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Chelsea Need To Give A Little Time For Sarri

Gustavo Poyet provided support to Maurizio Sarri who is currently handling Chelsea. Poyet believes that Sarri is the right coach for Chelsea. He also asked the Chelsea management to give a little time and be patient with Sarri. According to Poyet, Sarri is currently developing a brilliant plan for Chelsea, but to make it happen, Sarri needs a little time.

Sarri was appointed as Chelsea coach at the beginning of last summer. Sarri was appointed to replace Antonio Conte’s position which was dismissed by Chelsea’s management for failing to bring Chelsea to the title.

But recently there was news that asked Chelsea’s management to stop Sarri from the coaching chair. Yes, if we look at Chelsea’s performance, it seems that Sarri has also not managed to show consistent results where they can win with an outstanding aggregate score, but they also have to lose with such a large goal difference.

Although not yet able to show a consistent performance, Poyet still considers Sarri worthy to lead Chelsea.

“I feel Sarri has done extraordinary things at the beginning of this season, he is still worthy to lead Chelsea,” Poyet said as quoted by the International Goal.

Poyet saw Sarri able to change the face of Chelsea as a strong title contender. But Sarri needs time to realize it.

“People praised Sarri at the start of last season because he was able to change the Chelsea game system.”

“Chelsea even had become a serious contender for the top Premier League team. He is able to analyze the games of other teams and apply perfect methods to deal with the opponent’s playing style. ”

“It’s true lately that Chelsea looks bad, but we can’t just focus on negative things. I think Sarri can bring Chelsea in a better direction going forward. “

Lionel Messi Can’t Forget About Losing Against Liverpool

Until now, Barcelona star player Lionel Messi still could not forget the bitter defeat experienced by his team in the Champions League against Liverpool. Even so, Lionel Messi was reluctant to throw an error at the coach, Ernesto Valverde.

Ernesto Valverde has recently become a criticism, especially when they embarrassingly lost in the Champions League semifinals.

Actually Barcelona had won a landslide victory in the first leg against Liverpool, unfortunately Liverpool managed to comeback and get rid of Barcelona with a score of 4-0.

Barcelona’s defeat made the coach get scathing criticism. Even if seen further, Ernesto could not be said to fail, just look at the achievement of the La Liga trophy he has donated this season. Regarding this, Messi also gave a defense.

“I want Valverde to train until next year. We have won a double last year and we can repeat it this year.

“If I can be honest, I see that criticism is very inappropriate. He has carried out his duties very well. ”

“He shouldn’t be the one to blame, but the players. We must be responsible for this defeat. We know this is a fatal mistake and cannot be repeated. ”

“I haven’t seen the re-record of the match, but what I remember, this result is similar to when we faced Roma.”

“What I can’t forgive the most is, we don’t play in their cages. We are very disappointed, we also want to apologize to everyone for failing to reach the final. “

Manchester United Will Recruit Adrien Rabiot Next Season

Manchester United reportedly has an interest in bringing in PSG midfielder Adrien Rabiot in the upcoming player transfer market.

Actually Rabiot became the target of many clubs last season, one of which was Barcelona. This is inseparable from the performance performance on the field.

If you look at his career with PSG, you could say Rabiot still has a fairly bright career. But Rabiot surprisingly announced that he would not extend his service at PSG.

Although he has decided to leave, Rabiot still hasn’t decided where he will dock later. Many speculations say that Rabiot will play in England.

Barcelona is also a club that is most widely reported to be bringing Rabiot. But because they had successfully obtained Frenkie de Jong’s signature, they finally retreated from the player’s hunt.

According to The Sun’s alerts, Manchester United are also reported to have an interest in the player. In addition, United can also bring in the player for free so they become more violent to bring in the player.

According to the same source, Rabiot was also targeted by other big clubs in Europe, such as Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, and Arsenal.

Rabbi himself will get a salary of around 10 million euros per season, or around 200 thousand pounds per week with a bonus joining worth 10 million euros. But whether this news is true or not is still a question mark, because the player has not revealed where he will dock later.

Nelson: Real Madrid Must Have Missed Ronaldo

Barcelona right-back, Nelson Semedo, assessed the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo was missed by Real Madrid. On the other hand, he considered Ronaldo’s move to be good news for the Barcelona camp. After giving the 2017/18 Champions League title, Ronaldo made Madrid fans sad. Because, the 34-year-old player chose to leave, Ronaldo then joined Juventus.

Ronaldo was Madrid’s goal machine in the last nine seasons. Admittedly, Ronaldo’s departure made Madrid unsteady in the 2018/19 season. The number of goals Madrid have dropped quite dramatically this season.

A series of poor results achieved by Real Madrid in the 2018/19 season. Failure in the Copa del Rey, far behind Barcelona in the La Liga standings and finally also eliminated from the competition in the Champions League stage.

In a situation like this now, Nelson Semedo believes that Madrid will miss the presence of Ronaldo. “Real Madrid are currently missing out on Ronaldo,” Semedo was quoted as saying by Portuguese media, SIC. “I can’t say that [Ronaldo’s leave] had a bad impact on Barca. With Ronaldo [at Real Madrid] it will be a more difficult, more competitive,”.

Barcelona are now going smoothly in the La Liga standings. Until the 27th week, Barca had won 63 points, seven points ahead of Atletico Madrid in second place. Like only Real Madrid without the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Nelson Semedo also considered Barcelona would be difficult if left by Lionel Messi.

Barca will still be great, but it will be different if there is no Messi. “Without Lionel Messi, we will still play well, but will not be the same.” Messi still holds the most important role in the Barca squad for the 2018/19 season. La Pulga has so far scored 26 goals in La Liga and eight in the Champions League. The most compared to other Barca players.

Lichtsteiner Indicate Immediately leaving Arsenal

The right-back Stephan Lichtsteiner gives an indication that he will leave Arsenal in the summer, even though it has only been a season to strengthen the London team.

After being a mainstay of Juventus, Lichtsteiner decided to accept Arsenal’s proposal when his contract with the Bianconeri ended last summer. Lichtsteiner was signed by Arsenal for one season.

But Lichtsteiner was not the main choice in Unai Emery’s squad. Until now the Swiss defender has played 23 times with Arsenal uniforms in all competitions.

Arsenal actually have the option to extend Lichtsteiner’s contract for one season. But the 35-year-old defender seems to prefer going from the Emirates Stadium this summer.

“I see it is difficult to survive but we will be ligat what happens. I don’t know anything. The only thing that matters now is the Europa League final,” Lichtsteiner told the London Evening Standard.

“I really want to win this trophy and bring this club back to the highest level, return to the Champions League and win an important title,” he added.

Furthermore, Lichtsteiner also revealed his regret about the failure of Arsenal to finish in the top four of the Premier League standings this season.

“We have lost too many points in away games. We are also a bit unlucky but we have to blame ourselves,” Lichtsteiner said.

Marcelo Bielsa gives praise to Pep Guardiola After City Winning Premier League

Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa gives praise to Pep Guardiola for successfully bringing his team to two consecutive trophies in the Premier League competition.

Well, Manchester City managed to come out as champions this season after beating Liverpool in the points, where they won 98 points, compared to 1 point compared to Liverpool in second place with 97 points.

Bielsa himself also managed to bring Leeds into the Premier League next season as a promotion team. He admitted that he was very amazed by Guardiola’s training style so that his team could win brilliantly this season.

“I will give an argument as a form of my appreciation and admiration for Pep Guardiola. He is a coach who is able to present beautiful and deadly games. We can learn from how to practice it. He managed to build an alpha team with Manchester City, “Bielsa said as reported by Goal International.

“We often think that Guardiola can’t do anything without a player in Barcelona. But look, he managed to bring Manchester City to win twice! ”

“Its capacity to create beautiful games and distinctive styles is far more important than the players it has now.”

“I don’t say players are not important, but I want to emphasize from the creative side in training. Everything he collects is like a mystery. ”

“Imitating what Guardiola has done is impossible. “They always managed to find a gap in every situation, they were a great team,” Bielsa concluded.

Bad Result For United In Premier League This Season

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as coach of the British giants Manchester United currently claims to have understood the conditions and situations that exist in his care team.

Solskjaer also admitted that he already knew what he had to do to develop the team’s performance. For now, he explains that his team is still not eligible to compete at the top level of the Premier League competition.

On Sunday 12/5 yesterday, United had to kneel with a score of 0-2 over Cardiff City. Worse yet, the match was held at their own headquarters, Old Trafford. Surely the defeat is not a good farewell to his fans.

This defeat shows the conditions that exist at United. Even to beat the bottom team like Cardiff they can’t. Seeing this, there are many tasks that must be done by Solskjaer to bring back a bright light at Old Trafford.

Solskjaer asks all fans to be patient. At the moment there are a lot of things he has to do and he asks all fans to support him. Do not want to be grandiose, Solskjaer even just eyeing the top four positions. If the big four can be achieved, then the next target will be the trophy winner.

“The fans know United’s current conditions. The task that we have to complete is very heavy. We must return to our position, which is at the top of the standings, “Solskjaer said as quoted by

“At present there are very strong competitors, they are Liverpool and Manchester City. We still have a lot of points behind them. We have to fight hard to get close to them. ”

“All players already understand what is happening and what they have to do. For this season it might be too heavy, we will focus on next season. “