” which literally means “Thank you for everything.”

The message is indeed double, but if you look at Navas’s current situation, it seems he indicates that he intends to leave Madrid. Given the January transfer market has been opened.

The question: where is Navas anchored? Although not young anymore, Navas’s experience cannot be ignored. Reportedly, several clubs like Arsenal and Juventus are looking for experienced goalkeepers of the highest quality.

Observing the current situation, chances of Navas leaving to Juve are bigger than Arsenal – at Arsenal there are Bernd Leno and Petr Cech. Because, after the departure of Gianluigi Buffon, Juve has not brought in a commensurate replacement.

Modric Refusing New Contract From Real Madrid

Modric Refusing New Contract From Real Madrid

Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric is rumored to have dealt with a contract extension offered by Real Madrid. Seeing this, his condition in Madrid is quite doubtful.

Previously the player had indeed made a statement wanting to retire at Real Madrid. But the player realizes that his decision will be very difficult to fulfill.

Modric realized he had to be at the highest level if he wanted to retire at Real Madrid. He did not want to be a burden in Madrid. Actually, if you look at its performance so far, Modric is still included in the impressive category.

Madrid also want Modric to stay at the club. As we know, Modric became a very crucial figure in Madrid, just like Ronaldo and other crucial players.

According to TeleMadrid , Real Madrid has submitted a contract extension for the player. If Modric decides to leave the club, this will be a big problem for the club.

This is also reinforced by the status of Luka Modric who will become a free transfer player next season. When the 2018/19 season begins, Modric is often reported to be leaving. Some big clubs like Inter Milan are also rumored to have negotiated with the player.

After winning many titles with Madrid, Luka Modric claimed to want to try new challenges, especially Serie A. Just as Ronaldo decided to play with Juventus. If it is true, it is not impossible that Ronaldo will face his former teammates in Serie A.

Chris Smalling Confirmed Will Absen Till 2019

Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, still cannot reduce one of his ammunition at the back. Because, the name Chris Smalling was confirmed still injured and will be absent until 2019.

United are currently in good standing since Solskjaer arrived. Two matches, two wins. The Red Devils were able to score eight goals. However, there are still problems at the back.

Of the two matches, United were unable to record the cleanse. Goalkeeper David De Gea was twice broken by opponents. This situation made United make Smalling’s power needed by United’s back line. However, he is still in a state of injury.

Chris Smalling is indeed expected to be a solution for United’s back line. The 29-year-old central defender was in a good mental state after signing a new contract some time ago.

However, Smalling is still injured. According to Solskjaer, he could only return to play in mid-January. Smalling will still be absent throughout the busy period between Christmas and New Year.

“Smalling is still having problems on his feet. So, I don’t think I will see him until the new year. Maybe before against Spurs [January 13]. Around that, but you will never know,” he explained.

“Romelu Lukaku, Anthony Martial and Alexis Sanchez have undergone light training yesterday. Hopefully they can join the part of today’s training and let’s see after they come back,” Solskjaer said.

Isco Asked To Maintain His Attitude

Isco must maintain his attitude despite losing a place in Real Madrid’s starting XI. This was stated by the former Madrid and Spain coach, Vicente del Bosque.

Since Santiago Solari was appointed as coach of Madrid to replace Julen Lopetegui who was fired, Isco’s fortune seemed to change.

Isco hasn’t even been given the chance to be a starter by Solari, only three times as a substitute. Isco was not even taken when Madrid faced AS Roma in the Champions League last week.

Isco was dropped, even though he was not injured. There was an issue that Isco’s relationship with Solari had begun to crack, even though Solari later denied it.

“Isco? The coach must do his job, while the player must know when he plays and why he doesn’t play,” Del Bosque said, as quoted by Goal International.

“He must maintain his attitude and set an example in the group.”

Isco started the season with two goals and one assist in ten appearances in all competitions, when Madrid were still trained by Lopetegui.

Under Solari, Isco only played for 78 minutes in three matches. His future in Madrid began to be doubted.

But Del Bosque hopes Isco can maintain his attitude and work hard to get a place in the team.

Indonesia National Basketball Team Lose To Guam

The Indonesian national team faces Guam in the 2021 FIBA ​​Asia Cup Pre-Qualification match. The following are the results of the Guam vs Indonesia match.

The Indonesian Basketball National Team is struggling in the FIBA ​​Asia Cup 2021 Pre-Qualification. The Indonesian national team coached by Fictor Gideon Roring underwent the first match in the second round against Guam.

Previously, the Indonesian national team qualified for the second round as a representative of Group A. And in this second round, the Indonesian national team competed for four tickets to qualify for the next round.

This time there are 5 rival countries, namely Thailand, Malaysia, Guam, Singapore and Macau.

Guam became the first opponent for Arki Dikania Wisnu et al. However, in this match Indonesia must surrender in the hands of Guam.

Indonesian national team has difficulty developing games and leading scores. That was used by Guam to slowly add scores.

Guam was able to lead the acquisition of numbers since the second quarter thanks to several three-point shots. Until the middle of the third quarter, the Indonesian national team left behind 42-40.

Guam finally closed the third quarter with a score of 49-42.

In the fourth quarter the Indonesian national team was still struggling to score points. Four minutes before the fourth quarter ended, Guam was far ahead 63-44.

The Indonesian national team had chased, but the match ended with a score of 65-53 for Guam’s victory. The Indonesian national team lost not only about the score, in this match, Indonesia also lost far about offensive rebound.

Indonesia only got 8 offensive rebound, while Guam was able to get 23 rebounds. Next, the Indonesian national team will face Singapore on tomorrow, Friday (11/30/18).

Sean Dyche: Arsenal Keep Doing Diving !

Sean Dyche as Burnley’s coach cast charges against Arsenal by saying their players like diving. As we know, Burnley must defeat Arsenal in the Premier League competition this season. Sean seems unable to accept this defeat and overflows his emotions in that way.

Arsenal managed to win 3 – 1 winners. In the match, Alex Iwobi and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang were the ones who managed to record names on the scoreboard. While one goal belonging to Burnley was scored by Ashley Barnes in the second round.

The victory achieved by Arsenal is not an easy victory. Burnley played aggressively and was quite rude, even Barnes had been caught stepping on the feet of Matteo Guendouzi and making him hostile with Sokratis Papastathopoulos.

After the match was over, Sean immediately sent an unpleasant accusation to Arsenal.

“I disagree with this,” Emery said in response to the accusations made by Sean.

“The most important thing is victory. Whatever is in the field between players is a precious moment for us. ”

“Everyone must respect the referee! They have the characteristics of an aggressive game and it is very clearly included in their game plan. ”

“But we are able to adapt and respect the referee’s decisions. We played long passes, but they played hard. ”

Unfortunately, despite successfully winning over Burnley, these conditions did not affect Arsenal’s position in the Premier League.

Griezmann Decides To Refuse Barcelona For Atletico

Antoine Griezmann is a star player from the Atletico Madrid club. Some time ago he was hesitant to get an offer to join Barcelona. The player even admitted that it was not easy to reject the offer given by Barcelona. As we know, Barcelona is a Spanish giant team that contains many tough players like Lionel Messi. Surely joining a club of that size is the dream of many players.

Griezmann himself entered Barcelona’s main radar in the 2018 season. Barcelona has been eyeing the player since January, this proves the intention of Barcelona to bring Griezmann to Camp Nou.

Many ways that Barcelona has done to get the player’s signature, ranging from giving back number 7 to starting player position. But after Griezmann refused the offer, the number was given to Coutinho.

Griezmann had doubts about his future at Atletico Madrid. In addition, the player has a clause of 100 million euros. This is what makes Barcelona increasingly eager to get the player’s signature.

“Refusing Barcelona’s offer is not an easy thing. But I feel happy playing at Atletico. This is a home for me and I want to do great things with them. ”

“When you get love in your own house, you won’t want to move.”

“The club has tried to keep me. The club has also brought in many great players and formed a strong team. I was also in their midst and became the center of the Atletico family. I will survive because they want me to survive. “

The Secret Power Of Manchester City

If asked who is the most powerful and feared team in the Premier League competition this season, maybe the answer will fall to Manchester City. How not, the team coached by Pep Guardiola has managed to score 27 goals and only conceded three goals this season. This results obtained by Manchester City is also the best record in the history of the Premier League.


Since being trained by Guardiola, Manchester City’s performance has continued to increase. This is evident from the achievement of the victory with a big goal notch in many Premier League matches this season.


But the public spotlight is Manchester City’s very strong defense. Not many teams managed to penetrate the defensive wall. Manchester City only conceded three times this season. This is not separated from the style of Guardiola who likes to play defense.


During his career as a coach, Guardiola claimed to be happy with the style of training that emphasized the team’s defense. When he coached Barcelona and Bayern Munich, he also seemed to focus on his team’s defense.


“I always like this, I don’t want to be arrogant, but when I train Barca and Munich, we also always become the team that concedes the least goals.”


Although City’s defense is very strong, Guardiola said that it was not only his defense, but all aspects on the field, from attackers, midfielders to winger.


“Clean sheets are important, we also have to pay attention to our chances of conceding. We focus on stability in the team. All aspects are very influential and with a stable game, we can reduce the risk of conceding goals. “

Klopp: Pogba Is World Class Football Player

Jurgen Klopp did not want to comment on the conditions faced by Paul Pogba at Manchester United. Aside from the poor performance shown by Pogba this season, Klopp actually said that Pogba was a world class player and he would be prepared to face threats from the player.

On Sunday 16/12, Liverpool will face Manchester United in the Premier League competition. The match that will take place will be a very crucial match for both teams. Liverpool will try to maintain their position at the top of the table, while Manchester United are trying to get to the top four.

Until now, Pogba was considered only to be toxic to United. He is often referred to as the game breaker United. The bad aura presented by Pogba at United has a negative impact on other players.

When asked about the presentation of their team’s victory when faced with United, both with Pogba’s presence and without Pogba’s presence, Klopp did not want to comment on it and chose to praise Pogba’s game.

“I don’t know what Mourinho will answer if asked about the quality of our players, but is there anyone questioning Wijnaldum to us, I don’t think so,” Klopp said as quoted by Fourfourtwo.

“All I can say is that Pogba is a world class player. He is able to pose a threat to each of his opponents. So what we will focus on is how to deal with him and also United, “Klopp concluded.

Jordi Alba: Morata will be warmly welcomed at Barcelona

Alvaro Morata does have a track record of playing for Real Madrid. But, if indeed joining Barcelona, ​​Jordi Alba guarantees he will get a warm welcome from other players.

Morata’s name later became a conversation again. Ahead of the January 2019 transfer market, Morata is said to be moving from Chelsea. The 26-year-old was called to offer himself to Barcelona.

The news is of course surprising. Because, Morata is a player educated by the Madrid academy. Bomber who is under contract with Chelsea is a big fan of Real Madrid, Barcelona’s main rival club.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have a long history of feuds. In the past, there were moves from both clubs and not all went smoothly. The case of Luis Figo’s transfer became quite hot.

However, Jordi Alba ensures that Morata will get a positive response from the Barca players. Alba already knew what Morata could do if he moved to Barca. He did not doubt Morata’s abilities.

“Morata is a player that I really respect. For years, he has been a top player. In the end, this is the decision of the club, whether they want to bring it or not,” Alba was quoted as saying in Four Four Two.

“If indeed the rumors are true, we will warmly welcome him, as do other new players,” said the Spanish national team player.

Ronaldo Dare Messi To Play In Serie A

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently a star at Juventus and also Serie A. Ronaldo even asked Lionel Messi to follow in his way and play in Serie A so he could be his rival again.

Ronaldo began his career in English football with Manchester United for six years. In 2009 he chose to join Real Madrid until finally he decided to move to Juventus.

When playing with Madrid, Ronaldo’s biggest rival or eternal rival is Lionel Messi. It is undeniable, these two players look like true rivals on the green field. Both are always competing to score goals and win prestigious football titles, one of which is Ballon d’Or.

When asked about his longing to compete with Messi, Ronaldo also gave an answer.

“No, it’s precisely Messi who misses me!”

“I have played in many competitions starting from England, Spain, Portugal, Italy and also the national team, while he is still in Spain. So in my opinion he misses me more and needs rivals like me, “Ronaldo told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I see life as a challenge. I like challenges and I’m also happy to make people happy. ”

“I want him to move to Serie A and become my rival. Accept my challenge!

“But if Messi wants to stay in Barcelona, ​​I will respect him.”

“Messi is an extraordinary player. But with Juventus I don’t feel deficient and I have a new life here, “Ronaldo concluded.

Jose Mourinho Happy About Goal Made By Lukaku

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho claimed to be happy with the success of Romelu Lukaku scoring in the match against Fulham. Mourinho called the striker’s performance significant increase lately.

This season can be said to be a tough season for a Lukaku. In recent months he has often harvested criticism after a goal drought for almost the past three months.

But Lukaku himself began to break down last week when he scored against Southampton. He continued the positive trend when he scored against Fulham in the Week 16 match of the Premier League last night.

Mourinho himself was pleased to see a positive trend in Lukaku. “The goal was very good for him,” Mourinho said to MUTV.

Mourinho admitted that he was very happy Lukaku began to routinely score goals for Manchester United.

He considered the player had started playing better for his team lately.

“I think the Romelu game has really grown rapidly compared to previous matches.”

In his praise, Mourinho admitted that scoring was very important for Lukaku’s confidence.

But he insisted that he was satisfied with the overall aspects of the Belgian national team striker’s game throughout the match.

“I am happy with the development not because he scored just a goal, but he also did pressing and struggling for the team. We really played as a good unit and we did not give Fulham a chance at all in the first round. he said.

Manchester United Quality Is Under Liverpool And Man City

One of Manchester United’s players, Rio Ferdinand, said that currently the quality of Manchester United is under than Manchester City and Liverpool.

As we know, the strongest candidates who are believed to be champions this season are Manchester City and Liverpool. Of the 15 matches they have been through, these two teams have not yet lost.

In the first position of the standings this season perched Manchester Cty (41 points), followed by Liverpool who managed to collect 39 points. This is very inversely proportional to the achievement of Manchester United who failed to show a consistent game.

Despite entering the third year, Jose Mourinho still failed to bring Manchester United to the Premier League trophy. At the moment United remain in eighth position this season.

“We can see there is a fairly wide distance between United and the club over the Premier League. “We don’t play consistently so there is a difference in quality between United and City and Liverpool,” said Ferdinand.

Not only did Ferdinand give such comments, United legend Gary Neville also called United a lag when compared to City.

“Seeing United’s current condition is very sad. Even comparing between United and City is not the right thing at the moment, “Neville told Sky Sports.

“There was a chasm between them and the chasm was very wide. The difference in the performance of the two teams is very clear. “Left behind 12 points from the 12 matches that have made everyone can see the difference in the distance between the two teams,” he concluded.

Allegri Gives Compliments For Ronaldo

Massimiliano Allegri as Juventus coach again gave praise to his star player Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite getting a red card in the Champions League, Ronaldo managed to show his quality in Serie A.

Ronaldo was revealed since the first minute when Juventus faced Frosinone in the fifth Gionata of the Serie A this season. Although undergoing a game that was quite difficult when dealing with Valencia, but Ronaldo was able to show his class in Serie A.

As we know, Ronaldo must get a red card when facing Valencia in the Champions League. Many debates occur regarding the decision to give the card.

But Ronaldo became a very important figure when Juventus faced Frosinone. He managed to score at the end of the match to make Juventus win with a score of 2-0. Juventus also topped Serie A.

Not just the shadow of a red card that disturbs Ronaldo’s mind, he also has to undergo a difficult match when dealing with Frosinone.

“He did fail to execute several opportunities, but he was very focused. He never gave up, even when he had managed to score a goal. ”

“Ronaldo does always play like that, he can create important things at the end of the game. The mentality he has is very great and far stronger than other players. ”

The goal he scored in yesterday’s match was the third goal scored by Ronaldo in Serie A.

Mourinho Said Pogba Is Like Virus

Jose Mourinho as coach of Manchester United has just expressed his disappointment to one of United’s players, Paul Pogba. The manager was upset and angry that Pogba did not perform well when United faced Southampton.

In that match, Southampton first scored an advantage through Stuart Armstrong and Cedric Soares. Fortunately United managed to catch up with goals scored by Romelu Lukaku and Ander Herrrera.

According to reports from the Daily Record, Mourinho looked upset after the match. One name that became the outlet of his anger was Paul Pogba.

Mourinho also did not hesitate to say Pogba was a virus in United’s team. The manager feels dissatisfied and upset with what Pogba has shown in the field.

“He’s like not playing. He does not respect other players and the supporters present. It’s like a virus that can destroy the mentality of other players. ”

As we know, Mourinho’s relationship with Pogba has indeed been heated up for a long time. Had subsided, hot relations again occurred this season.

A lot of speculation that said Pogba was not at home at United and will soon move next season.

One of the clubs most widely rumored to be cradling the player is his former club, Juventus. In the week ahead, United will face another formidable team which is their rival, Arsenal.

Griezmann: Im Happy At Atletico Madrid

Antoine Griezmann is a star player from the Atletico Madrid club. Some time ago he was hesitant because he got an offer to join Barcelona. The player even admitted it was not easy to reject the offer given by Barcelona. As we know, Barcelona is a giant Spanish team that contains many tough players like Lionel Messi. Surely joining a club of that size is the dream of many players.

Griezmann himself entered Barcelona’s main radar in this 2018 season. Barcelona have been eyeing the player since January, this proves Barcelona’s intention to bring Griezmann to the Camp Nou.

Many ways have been done by Barcelona to get the player’s signature, starting from giving back number 7 to the position of the starter. But after Griezmann refused the offer, the back number was given to Coutinho.

Griezmann had doubts about his future at Atletico Madrid. Besides that the player has a clause of 100 million euros. This is what makes the Barcelona more eager to get the player’s signature.

“Refusing Barcelona’s offer is not an easy thing. But I feel happy playing at Atletico. This is my home and I want to do great things with them. ”

“When you get love in your own home, then you won’t want to move.”

“The club has tried to keep me going. The club has also brought in many great players and formed a strong team. I was also in their midst and became the center of the Atletico family. I will survive because they want me to survive. “

Real Madrid Gave Clarfication About Sergio Ramos

Real Madrid finally gave clarification regarding rumors saying that their captain, Sergio Ramos failed to pass a doping test carried out in the 2017 Champions League final. Madrid explained that it had given the medical report Ramos to UEFA.

But recently, one of the German media, Der Spiegel actually issued a report that said Sergio Ramos proved to have failed to pass a doping test, only UEFA chose to remain silent about this.

Hearing reports issued by Der Spiegel, Real Madrid immediately spoke up so that there was no mistake in the news. Real Madrid then gave clarification through their official website.

“For information reported by Der Spiegel regarding Sergio Ramos, we will provide clarification. Sergio Ramos did not commit doping abuse or violate any anti-doping regulations. ”

The Madrid side also confirmed that UEFA had not taken action because they had received a complete medical test and Ramos had not been proven to violate doping regulations.

“UEFA has received complete information from medical tests conducted by Ramos. They have verified the experts. The World Anti Doping Agency, AMA, and UEFA have examined the condition of Ramos. ”

“The news published by Der Spiegel was untrue and their report was baseless. The club decided not to respond and provide evidence to Der Spiegel because the accusations he made were baseless. “

Kante Sign His New Contract In Chelsea

Finally speculation about N’Golo Kante’s future at Chelsea has been answered. The player has officially obtained an extension of his playing contract with Chelsea until 2023.

Since his move from the club Leicester City, Kante immediately got an important position on the team. He even became a player who was able to show consistency when playing.

The performance shown by Kante made many European clubs take an interest in him, namely Real Madrid, Barelona, ​​and Manchester United.

Many speculations have sprung up lately regarding Kante’s future at Chelsea. It seems that Chelsea don’t want to let go of the player and decide to give a contract extension to play for Kante.

“I am very happy to be able to continue playing at Chelsea. I have spent two years with this great team. Many happy memories at Chelsea and I want those memories to continue.”

“I have continued to grow since my arrival two years ago. I tried to challenge myself and surpass all my limits. I also won a lot of awards with Chelsea. I like this city, this team, and I am very happy to continue playing here.”

Marina Granovskaia as Director of Chelsea also expressed his fondness for the player.

“He is an extraordinary player. He has also signed a new contract here. When he arrived, we were sure he was an extraordinary and special player. His game on the field was not selfish and he only focused on team wins, he was a very talented player “

Madrid Give Contract Extension For Keylor Navas

It seems that speculation about the future of Keylor Navas at Real Madrid is over, because the Real Madrid side will provide a contract extension to the player in the near future.

Previously there was a lot of talk about Keylor’s future in Madrid. Many say his position as Madrid’s main goalkeeper will be overtaken by Thibaut Courtois. According to news circulating, Navas was also glancing at other options if later he did not get a contract extension.

Actually, Juventus have an interest in Navas and plan to bring it in January. But ABC reported that Real Madrid still did not want to release Navas in the near future, even they had prepared a contract extension for the player.

Navas will get a contract extension until 2021. Real Madrid management considers that Navas is still an important figure and must be maintained.

Even though he has provided a contract extension proposal for the player, unfortunately the details of the extension of the contract have not been leaked to the public. The only important thing that is publicly known is the duration of the play contract extension that will last until 2021.

This means Navas will get a 1-year extension from his current playing contract. According to the same source, Navas has also approved the proposal submitted by Real Madrid. Navas even firmly said he was not afraid even though Madrid had brought Courtois.

“I actually feel challenged and will try to give my best to maintain my position as the main goalkeeper.”

United Want To Recruit Pickford ?

According to news circulating, Manchester United are currently paying attention to Jordan Pickford. In fact they plan to bring Pickford if David De Gea decides to leave the club.

Until now the future of De Gea at the club still does not get clarity. De Gea contract with United will actually run out in the upcoming June 2019. But until now there has not been a bright spot between the two parties regarding the contract extension playing De Gea.

United already have negotiated with the player, but the negotiation process has not gone smoothly and always has a dead end. Even so, United are still trying to defend the player.

According to the The Sun, if in the end United failed to defend De Gea, United had also prepared the worst possible way by bringing the keeper from Everton, namely Pickford. But to bring Pickford, United need to spend funds that are not small, reaching 60 million Pounds.

According to the same source, De Gea is currently also on the Juventus players’ search list. Actually Juventus already have two new goalkeepers, they are Wojciech Szczesny and also Mattia Perin. But Juventus want to increase the strength of their club by bringing De Gea.

Szczesny is currently a mainstay of Allegri, unfortunately he often fails to show a slick performance so Allegri wants to bring another talented goalkeeper to win the Champions League title this season.

Inter Milan Want To Recruit Andrien Rabiot

It seems that Barcelona’s desire to attract PSG star players, Andrien Rabiot will meet a fairly steep road. Because the Italian giants club, Inter Milan are also reportedly eyeing the signature of Andrien Rabiot.

It is undeniable, Rabiot’s career in France is quite brilliant. He is a very legendary player now in France. He also became a key player for the PSG team.

Since last summer, Barcelona has been warmly talked about wanting to hook the player to play at the Camp Nou. The Barcelona side believes Rabiot’s ability can add to the power of their team to win the title.

According to Tuttosport’s alerts, Inter Milan won’t let Barcelona get Rabiot easily. Inter Milan have also been reported to have entered the radar of the player’s search since last season.

If we go further, in the past two years Inter Milan are indeed re-concocting their team. Under the command of the Sunning Group, Inter want to be the hardest rival for Juventus.

Inter’s trip this season is also fairly good. They managed to bring in attackers and great players. Unfortunately they are still lacking in players who can control the course of the game. Therefore they will try to hook Rabiot from PSG to maximize their fighting power.

Inter also have a second option if later they fail to bring in Rabiot. Their second option falls to Luka Modric who plays for Real Madrid. Besides that Modric is also looking for new challenges in his football career, apparently playing in Serie A can be the right choice for Modric.

Mourinho Said His Team Lose Because Doing Some Mistake

Manchester United must again take a defeat when dealing with Manchester City. Despite losing, Mourinho explained that the performance of his foster children was not bad.

If viewed further, the performance shown by City in the match is indeed better than United. But that does not mean United’s appearance is bad. One thing that is clearly seen in the match is the spirit and confidence of City that is superior to United.

City played very aggressively throughout the game, in contrast to United who made several crucial mistakes. According to Mourinho, United’s defeat was the result of mistakes made by his players.

“Our performance is not bad. You have to be able to distinguish between poor performance and performance with some mistakes. ”

“The performance shown by the players is far from a bad word. But we made many mistakes. Our performance is full of mistakes. ”

“Three goals scored by City were a result of mistakes we did. We must accept punishment for the mistakes we made. ”

Despite losing, Mourinho said that there was a positive thing that was achieved by his team.

“I judge my team’s appearance as an performance with mistakes, not a bad performance.”

“But the mentality of the players has increased. Togetherness, the beliefs and struggles of the players are different things. We will develop all these things and we will not lose together just because we lost. “

Pochettino: Kane Is Extraordinary Player

Mauricio Pochettino as Tottenham Hotspur coach believes Harry Kane can be a very terrible player if he is not too focused on scoring goals. Pochettino also asked Kane to reduce his desire to score when playing for the team’s victory.

Kane is also on the list of the deadliest players in the world. Even many people who say the type of player that is similar to the characteristics of Harry Kane is very rare. Kane is known for its fast and deadly movements.

Harry has donated his 150th goal for Spurs when his team beat PSV with a score of 2 – 1. Pochettino was very confident Harry could develop rapidly if he could reduce his desire a little.

Pochettino thinks Kane is a murderer if he is in front of the opponent’s goal keeper. Kane was also able to score even though the chances created were very thin.

“Kane is like a murderer. He always managed to “kill” the opposing goalkeeper,” Pochettino told to Sky Sports.

“But it can also have a negative impact on the game. His obsession when not scoring can affect the stability of the game on the team. Sometimes freedom in playing is far better than being bound by obsession. ”

“He is still young, he is still in the learning stage. He is more mature and will understand this. ”

“When practicing, he was very focused, even you had to stop him from the training session because he always wanted to practice and develop, he was a very extraordinary player.”

Best Shoes Worn By Proffesional Football Player

In soccer, shoes have a crucial role when playing in the field. Good shoes can help the movement of soccer players when grazing. According to the T3 site’s, there are some of the best soccer shoes at the moment, what do you think about that?


The first shoe is Nike Tiempo Legend 7. These shoes are excellent shoes for playing football. In fact, many people say that this shoe is the latest breakthrough from the most phenomenal brand, Nike. These shoes use Flyknit technology which is claimed to be 22% lighter than other shoes. Nike Tiempo Legend 7 is currently used by Raphael Varane.


The second shoe is Adidas NEMEZIZ 17+ 360 AGILITY. For shoes this one is specifically for those who play with speed. This shoe is indeed designed by Adidas for those who have agility in playing soccer. These shoes are worn by Lionel Messi and also Roberto Firmino.


The third shoe is Adidas Ace 16+ Primeknit. These shoes are usually used by midfielder players. Even the world’s top midfield players like Paul Pogba, Ivan Rakitic and also Mesut Ozil use these shoes.


The fourth shoe is EvoSPEED SL II Tricks produced by the PUMA brand. These shoes are made with very light weights and can provide good grip to the players. Antoine Grizmann is a player who wears these shoes.

That’s the three best soccer shoes currently according to T3. In your opinion, the soccer shoes especially those that are suitable are crowned as the best shoes?

Guardiola Give Praise Young Player On His Team

Josep Guardiola as coach of the England giants club, Manchester City has just sent praise to the young players on his team. This praise was posted after the match against Fulham at the Carabao Cup. He said, performance shown by young players should be appreciated.

Manchester City face Fulham at the Etihad Stadium on Friday 2/11 early yesterday. In that match, City managed to win with a score of 2-0 through Brahim Diaz’s goal. The player who was only 18 years old managed to score at minute 16 and also 65.

Not only Diaz who got the chance to play, Guardiola also entrusted Arijanet Muric to keep City’s goal. Muric himself is only 19 years old. In addition, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Phil Foden also got the opportunity to graze.

The young players handed down by Guardiola were combined with senior players such as Vincent Kompany, Danilo and also Gabriel Jesus. Seeing the results achieved by his team, Guardiola was very satisfied.

“All players play very well. Brahim Diaz managed to score two points for us and Arijanet Muric also recorded a clean sheet. There are not many opportunities, but they can maximize the opportunities available. Phil Foden also plays really well. ”

Actually the contract to play Diaz with City will end in the 2018/19 season, until now there is no new agreement between players and clubs. If Diaz doesn’t get a contract extension, a lot of news says the Spanish club, Real Madrid is ready to accommodate the player.

“I will fight for Diaz to continue playing with us. We want him to survive, but if he chooses to leave, then that is the decision he made and we have to appreciate it. “

Manchester United Still Believe in Mourinho

Elitesports.fun – Manchester united Big Boss, Ed Woodward just told Mourinho that their club do not any attention of Fired him as the manager. This word is coming directly from Woodward after hearing so many rumors that stated United would like to Fired Mourinho and  having Zinedine Zidane as their new manager.

As we know, Jose Mourinho as the manager of Manchester United in under pressure after having a not so good start in this season. The Red Devils only can get 5 win from all the match they have before the break as the report we get from the source. Because of that bad result, So many speculations and rumors comes out about Mourinho being sacked by Manchester United.

This season is looks like a nightmare for Manchester United after so many bad result happen to their team. Last time they almost lose towards Newcastle before can come back from lose 0-2 become 3-2 on the last minute on their own home, Old Trafford.

Alexis Sanchez score a last minute goal to save Mourinho  job and their team from the lose. Many people believe that if United lose on that match, Mourinho will be sacked directly from his position.

Talking about the rumor Zidane will be the one that replacing Mourinho if he getting sacked, Roberto Carlos his ex teammates on Real Madrid also giving his comment.

” It is a hard time for Mourinho leave his club nowdays, But this is other case. Zinedine Zidane is a big manager. The team that can get him should be very lucky,” Tell Roberto Carlos to the media.

But outside from our the speculation, Now Mourinho can be more relax after hearing the words from Manchester United Big Boss. Hope this thing can help him find his confident and can lead our beloved United to the Glory again.




After McGregor Now Floyd Mayweather Jr !

Elitesports.fun – After beating McGregor last weekend, now Khabib Nurmagomedov already having his eyes to another man. Yes now he would like to have a fight we the one and only, the unbeatable boxer, also the one that beat the ass out of McGregor last time, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The challenge for Mayweather is directly being send by Khabib to the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe that lately re-post this challenge on his Instagram account on video format.

” Come to me Flyod, we need to fight now. 50-0  versus 27-0. Both of us unbeaten until now. But there can be only one king in this world. Absolutely  i am the King, because Floyd can not beat the way how i destroyed McGregor last time,”  Tell Khabib.

As we know on the last August 2017, Mayweather having a fight with McGregor in Las Vegas. That fight was won by Mayweather with TKO on the ten round from twelve round. That fight also becoming one of the biggest success on the fighting match and also becoming the advantages for McGregor, he might be lose on the fight, but from the report that we get, he got paid almost $6 million only for that fight !

Image result for khabib dan floyd

Still there are no official answer from Mayweather team about the challenge that make by Khabib that already being upload into Ellerbe Instagram account, Mayweather Manager.

But Khabib Nurmagomedov is still facing a big problem after being charge as the main reason of the chaos happen after his fight with McGregor in where he start attacking McGregor team after won that fight on the last October 6th.

So let wait the progress of this things, will or will not the unbeatable seeing each other for the first time to make them becoming the Real King ?




Hazard to Real Madrid !

Elitesports.fun – Chelsea striker, Eden Hazard is having a very good start in this season. And now once again he talk about his future about move to Real Madrid. Hazard just confess that he can not become the best footballer in the world if still playing for Chelsea.

Hazard still once again in the list of  Balloon d’Or this year. This is not the first time a Belgian striker  is inside the nominee. However, being a nominee is the only thing that can Hazard get in the past year. he always lose to another player that play in Spain. Messi and Ronaldo is the best for this 10 years.

Moreover only 1 player from English Premier League that can become on the top three nominee of Balloon d’Or which is Fernando Torres when he is playing to Liverpool on 2008.

Gelandang Chelsea, Eden Hazard, melakukan selebrasi setelah mencetak gol ke gawang Liverpool dalam pertandingan Carabao Cup di Anfield, Liverpool, 27 September 2018. Chelsea mengalahkan Liverpool 2-1. Action Images via Reuters/Lee Smith

Because of that without reduce his respect towards Chelsea, Hazard confess that Baloon d’Or or the best footballer in this world is the main reason why he want to move to Real Madrid From Chelsea now. “It is the reason why i want to leave,” Tell Hazard.

But also in that time he also denied the possible of his move to Real Madrid will be soon happen. Eden Hazard already tell that he want to play for Real Madrid after the end of World Cup 2018. It is his dream since he was a child.

Eden Hazard contract with Chelsea will be end on Juni 2020. It means that if the Belgian player refuse to extend his contract, it means that Chelsea need to sell him on the next transfer session if they do not want to lose their player for free.

Let see will this transfer will be happen or not, and for meanwhile let sit and enjoy his football, Eden Hazard

Marc Marquez on Claiming the World Champion 2018

Elitesports.fun – The Honda racer, Marc Marquez is so close on becoming the world champion for MotoGP 2018. He can get his fifth World Champions title in Japan, Motegi, October 21th.

Now Marc Marques already collect 271 point and win by 77 point with the second position which is Andre Dovizioso (Ducati). There are still four race last for MotoGP 2018, There will be a hundred point to be fight for. It means that if Marquez can keep his score ahead for 75 point, he can be the champion on Japan.

So let see the scenario on how Marquez can get his fifth world champion title in Japan ? this is the possibility on how Marquez can be the champions :

– Marques get the pole position, Dovizioso runner-up : It makes Marquez have 296 point, while Dovizioso have 214 point. Means that they will be 81 different on them, so with only three race left, Marquez already become the champions.

– Dovizioso win, Marquez runner up. Marquez will have 291 while Dovizioso get 219. both of them only separate by 72 point, in this case, Marquez still can not become the champion on that race.

– Dovizioso runner up, Marquez on the third. Marquez will have 287 and Dovizioso will have 214. only separate by 73 point also can not make Marquez become the winner.

– Marquez runner up, Dovizioso got the third position. If this is the case, the different point between two of them is 81 and make Marquez becoming the World Champion on MotoGP 2018.

So in a big picture we can say that if Marquez can finish in a better position than Dovizioso, Marquez can become the early champion of MotoGP 2018. And if both of them failed to finish that race, while Rossi can get the pole position, Marquez also can not be the champion yet.

So how will MotoGP 2018 this year ?




McGregor Got Banned From MMA ?

Elitesports.fun – Conor McGregor is getting a banned for having a fight on MMA Arena for a month after the lose he get from Khabib Nurmagomedov on the match that fight over the title of UFC lightweight on Las Vegas Saturday October 6, 2018.

That banned is based on the medical reason, in where McGregor lose after the tap out he do because of can not hold his opponent lock towards him. McGregor is banned from having a show until November 6th, also can not have a training season until October 28th.

It means that the Irlandia Fighter need to have a  fully recover and can not have an activity that having a relation with MMA on that time.

This banned is actually a common way that do by UFC to the fighter that choose to surrender on the fighting.

Khabib Nurmagomedov (sarung tangan merah) saat bertarung dengan Conor McGregor (blue gloves) dalam laga UFC 229 di T-Mobile Arena, 7 Oktober 2018. Reuters/Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

While he lose, McGregor got a more higher paid that Khabib. From the news we get, McGregor got a pay around $60 million , more than Khabib that only can get $2 million.

Khabib also become the side that lose more although he win that fight, Cause he will get sanctions for what he have done that provoke a commotion with attacking the McGregor side after that fight over.

From the report we get, The Russian MMA Fighter will be banned to fight at United States, And the money that he supposed to get will be cancel by The Athletic Nevada Committee and also he need to pay for the sanctions. The title that he fighting and won on that fight also threatened to be  revoked by the UFC.

So actually, who is the one that win that fight ??!!


The Retirement of John Terry, What is Next ?

Elitesports.fun – John Terry, Ex Captain and also the regular back for Chelsea and England just announce his retirement for becoming a football player last night. Now after his retirement, Terry is being report directly will be in as the staff coach of Aston Villa teams.

Ex Chelsea player also Ex England player, Frank Lampard that play alongside with John Terry in such a long time sure that his ex teammates will succeed on becoming the coach. Lampard see Terry as the person that fulfill all the terms for becoming a good and succeed coach in football. Not only because his knowledge about the game that he play since he is a young boy, but also Lampard see Terry as the person that have a charisma on lead a team as a their coach.

“No doubt, I am sure that he already say about it (becoming the coach),” Tell lampard on the interview with the Sky Sports.

“John have the character and personality, and i am sure that every body are agree with that. He is a leader inside the field and also will become the one outside the field, So i am sure that he also will be succeed on becoming the leader as the coach, as the manager or whatever he want to be,” More from Lampard.

John Terry just announce his retirement as the football player from his private Instagram account. Ex Chelsea captain already have no bound with all the team after he leave Aston Villa on last season.

With Lampard, Terry is also in the part of the biggest succeed that Chelsea ever being in history until now. There are the one that can give Chelsea a  first and only Champion League title until now.

Now After Frank Lampard that already becoming the manager that taking care of Derby Country, the second division team on England that consider being succeed becoming the manager for the first time after his team knock out Manchester United from EPL Cup.

Will or Will not Terry can follow the path that already being do by his ex teammates ?


“Almost” Sacked by Manchester United

Elitesports.fun – Jose Mourinho admit that he is sure that he will be fire by Manchester United after the final whistle of last night match with Newcastle united. But, a short message from the club make him relieve now.

Mourinho is in a danger position after the all the bad result that get by him and Manchester United from the beginning of season until now, mostly is about not getting a single win on the last four match. Not only for that, Mourinho alone also being rumored having a bad relationship with some player that reportedly do not want to be coach by him again. So there are a rumored that De Gea and friends intentionally playing bad and hope that Mourinho can be fired quickly.

The match between Manchester United and Newcastle United last night in Old Trafford is being reportedly will be the last match for Mourinho become the manager of Manchester United whatever the result they get. So it make sense that the rumored is disturbing the team condition and with the score 0-2 for Newcastle United on the first half, Make this thing will be coming true soon.

But Manchester United come from the hell and making an epic come back for winning this match with the score 3 -2. This result can be a light for the team, supporters and especially Mourinho after a bad chain happen for Manchester United in this early season.

Image result for manchester united 3-2 newcastle united

But Mourinho alone admit that whatever the result last night, he will be fired by the team. but right after the result come out last night, a short message from the club make him more relieve.

“They who read the news, that playing the social media, all of them will think that i will be sacked from my position,” Tell Mourinho.

“If i do not get a message from the club that ask me to not care about what media is tell, i maybe think that i will be sacked this time,” Mourinho.

Let see what can Mourinho do for Manchester United this season. C’mon man, it is just to early to judge The Special One.

The Result of MotoGP Thailand Qualification

Elitesports.fun – A fierce competition happen between Honda Racer, Marc Marquez and the Racer of Yamaha, Valentino Rossi, on the qualification of MotoGP Thailand, Saturday, October 6, 2018. But in the end it is Marc Marquez who got the pole position and Rossi need to be satisfied with the second position.

Marquez need to start from the first qualification because of his failed on getting to the top ten on the third free training time. However, an extra time in the track  just give him the advantage.

He can get the best time on the start of the second qualification, But Valentino Rossi can surpass it directly.

The decision on changing the tire on the last turn on the second qualification make by Marques showing a good result. On the last time he can surpass Rossi and incised the fastest time of 1 minute 30 second win towards Rossi for 0.011 seconds only.

The third position is get by Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati) with the fourth get by Vinales (Honda) follow by Cal Crutchlow (Honda).

While for the general standings, Marquez is still in the top of standings with 246 point follow by Dovizioso (174) and Rossi (159).

Also in this MotoGP Thailand, Lorenzo is being confirmed to be out from this race because of the accident happen to him on the last training time.

Pembalap MotoGP dari tim Repsol Honda Marc Marquez. REUTERS/Lisi Niesner

The qualification result on MotoGP Thailand :

1. Marc Marquez ESP Repsol Honda (RC213V) 1m 30.088s [Lap 7/8] 326km/h (Top Speed)
2. Valentino Rossi ITA Movistar Yamaha (YZR-M1) 1m 30.099s +0.011s [Lap 6/8] 326k
3. Andrea Dovizioso ITA Ducati Team (GP18) 1m 30.227s +0.139s [Lap 7/8] 328k
4. Maverick Viñales ESP Movistar Yamaha (YZR-M1) 1m 30.328s +0.240s [Lap 9/9] 326k
5. Cal Crutchlow GBR LCR Honda (RC213V) 1m 30.356s +0.268s [Lap 8/8] 328k
6. Andrea Iannone ITA Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR) 1m 30.419s +0.331s [Lap 7/8] 325k
7. Dani Pedrosa ESP Repsol Honda (RC213V) 1m 30.458s +0.370s [Lap 7/8] 329k
8. Johann Zarco FRA Monster Yamaha Tech3 (YZR-M1) 1m 30.471s +0.383s [Lap 8/8] 326k
9. Danilo Petrucci ITA Pramac Ducati (GP18) 1m 30.599s +0.511s [Lap 7/8] 330k
10. Jack Miller AUS Pramac Ducati (GP17) 1m 30.660s +0.572s [Lap 3/7] 323k
11. Alex Rins ESP Suzuki Ecstar (GSX-RR) 1m 30.738s +0.650s [Lap 7/8] 323k
12. Alvaro Bautista ESP Angel Nieto Team (GP17) 1m 30.976s +0.888s [Lap 6/8] 326k
13. Franco Morbidelli ITA EG 0,0 Marc VDS (RC213V)* 1m 30.923s 322k
14. Takaaki Nakagami JPN LCR Honda (RC213V)* 1m 30.995s 319k
15. Bradley Smith GBR Red Bull KTM Factory (RC16) 1m 31.207s 321k
16. Aleix Espargaro ESP Factory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP) 1m 31.243s 323k
17. Karel Abraham CZE Angel Nieto Team (GP16) 1m 31.374s 321k
18. Hafizh Syahrin MAL Monster Yamaha Tech3 (YZR-M1)* 1m 31.389s 320k
19. Pol Espargaro ESP Red Bull KTM Factory (RC16) 1m 31.399s 321k
20. Xavier Simeon ESP Reale Avintia (GP17)* 1m 31.686s 324k
21. Jordi Torres SPA Reale Avintia (GP16) 1m 31.819s 327k
22. Thomas Luthi SWI EG 0,0 Marc VDS (RC213V)* 1m 31.830s 321k
23. Scott Redding GBR Factory Aprilia Gresini (RS-GP) 1m 31.835s 321k

Crash in Buriram, His bike Split into Two

Elitesports.fun – Jorge Lorenzo having a bad day on the second training time on MotoGP Thailand. Lorenzo has  great accident that make his bike split into two big part.

On the Buriram circuit, Friday 05-10-2018 afternoon, Lorenzo experience a severe accident when he would enter the corner to the right. Lowering his speed when making the turn after drive in the high speed, the rear tire of Lorenzo bike seems locked. because of that thing make Lorenzo fall down from his bike and need to land using his back to the asphalt. It look like before stopping in the gravel it take Lorenzo turn around several time before stop it.

The same condition also happen to his bike, His Ducati bike also falling down after turn several time before stop for landing. His motorcycle flakes bounce into various directions. In video replay we can also see there is large chunk of his Desmosedici GP8 that falling apart from his main body bike, that make his bike look like splitting.

Lorenzo Kecelakaan Hebat di Buriram, Motornya Terbelah

That thing make the entire training practice MotoGP Thailand need to be stopped. Lorenzo is directly bring to the circuit clinic using ambulance to get a further treatment.

As we know Lorenzo itself before this training is indoubt for joining the race in MotoGP Thailand because of the crash he get when the fall in MotoGP Aragon two weeks ago. His condition is not fully recovered from that accident and now got another bad luck in where having another crash after two more weeks. Let hope the best for Lorenzo so we can see his performance on this year MotoGP Thailand.


Ex Boxing World Champion, Rocchigiani Die on Accident

Elitesports.fun – A Germany Boxer of Italian descent that also an ex world class champion for super middle class and light weight class, Graciano Rocchigiani, die on his 54 in South Italian after being crash by car when he having a walk on that time.

Rocchigiani that have an Italian father and Germany Mother is reportedly having super middle class IBF from 1988 to 1989 also light weight class on 1998 after beat Michael Nunn.

Rocchigiani that already fight 45 match on his professional time in Germany, Can get the public attention when having a match with Henry Maske from Germany and Dariuz Michalczewski from Poland on 1990

His last fight was happen on the last 2003 when he is been defeated for a light weight international WBC champion that vacuum on that time.

“Berlin feel this lose, an 1980 and 1990 boxer that make people impressed,” tell Michael Mueller the governor of Berlin.

“Rocky, Because he is known by worldwide, Max Schmeling and Eckhard Dagge three of them is Germany world Champion on professional sport,” Michael Mueller.

“He also is the real Berliner, that having both his mouth and heart. Not all the things we want can happen on our life like what happen to him in the ring. But Berlin love him for what he has done although some that is the harsh one. We feel sorry,” tell Michael to close his word.

Rocchigiani that ever being caught after the assault and driving without the real license is the youngest Germany boxer that ever becoming the world champion. After being retired from the ring. he work as the boxer commentator.

May you Rest in Peace Champions.





Lewis Hamilton Become the Fast on Russia

Elitesports.fun – Mercedes racer, Lewis hamilton, becoming the first that cross the finish line on Sochi Autodrom circuit, on the F1 race in Russia, sunday local time.

Lewis Hamilton can finish 2.545 second over than his fellow teammate Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) that finish as the runner up on that race. Moreover, the podium for F1 GP Russia 2018 is completed with Sebastian Vettel that can finish on the third position.

The race is start with Valtteri Bottas as the pole position that have a perfect start when hamilton having his hard time because of the threat that come from Vettel that also start this race with a good time. At last Hamilton can handle Vettel and make the 1 – 2 position is secure only for the Mercedes racer.

Meanwhile, Max Verstappen that start from the 19 position also having a good start. he can reach the fifth position when the race just start for 10 round. When overtake is too hard to be done, Vettel try to use  their strategy on the pit stop in other to try reach two Mercedes racer in front of him.

Bottas do a pit stop on the 12 lap, in where Vettel do it on the 13, that follow by hamilton on the 14 lap. And his tactic look can succeed when he can overtake the second position from Hamilton in the 15 lap. But that only happen for a second before Hamilton can overtake him again on the 16 lap.

Image result for hamilton f1 car

On the 25 lap, Mercedes try to give the first position to Hamilton because as we know that Hamilton is still our defending champion from last year. So because of that thing, Hamilton can succeed finish this race becoming the fastest to cross the finish line. Once again congratulation Hamilton !



Kobe Bryant Hero in the Field also Hero in a Real Life

aElitesports.fun – All Basketball lover  will know the name of Kobe Bryant. Kobe is one of the best player that can be compare to the legend Michael Jordan. Now Kobe itself also a Legend in Basketball. Becoming a hero on the field already becoming his job, and now there is a moment in where Kobe show his another side of hero. Which is when he try to help each other on real life. Kobe Bryant showing his good act when try to help the victim of car crash in Newport Beach, California.

Being report that Bryant is driving his Range Rover on that time. He become the witnesses of the crash that happen between two car in front of him when one of the car look cross the red light. Ex Los Angeles Lakers player directly go out for his car and looking for the victim that driving the Tesla car.

After seeing that nothing dangerous happen to the victim, Bryant decide to the the photo of the car as the wish from the Tesla owner that broke his phone on that accident.

Pebasket Amerika Serikat, Kobe Bryant.

Although that is not so much help do by Bryant, However his reaction and what he do on that accident show that he is a good guy and brush off the statement in where most of popular guy in town like Hollywood actor or an athlete is some one who does not care about their environment.

Not to long ago, Another NBA legend also Los Angeles Lakers, Shag O’ Neal also getting a chance on helping each other.

Kobe Bryant become a player from 1996 to 2016, On his ten years carrier, he succeed on bringing his team become the NBA Champion fifth time. He also in the main player for United States man Basket when succeed on getting a gold medal in Beijing Olympic 2008 and London 2012.

Let hope that all human being is like that, helping each other without hesitation #peace.


Will This Goal Becoming the Best Goal on His Carrier ?

Elitesports.fun – Chelsea legend Gianfranco Zola just praise the goal make by Eden Hazard that bring Chelsea win toward Liverpool 2-1 on the third round of EPL Cup in Anfield local time.

Hazard becoming the star of this game after his late brilliant goal bring Chelsea win against Liverpool on their home, Anfield. Beside his contribution toward Emerson goal, Hazard also show his quality as one of the best midfielder in the world by his solo run on 85 minute.

Chelsea left first after Daniel Strurridge score a goal on 58 minute before Emerson Palmieri can equalized it in 79 minute. Hazard who coming from the bench becoming the differentiator on that match. For his goal, Hazard start with a penetration on the left side of Liverpool defender, Belgium International midfielder cross over 3 Liverpool defender before he reach the penalty box in where his firing a shot that get into the far post of Liverpool goal.

Daniel Sturridge sempat membawa Liverpool unggul.

His beautiful goal make Liverpool eliminated soon from the EPL Cup. The praise come from their Coach Assistant also Chelsea Legend, Gianfranco Zola.

“I think that him (Hazard) is one of the best player in the Europe and also in the world. That can be sure now after what he has done on this day with the goal as the prove,” Tell Zola to the media.

“He still evolve on becoming better. He can do a right thing on the right time with an outstanding way,” Continue by Zola.

Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp also did not hesitate on praising Hazard goal. “His speed is something near the unstoppable one. A amazing goal,” Tell him.

This goal will be known as one of the best goal on Football history and can be The best goal that ever create by Hazard.



LeBorn James “We Are Getting There”

Elitesports.fun  – Los Angeles Lakers becoming the favorite team to win the NBA Final this season. Also LA Lakers  always being compared to The last season champions, Golden State Warriors. This could be happen after LeBron James, one of the best player that still playing now joining this team.

As we know on the last few season, LA Lakers can not do so many things on NBA not like the time when they have Shaq and Bryant playing together. They always been dwell on the below board at western standings. For the last season, Lakers with all their younger squad only can finish on the 11 and failed going to playoff for a five year consecutive.

But this year will not be the same, La Lakers show his capability on welcoming LeBron james, because of that now the fans of Lakers can hope more from their beloved team for this season. Not only recruiting The King, La Lakers also recruit other experience player such as Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee and also Michael Beasley.

This experience player will be combine with the young talent own by Lakers such as Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma that been confimed will make Lakers can get into a higher level as a team compare to the last season. Even some of them consider that Lakers now has the capabilities to compete with Golden State Warriors and also Boston Celtics.

LeBron James: Lakers Belum Sebanding dengan Warriors

However, LeBron James ask their fans not to be so confident with this team, On his first conference press with Lakers, LeBron stated that this team is still new and not yet can be compare with the team that being playing along together in such a long time.

He also say that they need a long way to reach the level like a Golden State because they need to start from the beginning and that one should be a long way to go. But he also stated that the fans do not need to worry about that. He sure that they are in a right track in where they will surpass Golden State in a mean time. LeBron said that this team will try to get along first and then will try to compete with that bigger team on NBA.

Let see what King James and LA Lakers can do for this NBA season.



Mourinho Being Sacked After the Lose on EFL Cup

Elitesports.fun – Manchester United just eliminated after the penalty shootout when facing Derby Country on EFL Cup last night. This lose adds the long list on how Manchester United lose in penalty shootout until now.

Manchester United lose with the score 7-8 on penalty shootout after having a draw 2-2 in the normal time.

For Manchester United, this lose not also burned their dream on becoming the champion on EFL Cup this season but also adding a new record in where they always lose on penalty shootout.

From the report that we get, This is the fifth lose streak get by United on a penalty shootout. 3 of EFL Cup, one on FA Cup and the other one is in Community Shield.

After the match is over, Mourinho tell that he having a bad feelings towards the penaty shootout after both of the first five player do their job done. At last his feeling coming to the true when Phil Jones failed on scoring the penalty towards Derby Country.

Manchester United kembali gagal dalam drama adu penalti saat menghadapi Derby County.

With this lose also, Jose Mourinho position as Manchester United Manager is in danger. As we know beside from this lose, Manchester United position in the Premier League also not that good. The Red Devil still hanging on the seven rank with 10 points, 8 point behind Liverpool that now are leading in the top of the standings.

But There still a positive thing that  Mourinho can get from this lose which is The schedule of Manchester United will be more quietly after being sacked on EFL Cup. So now the can Focus on Premier League and also Champions league, The Two most prestige Trophy that English club can earn in a season.

Let wait can or can not Manchester United show his glory this season ? Or will be Jose Mourinho being sacked first from his job ?

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Tiger Woods Crying !

Elitesports.fun – Tiger Woods, 42 years old, at last come from the bottom of the hell and become the winner on golf tournament on East Lake, United States, 23 September 2018. This win is the first time from 2013 when the last time he become the champions on golf tournament.

Woods looks trying to hold his tears after getting a historical win on that day, but at last he cry out of it. ” It is been so hard for me on this last 5 years in where i found a lot of problem in my life. But i try to work harder and only thinks the way to climb back in her, and here i am with the help with all people around me of course.” tell Woods. ” it is so hard on getting back and winning it once again.”

2013 years is the last year for Tiger woods having his golden time. on that time he can have 5 championship in one year. after that his carrier is messed up. His personal matters, infidelity that broke his family plus the injury that happen to him make him so difficult on finding his best form.

on 2013 he  repeatedly climbed to the operating table because of the injury he got in his knee and the back, The fourth one happen one the last April. For this year, in the early year look like Wood also can not found his best perform and look like can not compete on this year golf tournament also. But after he try to change his playing style, learn and learn how to play under the pressure of the other world class player, now he is here.

Tiger Woods menjuarai turnamen golf di East Lake Golf Club, Atlanta, Georgia, Amerika, 23 September 2018. Reuters/Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

He succeed on seize his 80 championship on East Lake after outperform Rory Mcllroy and Bryson DeChambeau. On the last fairway, 18 all the audience call his name once again after a long time ” TIGER ! TIGER ! TIGER ! ”

He stood on the silence for a while like he want to feel this feeling deeper and craving into his heart that feelings. All other player that also being his competitor and friends also give him a congratulation on his winning.

Now we can wait, Will or will not Tiger can surpass Sam Snead on his record for having the most PGA 82 on golf competitions ?

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Marc Marquez Destroyed Jorge Lorenzo Race and His Toe

Elitesports.fun – Jorge Lorenzo blame Marc Marques on the crash that happen to him on the last race of MotoGP Aragon. Lorenzo tell that The candidate of his new teammates already destroy his legs.

Starting the race from the pole position, Lorenzo got a crash on the first bend. Because of that crash, Lorenzo need to finish the race early and being reported having leg fractures.

Although that from the replay seen that he having a solo crash, Lorenzo claim that crash can happen because of Marc Marquez. Lorenzo tell that Marquez giving a hard sitution for him and cause of that the accident happen.

” I will not got to report this things to the Race Director, because people already disappoint with the crash that happen on that race. Some of them will think that the crash happen because of my mistake.”

Jorge Lorenzo crash di tikungan pertama MotoGP Aragon

“But that is not what happen actually, and Marc also know about that. He do not give me a space, he carelessly overtake and then block my road and give me no choice outside from crash or widened beyond the track and choose to take the risk on crash, and that happen.” Tell Lorenzo to the media.

Because of that crash, Marquez succeed on becoming the winner of MotoGP Aragon. Marquez succeed on becoming the first after won a fierce duel with Andrea Dovizioso.

Moreover because of that accident Lorenzo claim that Marquez already destroyed his chance on winning that race and also the next race that will be held on Asia, Thailand.

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Aragon Result, Lorenzo Out, Marquez 1

Elitesports.fun – Repsol Honda Racer, Marc Marquez, once again finish the first on MotoGP race in Aragon, Sunday (23/09/2018).

This win also break the dominant of Ducati that already become the winner for the past three race on MotoGP this season

On race that being held o  Aragon Motorland circuit, Ducati racer. Jorge Lorenzo, that start from the pole position should finish the race early when he was down on the first lap.

his fellow teammates in Ducati, Andrea Dovizioso, succeed finish in the second position follow by Suzuki racer, Andrea Lannone. on the fourth place we have Alex Rins for Suzuki.

For the fifth until the seventh succeed occupied by Dani Pedrosa, Aleix Espargaro, and Danilo Petucci. Yamaha Movistar Racer, The Doctor, Valentino Rossi can finish on the eight position after start the race from the seventeen position.

This race already becoming interesting after Lorenzo fall down in the race. Lorenzo lose his balance when entering the first corner on the lap and causing a Highside for him. That accident also make Lorenzo dislocation of his toes.

Because of his fall, the pole position becoming the place that being fight over by Dovizioso and Marquez. Almost until the half of the race, Dovizioso can stay in the first position follow by Marquez, Alex Rinz and Andrea Lannone.

But in the end, on the last few laps, Marquez can get over the first position and finish in the pole position.

” It is look likes that i am the only one can race the Ducati on this season, we have all the things we need to overcome them.” Say Marquez after finish this race.

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Ronaldo Got a Red Card on Valencia vs Juventus Match last Night

Elitesports.fun – Champions league last night having a match between Valencia vs Juventus on Mestalla Stadium. On that match, I Bianconeri looks will wins the match easily because they play dominant against Valencia with 58 % ball possesion. For the chance only, Juventus have 7 shoot in where 3 of them is on target.

Having an initiative since the beginning of the match, Juventus already getting a chance on 11 minutes, but unfortunately Mandzukic shoot still cross over the bar. On minute 21, Federico Bernardeschi have the chance to score a goal but brilliantly stop by Valencia Goalkeeper, Neto.

Megabintang Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo, menangis usai menerima kartu merah dalam laga Grup H Liga Champions kontra Valencia di Stadion Mestalla, Valencia, Spanyol pada 19 September 2018.

But unlucky for Juventus, on minute 29, their superstar Cristiano Ronaldo got a red card after the referee seeing him pull the hair of Valencia back, Jeison Murillo, that make him need to leave the field sooner. Without Ronaldo, Juventus can show that they are very ready this year to become the Champion on Champions league this season.

On minute 45 before the first half over, Juventus can lead by 1 – 0 after Miralem Pjanic score a goal from penalty. The penalty happen after the foul get by Joao Cancelo, Juventus back. Miralem Pjanice succeed to score one more goal on the second half and make Juventus win against valencia with the score 2- 0 just by playing with 10 people.

The main concern from this game should be the red card get by Cristiano Ronaldo on the first half, Ronaldo look so emotional after get that red card. look like Ronaldo is crying when walking out the field on last night match. Leonardo Bonucci claim that he understand Cristiano anger towards the referee after that red card. But he also try to accept every decision make by the referee based on what he see and look like we can over cross this challenge.

“We prove that we are a solid team that can play our own football style until the final whistle is blow.” Stated Bonnuci.

let wait on how far Juventus can do in Champions league this season

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Hat trick Lionel Messi Bring Barcelona Win in Champion League

Elitesports.fun – Lionel Messi succeed in getting a hat trick when Barcelona defeated PSV Eindhoven 4 – 0 last night in champion league on Camp Nou. This hat trick also giving a individual record to Lionel Messi itself.

This hat trick become the eight hat trick that Messi have in Champions league. It also become the record after surpass the record hat trick make by Cristiano Ronaldo with seven hat trick. In total Messi already have 48 hat trick in his carrier. And what makes is more interesting is with this hat trick Messi already have 103 goal in Champions League and make him has more goal than the entire PSV Eindhoven (102) on Champions League.

Messi having his first goal from a very beautiful free kick on minute 23. after that Ousmane Dembe make the goal on minute 75. And for the last Messi having his gol on minute 77 and also 88 and make Barcelona win 4-0 againsts PSV Eindhoven on that match.


Barcelona can win this game already shown on the first half in where Barcelona have 69% ball possession compare to PSV. Also with this Goal it put Lionel Messi in the second place in where one player ever scoring a goal to the other team on Champions league. Messi already score against 30 team on Champions League, just lose against Ronaldo that score against 32 team on Champions League.

Let see will Messi bring barcelon become the champions this year ?



Ronaldo Feel Extremely Happy For His First Goal in Juventus

Elitesports.fun – The time is come now ! Football fans around the world especially Juventus and also Cristiano Ronaldo fans should be feel very happy after last night match. In that match Juventus can win againys Sassuolo with the score 2 – 1. But what makes it more special is in that match, Ronaldo, Their New superstar success for the first time scoring a goal when he is wearing Juventus jersey. After 4 match Ronaldo playing without scoring even one goal, now Ronaldo succeed scoring a brace and bring Juventus wins againts Sassuolo.

Cristiano Ronaldo tells that he feels very happy about this match, Moreover 33 years old footballer tell that because of this goal he feel very confident on having a good result with Juventus in this season. Not only one goal, Ronaldo succeed scoring two goal for bring his team wins against other teams as he always do.

His first goal happen after blunder inside of Sassuolo penalty area, without difficulty Ronaldo as the right man in the right place with his soft touch succeed scoring his first goal. And for his second goal it come from Sami Khedira assist that finish beautifully by ronaldo.

Selebrasi Cristiano Ronaldo

For his second goal, His unique celebration comes out in the side of the field fills with an standing applause from Juventus fans. Moreover after finish the match Ronaldo directly showing his feelings about that night.

” I feel very happy after scoring this two goals with Juventus,” Write Ronaldo on his private instagram.

” But above from anything, i feel very happy can give an important contribution towards team winning that night.”

Let wait how many goal Ronaldo will have in this season with Juventus ?

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Icardi: Without Messi, Argentina Looks Weird !

Lionel Messi as Barcelona star player will not participate in a series of test matches that will be undertaken by Argentina. The absence of the superstar from the Argentine squad looks strange in the eyes of Mauro Icardi.

As we know, Argentina has always been strengthened by Lionel Messi since 2005. Although 31 years old, Lionel Messi is still trusted to strengthen Argentina in the 2018 World Cup competition yesterday.

Unfortunately, he will miss the series of friendly matches that will be played by Argentina. Seeing this, the public began to doubt whether Lionel Messi would eventually stop defending Argentina in international competition.

Mauro Icardi himself missed the Russian World Cup competition yesterday. He even felt strange if Lionel Messi stopped defending Argentina. He also explained that Messi did need time after Argentina’s failure in yesterday’s World Cup competition. This may be the reason why the superstar chose to be absent.

“This is a rare thing. A Lionel Messi doesn’t compete with Argentina, it’s also strange for all his fans. ”

“Messi is the best player in the world, everyone knows this. But he did need time to rest after yesterday’s failure at the World Cup. ”

As we know, Lionel Messi got a lot of scathing criticism from the fans for failing to bring Argentina to win at the World Cup yesterday, possibly this is the reason why Messi does not want to defend Argentina. Many say Messi did not get proper treatment from fans.

Ronaldo Ask Juventus For Recruit Pogba

Superstar Juventus player, Ronaldo has been reported asking Juventus to recruit Paul Pogba from Manchester United on next January.

There is a rumor about Pogba future in Manchester United. Many people say that Pogba will leave Manchester United as soon as possible. Pogba has a bad relation with Jose Mourinho, Manchester United coach.

Pogba always denying about the rumor, but he also gives a signal to leave Old Trafford as soon as possible.

Not only that, there’s also a rumor that said Lionel Messi asking Barcelona to recruit Pogba, Ronaldo as a rival don’t want to lose and asking Juventus to recruit Pogba. Ronaldo said if Juventus recruit Pogba, he can bring a new power to Juventus to win Champions League.

Jose Mourinho maybe don’t want to lose Pogba, but Mourinho will give the player if Juventus trade him with Dybala. Long time ago, Mourinho has been reported want to recruit Dybala, but there is no chance for him. Maybe this time will be a perfect time to Mourinho for recruit Dybala.

For your information, Manchester United now struggling with their team. As we know, they keep losing in their previous match, so let’s see what will happen to Manchester United next.

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Portugal beat Italy through Andre Silva’s goal

Lisbon – Portugal won 1-0 over Italy in the UEFA Nations League Group 3 A League, at the Da Luz Stadium, Lisbon, Monday (09/10/2018) local time. Portugal’s winning goal was scored by Andre Silva.

Portugal started its inaugural match in the UEFA Nations League without the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo. The captain was not called to strengthen Selecao das Quinas on two international matches, September 2018.

Although without Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal is still too strong for Italy. Portugal’s front line trident is filled with young players, Bernardo Silva, Andre Silva, and Bruma.

Portugal’s winning goal was scored by Andre Silva after using Bruma’s pass in the 48th minute. The 22-year-old fired a left-footed shot into the goal of his former AC Milan counterpart Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Italy failed to reply to Portugal’s goal. Roberto Mancini’s men found it difficult to score even though they had many attacking players. 1-0 score lasted for Portugal until the match was over.

The result led Portugal to top the Group 3 league standings with three points from one match. The Italians dropped to the bottom because they lost on goal difference from Poland who both packed one point.

Player composition

Portugal: 1-Rui Patricio; 2-Joao Cancelo, 3-Pepe, 6-Ruben Dias, 19-Mario Rui; 20-Pizzi (8-Renato Sanches 74), 13-Ruben Neves, 14-William Carvalho (15-Sergio Oliveira 86); 11-Bernardo Silva, 9-Andre Silva, 7-Bruma (18-Gelson Martins 77)

Coach: Fernando Santos

Italy: 22-Gianluigi Donnarumma; 15-Manuel Lazzari, 13-Mattia Caldara, 6-Alessio Romagnoli, 4-Domenico Criscito (2-Emerson 74); 14-Federico Chiesa, 23-Bryan Cristante (9-Andrea Belotti 79), 5-Jorginho, 8-Giacomo Bonaventura; 7-Simone Zaza, 17-Ciro Immobile (11-Domenico Berardi 59)

Coach: Roberto Mancini

Referee: William Collum (Scotland)

Thibaut Courtois’s Future at Chelsea There is no clarity yet

Maurizio Courtois as Chelsea’s new coach explained the future of one of their players, Thibaut Courtois. The coach can’t confirm Courtois’s future at the club. He is also not sure whether Courtois will survive and keep playing at Stamford Bridge or not next season.

If we flashback a bit, Courtois has been widely reported to want to leave the club since last year. According to news circulating, Courtois is likely to return to Spain and join the Real Madrid club.

When confirmed about Courtois’s future at the club, Sarri explained that he still did not know what would be done.

“Currently he is still the Chelsea goalkeeper, but no one knows what will happen later,” Sarri told Sportsmole.

Sarri also explained that he still could not confirm whether Courtois would survive or not.

“If you ask about Courtois’s future at Chelsea, I still can’t confirm anything. It depends on the club’s decision whether to release it or not. ”

“To move, everything depends on the player. If you ask if I will use it next season, I will answer yes. But all back to the club. ”

Actually Courtois’s move to Madrid was very close, unfortunately, the offer of 35 million Pounds that Real Madrid posted was still considered too low so Chelsea decided to hold the player.

Courtois’ play contract will expire in 2019, if Real Madrid wants to be patient, they can get it for free if Chelsea fail to convince the player to keep playing at Stamford Bridge.

Sarri Is Asked To Give More Time For Kovacic

Zlatko Dalic as Croatia national team coach expressed his hopes to Maurizio Sarri. Dalic requested that the coach could give more time for Mateo Kovacic top play in this season.

This summer, Kovacic was officially loaned by Real Madrid to English club Chelsea. The player will play for one season with Chelsea.

Kovacic himself looks quite active in the Chelsea club. He has twice had the opportunity to play and once played as a reserve in Chelsea.

Seeing this thing, Dalic asked Sarri to give Kovacic more playing time.

“Kovacic has made the right decision by joining Chelsea,” said Dalic to Sportske Novosti.

Dalic saw a great potential in Kovacic. He even considers that the player is a very talented person and can provide additional real strength for the team.

“He can still develop. He will issue his best potential if given enough time to play. All can be achieved as long as you play constantly. ”

“When playing at Real Madrid, he didn’t get enough time, but at Chelsea, he can get his time and show his abilities.”

“His potential is HUGE. I hope Sarri can give enough time for him to play.”

Chelsea currently sits in the Premier League standings this season. They managed to win four wins in their opening match in the Premier League this season.

Klay Thompson to La Lakers ?

Elitesports.fun – It seems that Los Angeles lakers is having an attention to getting a existing NBA Basketball star to join them for the next season. Been rumored would like to having Kawhi Leonard sign, Now lakers is been rumored targeted one of the best shooting guard in this era which is Klay Thompson, Golden State Warior shooting guard.

As we know that Lakers make a significant move to deeper their squad for the next season. Team that having Staples Center as their Home court success getting one of the best if not the best player in the world which is LeBron James. But there are not stopping until there, Lakers management claim that there are not satisfied with only getting one superstar for the next season. they hope that they can get one more superstar in the free transfer time next year. Some of big name already been rumored is getting there.

The one that been rumored in the mean time is Kawhi Leonard, But after several time, looks like now Lakers already have their attention on other player. The other player that we mean is Golden State Warrior Shooting Guard which is Klay thompson. Thompson is reportedly become more suitable player to be recruit because of his shooting accuracy. Beside that, also there are a rumored that Klay and Luke Waltons as the main coach of Lakers are having a good relationship that can make this transfer happen.

Unfortunately, For signing Klay, It will not be a simple task for lakers. Beside that Klay already stated that he is feel very happy playing with GSW now, Klay father’s also stated that he want to see his child become a Warrior player until the end of his carrier. So let see where will Klay be in the last.

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Gary Cahill Say Goodbye To Chelsea ?

Premier League Club, Chelsea maybe will lost their senior player in this summer. Gary Cahill already said goodbye to his team and his friends in Chelsea. Cahill is the last senior player in Chelsea. He came to Chelsea in last 2012. After joining in Chelsea, he always be the priority player in club.

But the situation become harder for Cahill. There is a rumour that said Cahill is not in Maurizio Sarry plan. If we see, Maurizio Sarri decide to serve Cahill in the bench on this season.

Turki Fotomac said, Cahill is ready to go. He will join the Galatasaray club in the near future. A few days ago, Sarri already ask Cahill to keep stay in Chelsea. He said sorry to Cahill because did’nt choose him to play. We all know, Sarri put trust in Antonio Rudiger and David Luiz for his defender line.

But Sarri also said that Cahill still on his plan. He want Cahill to wait a little bit more. For now Sarri want to find a good solution for Chelsea, so he need to compare all the possibility in team.

Cahill is not believe that words, he decide to leave the club soon. In that report, Cahill already reach the final step of this transfer to Galatasaray. And Cahill already say goodbye to all his friends and team in Chelsea.

Ronaldo Overhead Kick Become The Best Goal In UEFA 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo get an award again for individual level. For this time, Ronaldo successfull make himself as the best striker in the world UEFA 2018 version.

His goal became the best goal in UEFA 2018. Remember when he do a overhead kick when fought against Juventus in Champions League competition ? Back in time, he play as Real Madrid player but for now he already join Juventus.

In that match, Madrid can win with score 3 – 0 as Juventus. He also get standing applause from the audience. Not only that, he also get the standing applause from Juventus fans and supporter, is that cool ? Even the enemy fans giving him a big respect for his performance.

Beside Ronaldo’s goal, there is 11 another nomination for the best goal in that time. But from 11 nomination, only 3 can go to the next level and only one who can be a winner, yup, he’s Ronaldo with a beautifull overhead kick.

After taking a vote, Ronaldo get 200.000 sounds from 346.915 participants. Its mean, more than 50% voting Ronaldo for his action. Before Ronaldo, Mario Mandzukic from Juventus win the nomination for season 2017, Lionel Messi from Barcelona for season 2015.

There is no doubt why Ronaldo became the best player in the world, he have the capability to become the best player. Good job !

Manchester United Was Destroyed After Sir Alex Ferguson Left

Alan Shearer gave a big critics to Manchester United. Newcastle United legend said that Manchester United situation is not controlled after Sir Alex Ferguson Left.

In 2013, Sir Alex Ferguson finished 26 years of his regime in Manchester United. In that time, Manchester United won lots of trophies. They also won 20 Premier League trophies under leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson.

After Sir Ferguson left, United tend to fall. They already recruting 3 new manajer in last 5 years. But none of them can bring United to win Premier League.

Shearer said that after Sir Ferguson left, United keep falling. Remember about their match against Brighton last week ? They have beaten by underdog team. So many people dissapointed about United performance in that match.

“United already try all ways to win, but you can see the situation right now,” said Shearer.

“They also recruting 3 new manager in last 5 years, none of them can lead United to win Premier League.”

“This kind of situation never happen in Sir Alex Ferguson era. In that time, all players can follow the instruction so good. If they can’t do that, they will kicked out. Manchester United must fix this problem right now, if no, they can’t reach the top position in Premier League.”

Coach Give Special Message For Jonatan Christie And Anthony Ginting

Hendry Saputra as the coach asking Anthony Sinisuka Ginting and Jonatan Christie to not quickly satisfied. Hendry said that their struggle is not over yet. If we see their performance in Asian Games 2018, it’s impressive, since group match till single match.

Jonatan Christie beat Shi Yuqi surprisingly. As we know, Shi Yuqi is the best player in China. After win this match, now Anthony Sinisuka Ginting continuing the positif trend after beating Kento Momota from Japan.

Hendry Saputra said the reason behind their winning, it’s about patience.

“Patience is the key. Their mental also good. They know when to smash the enemy and when they need to wait. It’s good.”

“When the match began, i put hope on their chest. They have chance to win the match. Anthony play with high tension, and they can win in that match. But their struggle is not over yet. There is another match ahead and they must focus.”

“I said to them, this is a gift from God, they must do the best.”

In the next match, Anthony Ginting will fight against Chen Long from China and Jonatan Christie will fight against Wong Wing Ki Vincent from Hong Kong. Let’s pray the best for Jonatan and Anthony. Hope they can win and won a gold medal.

Does Allegri Dare To Reserve Ronaldo On The Bench ?

Massimiliano Allegri as the coach of Juventus asnwering the question about reserving Cristiano Ronaldo on the becnh. Allegri said that he will treat Ronaldo same as the other player on Juventus.

As we know, Cristiano Ronaldo became the most expensive player in Juventus. Ronaldo’s transfer value reaches 100 million. With this amound of money, there is a rumour that said Ronaldo will get the special treat in Juventus. Ronaldo also get a very high salary, 30 million Euro for one season. His salary now is the most higher salary in Juventus.

With that condition, Cristiano Ronaldo will be super star in Juventus. Ronaldo also will demanding to play as a reguler player in team. But Massimiliano Allegri strickly said that he will do the same to Ronaldo. Maybe he will reserved on the bench. But Allegri also said that Ronaldo have a good etos in team. He deserve to be the main player in team.

But for some reason, Ronaldo can be on the bench. Massimiliano Allegri said that the winning is the most important thing in club, so he will do everything, including reserving Ronaldo on the bench. Let’s see about Allegri words, it’s just a mumbling or he will take the real action about it.

Asian Games 2018 Opening Ceremony is a World Class One !

Elitesports.fun – Last night, the opening ceremony of Asian Games  2018 is being held. As we know every time there is a Big event like this, the most important one to prepare is their opening ceremony. For this year, Indonesia as one of the country located in South East Asia is having a honor to be choosen as the Host Country for Asian Games 2018. As for this year also is the first time in where Asian Games are being Co-hosted by two cities which is Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia and also Palembang, The capital of South Sumatra province that located on Sumatra Island, one of the island we can found in Indonesia.

Image result for opening ceremony asian games 2018 tarian

Indonesia are seriously doing their best on preparing this Asian Games 2018. And for the result the opening ceremony of Asian Games 2018 is running so perfectly and magnificent. Beside a big contingent defile, This opening ceremony is fill by a lot of traditional dance and also an attractive attraction prepare by the be artist that Indonesia have now.

Image result for opening ceremony asian games 2018 tarian

So it is not weird that this opening ceremony become one of the most entertain  things to watch this year. It is so good when we are watching on our television but it is get better when we are attend to watch is live in SUGBK.

“I watch this opening ceremony until the end and found it very entertaining , this is so magnificent,” Tell one of people in there.

” I think this is one of the best opening ceremony in this world. This is the world class one,” tell the others.

So once again Indonesia as the represent country of this year Asian Games 2018, Show to the world what other country can do, They also capable on doing it.

Image result for opening ceremony asian games 2018 tarian

Lets hope that This year Asian Games can give the world a lot of positive energy and an attractive Game show that can bring happiness around the world and especially Asia country, the one that celebrated it.

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This Is What Happen When GBK Having Yao and Clarkson

Elitesports.fun – As we know that Asean Games 2018 event for this year is held in Indonesia, One of the country in the South East Asia. For you information Asean Games is a yearly sport event that held in Asia and will be contested by the country on that region. There is something interesting that happen in Basket Ball Tribune Hall at GBK on Thursday evening.

On that day GBK Basket Ball Tribune Hall is having two NBA player as their guest honor, We can see that Cleveland Clavaries Guard, Jordan Clarkson and Ex NBA player from China, Yao Ming become the guest on A Hall. They are invited to watch the game between Kazakhstan  and Philippine  on that day.

Ketika Yao Ming dan Clarkson Hadir di Tribune Hall A Basket GBK

Clarkson and Yao Ming watch that game that win by Philippine with the score 96-59. Yao Ming been there by wearing simple grey t shirt with a short pant. Yao has been in there since the first quarter of the game. Accompany by his friend, the 37 years old guy looks enjoy the game that been show on that day.

But Yao Ming reject to having a picture with a media and also reject to giving a comment  about the game.

At last Yao who is the first player from China that ever play in NBA history looks leaving the tribune when there is only three minutes left on the fourth quarter.

Meanwhile, Jordan who is going there by wearing a training shirt and also black cap not been play on that game. As we know Clarkson is a naturalization player from Philippine that play in NBA. Clarkson now become the member of Philippine Asian Games 2018 player after before not being permitted to play on that event because of the law make by FIBA. After The complain come from Philippine at last he can play for his country.

Let see if we can see he play on that event or not.

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“We Will Stronger Than Before,” From Gareth Bale

Real Madrid Stricker Gareth Bale is confident that his team will be stronger after the lose they get from Atletico Madrid on UEFA Super Cup. Bale alone is not playing in the game where Real Madrid should admit that Atletico Madrid is superior than them and lose by 4 – 2  in A Le Coq Arena, Estonia.

” I think that the team is playing well tonight, but clearly that is some mistakes make by our teams that cause we lose at the end of the game. We learn a lot from this lose and it will make us even stronger in the future,” Tell Bale to the reporter.

Gareth Bale

On that match Atletico is already leading from the first half. But Karim benzema can tie the game before the first half is over. Real Madrid turned the game by leading 2 – 1 with the goal score by their captain Sergio Ramos from penalty kick on 63 minute.

Costa tie the game and make it to the over time. Atletico Madrid score two goal in the over time by Saul Niguez and Koke and make Atletico win that game. But Bale is confident because of this lose, It will motivated he and his team to doing better in 2018/2019 season.

“Every team do not like to lose, especially ours, That feeling will motivated us to do better and make us stronger in the future,” Tell Him.

Let see what result will Bale and Real Madrid get this season after them losing their superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.



Luck is Not The Reason Why Real Madrid lose to Atletico Madrid

Pemain Atletico Madrid, Koke dan Diego Costa, merayakan gol pada pertandingan Piala Super Eropa 2018 melawan Real Madrid, 15 Agustus 2018 di Talinn, Estonia.

Elitesports.fun – UEFA Super Cup that we know as an annual football match that held by UEFA every year that contested by the reigning champions of the two main European club competitions, the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Champions league on that year. Usually it will take place in the mid august of the year.

For this year UEFA Super Cup will be contested by two team that come from Spain and also known for their rivalry  history which is Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. On the game that held in Lillekula Stadium, Estonia, Atletico win with scored 4-2 in over time.

On this result their midfielder , Koke, say that the result that his team get over Real Madrid on that game is not happen by luck. For him the main reason why his team can win against Real is because of his team collectivists.

On that game , the first one to score a goal is Atletico striker Diego Costa on the first minute of the game. But before the first half is over, karim benzema score a goal and tie the match until the first half is over. on the second half Real Madrid looks like will win the game after Sergio Ramos scored a goal from penalty. But once again Diego Costa become the nightmare of Real Madrid Defender by scoring goal and force the over time to happen.

Atletico Madrid at last win the game by scoring two goal on overtime from the Gozalo goal of Saul Niguez (98) and Jorge Koke (104).

Koke looks this game as the result of his team hard work on this few years. He say that because there are playing together in a long time, they know each other better and can fill each other now and make them become more solid team.

This also become the third time Atletico can get a trophy of UEFA Super Cup. Moreover, It is look like that Real Madrid need to wait for their ambition in getting the same result as Barcelona and AC Milan that already get this trophy five time.

Can this lose become the sign where Real Madrid is missing Ronaldo after he move to Juventus on this year ?

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Experience is The Key factor Why Rossi Will be Ahead From Vinales

Dua pebalap tim Movistar Yamaha, Maverick Vinales dan Valentino Rossi.

Elitesports.fun – This year Yamaha choose Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales to represent them in the MotoGp race 2018. Until now both of them is agreed that Yamaha has a lot of problem for this year race. Their main problem should be on their electronic part, in where that give a bad impact to the Tracy of their  rear tire.

However, Valentino Rossi claim that he will be ahead from his fellow teammates, Vinales. According to The Doctor, his experience will be the main reason why Vinales can not win over him in this year MotoGp.

“For me, This is all about the experience that i have in the race until now, from the best until the bad race that i ever had. Vinales is still to young to understand that, also Character of him is one of the reason why i will be ahead on him,” Tell the Italian racer for us.

But beside of that Valentino Rossi also tell the reporter that Vinales will be getting back to the track like the moment when he first come to Yamaha.

“I believe that if we are not having a problem with our part, Vinales can win all the race in the rest session. He just need a better bike, after that he will be more competitive,” tell Rossi.

Until now Rossi is ahead from Vinales in the point result in where Rossi ahead 29 point from his teammates. On their last race in Austria Vinales only can finish in the 12 position, In where Rossi get a better result by finishing the race on 6 position.

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Asian Games Basket 2018 : Indonesia lose to South Korea 65 – 104

Basket Asian Games 2018: Indonesia Dibantai Korsel 65-104

Elitesports.fun – Indonesia basketball team having a nightmare in their first game on Asian Games 2018. Indonesia lose to South Korea with the score 65-104.

Indonesia basketball man team having a match with Korea Selatan on the basketball hall at Gelora Bung karno, Senayan, Tuesday (14/8), On the first match we having on the Group A in the Asian Games 2018.

The hall is crowded by Indonesia supporter that come to watching their man playing. But since the first half Indonesia in look so difficult to find a rhythm and having a bad luck for the scoring. As we know South Korea is the winner of gold medal in Asian Games 2014 that take place in their home, Incheon. Indonesia looks confused in facing the speed of South Korea player. Also South korean play very effectively in finding a way on scoring the goal.

South korea not only wins by their Collectivists But also Indonesia player finding a mismatch because  South korea main center Ricardo Ratliffe look so big inside the game if we compare to any Indonesia player. As we know Ricardo is a Naturalization playing having by South Korea.

Ricardo himself become the player with the highest score, he get 30 point on this game with 19 rebounds and 6 assist. And beside of him, there are 5 player in South Korea that also having a double double in this game which is JungHyun, Kim SunHyung, Heo Ung, Heo Llyoung and Jeon Junbeom.

That looks so contrast if we compare to Indonesia player in where only Andakara Prastawa and Jamarr Johnson having a double double in this game. Andakara score 20 point in this game and 14 point get by Jamarr Johnson.

The main reason Indonesia can lose in this game is because of the rebound statistic. Indonesia only can get 26 rebounds in the whole game, and South korea can get 41. Indonesia player also having a lot of turnover in today game.

So until the last quarter, Indonesia never win against the South Korea in term of point and make the finaled score is 65-104 for South Korea.

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Rain Become “The Lucky factor” For Hamilton In German

Menang di Jerman, Hamilton Diuntungkan Insiden saat Hujan

Elitesports.fun – Lewis Hamilton become the winner  on the Grand Prix in German arena after the dramatical win after his closest competitor which is Sebastian Vettel Slipped from the arena because of the rain on that time. With this win, Hamilton for a moment get the highest position on the F1 2018 standings with 25 point, surpass Vettel that win by 8 point from him before.

Beside from getting the point, we could tell this win by Hamilton is the sensational one because he start the race from 14 position.  And for Vettel that we can say race on his own home, starting from the pole position.

In this GP German , Vettel actually have a big change to win the race because we can see that from the beginning of the race he is so dominant and always lead the race, Only his friend from ferari, Kimi Raikkonen, have a change to surpass him from the pole position.

But when the race only left 20 lap, the arena is pouring by rain, And on the 13 bend the accident happen, Vettel hit the wall and make him go out from the race without can do anything about that.

Safety car go inside the arena and after that the race been restarted, In here Hamilton see a chance. he change the tire and takes an advantage from Kimi Raikkonen that are using a ultra soft Tire one.

The pole position get over by Marcedes as soon as the race restarted. He and his fellow patner on the Marceded, Valtteri Botas become the two top on that race. Raikkonen still do his best to suprass them, but until the race over , the position is not change.

At last, hamilton finish first and then follow by Bottas on the second position, Kimi got the third position with over 6.732 second from the champion.

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