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McGarry Said There Is No Place For Countinho In Liverpool

McGarry Said There Is No Place For Countinho In Liverpool

Ian McGarry believes that Liverpool will not bring Philippe Coutinho next summer. As we know, Coutinho is an Anfield idol, unfortunately in 2014 ago, he chose to leave and join Barcelona with 142 million Pounds.

But in his first year with Barcelona, ​​Coutinho failed to show his quality so he wanted to return to Liverpool.

McGarry was convinced that Jurgen Klopp would not woo Coutinho back to becoming a playmaker at Liverpool.

“I think this will be an interesting thing, we’ll see where the Countinho will go,” McGarry opened to the Transfer Window Podcast.

According to McGarry, Klopp has rearranged his team and there is no room available for Coutinho. Therefore Klopp will not try to repatriate the player to Liverpool.

“Liverpool will not accept Coutinho again. The first reason, Klopp already has a perfect team composition at the moment, so why bring back Countiho? The second reason is the financial club that is not yet stable. ”

McGarry also made a number of opinions regarding Coutinho’s current position. According to him, Barcelona will immediately release the player, even at a cheap price.

“I think Barcelona will sell Coutinho at a cheap price. Looks like at 90 million Euros. They are ready to take out Coutinho and bear their losses when they bring Coutinho first. “

Ozil Need To Develop His Skill If Still Want To Play In Premier League Competition

George Graham as the former Arsenal coach explained that Mesut Ozil’s career could still be saved. He believes Ozil is one of the best players at Arsenal. According to Graham, Arsenal only need to find a way to maximize the potential that is at Ozil.

Since Unai Emery arrived, Ozil’s situation at the club has become increasingly unclear. He is often reserved because his playing style does not match what Emery wants. In addition Ozil has also stumbled on discipline problems so that he is more often seen on the player bench.

But the situation is now starting to change, Emery begins to give Ozil a bit of trust. The last time he managed to show his fangs when his club won over Newcastle with a score of 2-0.

Graham argues that Ozil has a problem with parts of the movement without the ball, in the sense Ozil is still less aggressive in winning the ball. He only tries to close the opponent’s space, according to Graham this aspect must be developed from Ozil’s self.

“If I’m still serving as a coach, maybe I will choose Pattrick Vieira and Emmanue Petit to play on both sides and then put Ozil in the middle,” Graham said as quoted by Love Sport Radio.

“He is a deadly player when he controls the ball, this is no doubt.”

“But if they can maximize Ozil in terms of winning the ball, they will be a terrible team,” continued Graham.

“In modern football, players cannot just get the ball, they also have to be active in seizing the ball from opponents. When Ozil succeeded in mastering this aspect, he would be a terrible player, “he said.

Fletcher Said That Rooney Is A Great Player

Former of Manchester United, Darren Fletcher said that the England public attitude to Wayne Rooney was not right. Darren said that Rooney is a player who should get more appropriate treatment and appreciation. Because he saw the figure of Rooney is a very fantastic player and has often sacrificed for the team.

Since brough from Everton in 2002, Rooney immediately became an important player for the club. Rooney was brought in at a price of 37 million Euros. The player finally decided to leave United in 2018.

Rooney often gets criticism in his last two seasons with the Red Devils. Rooney is considered a failure to show maximum performance when playing with United. Not only at club level, when playing with England National Team, Rooney was also bombarded with criticism. But Fletcher thought differently. He actually considers Rooney has given many things to the club.

“He is a great player. We have a good relationship at United. Many great and experienced players in eam and Rooney have the same background as me. ”

“We found the right rhythm and had many matches.”

“He should get a decent award, not this kind of insult. The public does not know Rooney’s true abilities. Rooney is always there when needed and he must get praise, not insults. ”

“He is a person who always sacrifices for the team, he is always there when the team needs it,” said Fletcher.

Train Portugal National Team? Here’s the Answer of Jose Mourinho

Until now, Jose Mourinho has still not determined where his destination was after being released by Manchester United. However, lately widely reported several names of clubs that will become the place of refuge for the coach, even Mourinho reportedly has entered the candidate coach who will handle the Portuguese national team.

Mourinho has been “unemployed” since December 2018 yesterday. The coach was dismissed by United’s management after his team lost to Liverpool. Well we can’t argue, United’s performance at the start of the season is indeed quite bad.

After leaving United, Mourinho was reportedly going to coach Real Madrid and Chelsea, but the news has not been proven to date.

Mourinho himself said there were at least four teams who had offered to recruit him, unfortunately Mourinho refused, because at the moment the competition was in the middle of the season, it was difficult to overhaul the team in this very short time.

Meanwhile Portugal’s performance at the 2018 World Cup yesterday was not exactly brilliant. Fernando Santos’s position in Portugal is said to be insecure. Seeing this, Mourinho gave clarification regarding the news.

“I don’t think Fernando Santos needs to worry,” Mourinho said as quoted by the International Goal.

“I am not interested in training the national team in the near future. Santos and I are good friends. I will train the national team at the end of my career, but not for now. ”

“Honestly, I want to go back to training next season. I just want to join a club that can motivate me, “concluded Mou.

Puyol Commented on Neymar’s Situation at PSG

Carles Puyol, the former Barcelona captain commented on Neymar’s move from Barcelona to PSG first. According to Puyol, the decision was not the best decision Neymar ever made.

At that time, Neymar became a very idolized player by Barcelona fans, who didn’t know about the MSN Barca trio? At that time Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar became the most feared players at Barca.

According to news circulating at the time, Neymar did not want to continue to be behind the shadow of Messi so he decided to leave the club. He chose PSG as his place of residence and became the player with the highest transfer value, his record has not even been resolved to date.

As a former captain, of course Puyol really understands how his club used to treat their players. Puyol said that the club had treated all players as well as possible, including Neymar.

Is Neymar Sorry to Leave Barca? This is the answer of Puyol
When asked about Neymar’s move to PSG, Puyol was unable to give many comments and asked the media to immediately ask the player.

“You have to ask Neymar directly whether his decision to leave Barcelona is right or not,” Puyol told Marca.

“He is in the best place and surrounded by extraordinary players. He is the type of player that all clubs want, but Neymar needs a challenge and we respect his decision. ”

“But we can all see, he made a mistake, right now he is injured and PSG is not going well in the Champions League.”

“But his career is still long, he can still learn from everything that happened.”

Hazard: Victory over Brazil is a Beautiful Memory with Belgium

Eden Hazard as Chelsea winger admitted that the Belgian national team victory over Brazil at the 2018 World Cup was a happy memory that he would not forget. As we know, Belgium became one of the dark horse teams in the 2018 World Cup.

At that time they advanced to third place after overthrowing the England national team. Unfortunately in the semifinals, they had to fall after being defeated by France. Before these two crucial matches, Belgium had already faced Brazil. At that time Belgium managed to take the lead through an own goal made by Fernandinho.

But in the 31st minute, De Bruyne managed to add another goal for Belgium, while Brazil only managed to score one goal through the action of Renato Augusto.

“Victory over Brazil is my best memory, both in individual and collective aspects. I feel what I do it is perfect, after all who is not happy to beat a great team like Brazil? “”

We advanced as the favorite team, but in the second half there was a bit of trouble for us, but in the end we managed to win.

” for me, everything was filled with emotions of excitement at the time, we reaped a lot of criticism in the Euro and we proved to the world that we are a great team after beating England. ”

” The most beautiful team is Belgium and I will always remember good times there. “