Does Allegri Dare To Reserve Ronaldo On The Bench ?

Massimiliano Allegri as the coach of Juventus asnwering the question about reserving Cristiano Ronaldo on the becnh. Allegri said that he will treat Ronaldo same as the other player on Juventus.

As we know, Cristiano Ronaldo became the most expensive player in Juventus. Ronaldo’s transfer value reaches 100 million. With this amound of money, there is a rumour that said Ronaldo will get the special treat in Juventus. Ronaldo also get a very high salary, 30 million Euro for one season. His salary now is the most higher salary in Juventus.

With that condition, Cristiano Ronaldo will be super star in Juventus. Ronaldo also will demanding to play as a reguler player in team. But Massimiliano Allegri strickly said that he will do the same to Ronaldo. Maybe he will reserved on the bench. But Allegri also said that Ronaldo have a good etos in team. He deserve to be the main player in team.

But for some reason, Ronaldo can be on the bench. Massimiliano Allegri said that the winning is the most important thing in club, so he will do everything, including reserving Ronaldo on the bench. Let’s see about Allegri words, it’s just a mumbling or he will take the real action about it.