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Asensio Threatens to Leave If Madrid Brings Neymar

Asensio Threatens to Leave If Madrid Brings Neymar

One of Real Madrid’s versatile players, Asensio is rumored to be leaving the club if Real Madrid decides to bring Neymar to the Santiago Bernabeu.

Indeed, recently Neymar has been warmly discussed to be brought to the Real Madrid club. The reason, the Brazilian player considers Ligue 1 is a competition that is far below the standard La Liga.

This circulating news made Asensio restless. Because he rejected the idea to bring Neymar to the club. Not only that, he also threatened to leave the club if Neymar was actually brought to Madrid.

The reason is actually reasonable, Asensio does not want to fight for a position with Neymar. As we know, Neymar and Asensio are in the same position so that one of these players will be reserved. Therefore Asensio strongly disagrees with the club’s decision to bring in Neymar.

When under the leadership of Zinedine Zidane, Asensio did get relatively few flight hours. Of the 53 matches that his club underwent in all competitions, Asensio was only played 19 times, even in the Champions League competition, he only played 3 times as a starter.

Actually Asensio is a player who is in demand by many people. He has a very clear ability and vision. Naturally, many teams want to bring themselves. Some of the big teams that are rumored to want to propose Asensio are PSG, Juventus and also Liverpool.

Cedric Officially Joined Inter Milan

Inter Milan finally officially bring in new players in the transfer market this season. They officially bring in Southampton defender Cedric Soares.

This news was obtained through Inter’s statement via their official website. Cedric Soares was brought in on loan, but Inter also had the option to make Cedric a permanent player there.

Cedric himself is currently 27 years old and has played 100 matches with Southampton. Despite playing as a defender, he has managed to contribute two goals with The Saints in 2015.

Inter Milan bring Cedric because they are not satisfied with their defender Sime Vrslajko’s performance. The player is often injured so Inter must look for other options to fill the team’s void.

Previously Inter reportedly wanted to recruit Antonio Valencia and Matteo Darmian, unfortunately Inter experienced obstacles to bring the two players.

Actually Inter still have the Danilo D’Ambrosio option, unfortunately Luciano Spalletti lacks trust in the player’s ability.

Cedric himself was happy because he had succeeded in completing his move to Inter Milan. The player considers his conviction to Inter like a dream come true. It seems Cedric saw a great opportunity at Inter Milan and promised to show his best performance with the Nerazzuri.

“I am happy to be able to join Inter. “This club is incredible, wearing a jeysey Nerazurri is like a dream come true,” Cedric told Inter TV.

Sarri Asks Hazard Stop Talk To Much In Front of the Media

Eden Hazard has recently been hailed as one of the best players in the world. Hazard is often an important pillar in every Chelsea victory. Maurizio Sarri as the coach also did not dismiss this, but Sarri also asked Hazard not to talk to much if he wanted to be the best player in the world.

Since 2018 ago, Hazard has often issued words that have caused speculation regarding his future. The player had claimed to be happy at Chelsea, but he also said he did not rule out the possibility of leaving the club.

One of the teams reportedly ready to accommodate Hazard is Real Madrid. Moreover, at this time it was in need of new ammunition and Hazard was considered to fit the style of playing Madrid.

Sarri as coach revealed that Hazard could still develop, whether it was at Chelsea or other clubs. But Sarri asked Hazard not to talk much in front of the media.

A soccer player must “speak” using “his feet” in the field. Sarri said that to judge a player, the player must be able to show his skills when rolling the ball.

“I prefer Hazard to comment on using his legs. I see the potential in Hazard, he can still develop, “Sarri said.

“He must be able to respect himself. He is a great player, his individual playing style and instinct when playing the ball is extraordinary. ”

“He is not a player who plays passively, he likes to pick up the ball and chase the ball. But it is difficult to play as a striker and also a winger. It’s difficult to play only in one position, “closed Sarri.

Sam Allardyce: I Think Rashford Can’t Play For A Long Time

A prediction given by Sam Allardyce regarding Marcus Rashford’s career. The former England coach considered the young Manchester United striker would be difficult to play at the highest level for a long time.

Rashford itself is one of the successful products of the Manchester United academy. He made his debut in the first team when he was 18 years old, and since then he has regularly appeared in attacking Manchester United.

Not only being a mainstay in Manchester United, Rashford is also a mainstay in the England national team. Even when he was 18 years old, he was taken to Euro 2016 by Roy Hodgson, where to this day he is still actively defending The Three Lions.

In the eyes of Big Sam, if this condition continued, Rashford could have a chance to retire after being young. “With his current condition, I feel it is very difficult for him to play until the age of 30,” Allardyce told Talk Sports.

In his analysis, Allardyce assessed that Rashford had too many playing portions, so he did not have time to rest and that would have an effect on his career.

“This condition is due to physical and psychological and mental demands that make him experience extreme fatigue. If this condition continues, he only has about 3 weeks in a year on vacation.”

“He will play in all corners of the world because currently there is no such thing as pre-season anymore. He will play for the national team in the summer and he only has about 3 weeks to rest.”

Allardyce assesses that if Rashford continues to get this burden continuously, then he will be difficult to maintain his body condition in his 30s so he has the potential to retire early.

Emery: This Way Is Full Of Risk

Lately, it has emerged that says that Unai Emery has a bad relationship with Mesut Ozil. Apparently this news is not mere nonsense, the article Unai Emery clearly told the media that he was indeed looking for trouble with Ozil.

Thanks to the poor results achieved by Arsenal, Unai Emery was made a scapegoat by the public and fans. In addition, the decision not to use Ozil’s energy also drew a lot of criticism. Even Mesut Ozil’s name is not included in the long-term plan he made.

This condition makes a lot of speculation where the public says Ozil will soon be kicked out of Arsenal. Ozil is considered a valuable asset for sale. With Ozil’s sale, Arsenal can bring in new players who are considered more competent.

Many media reported that there was a dispute between Emery and Ozil. Emery also did not dismiss the news, but the goal was reversed so that Ozil could increase even greater ambition in the player.

“Class must know when to trigger a dispute and when you should praise the player. “From a dispute, it can trigger players to show their quality in playing,” Emery opened to Sky Sports.

“Sometimes this kind of thing can arouse someone’s ambition,” Emery continued.

Even so, Emery said that actions like this must be carefully considered and carried out. Because this kind of thing is like a double-edged sword, where if it fails to do, the player’s condition will decrease further.

“Things like this must be considered carefully, you have to make sure everything goes well and must ensure that they are compatible with other players. Because if you fail to use this tactic, then the player’s mentality will get worse, “concluded Emery.

Xavi Invites Joshua Kimmich to Join Barcelona

Barcelona legend Xavi recently made a compliment to Joshua Kimmich. He believes the young man has everything he needs to play for Barcelona.

Kimmich is one of the talented young players owned by Bayern Munich. He was bought from Stuttgart in 2015 ago and since then he has been a mainstay player at Bayern Munich.

The 24-year-old was known as a versatile player. This season he has recorded 26 appearances for the player in the first team of The Bavaria.

Xavi himself believes the German national team player will be a big figure if he moves to Barcelona. “I once spoke with Pep Guardiola, my former coach at Barcelona, ​​about him,” Xavi told Bild.

Xavi himself admitted that he had followed the development of Kimmich’s career and he admitted that he was very impressed with the performance of the young man.

“At that time Pep said: ‘I have a player who can play in any position.’ Then I asked ‘Who is that child?’ He said that a young man named ‘Kimmitsch’ who I honestly had never heard before. ”

“From that day on I began to follow the development of his career, because Pep really praised him. When I first saw him playing, he would be a great player and that is what he is now, a great player.”

Xavi, known as the Barcelona legend himself suggested that Kimmich try a new challenge by moving to Barcelona.

“I’m sure he will be the perfect player for FC Barcelona. During my career, I always opened my eyes to looking for players who might be suitable for Barcelona.”

“Like Phillip Lahm, Joshua Kimmich might not encounter significant obstacles at Barcelona, ​​because he will be perfect for this team. But Bayern Munich are on the same level in Barcelona and he can achieve many things there.” he said.

Manchester United is Claimed Not Able to Buy Milan Skriniar

Inter Milan coach Luciano Spalletti again spoke up about rumors of Manchester United’s interest in Milan Skriniar. Spalletti said the Red Devils could forget their wishful thinking because they could not make up for the defender’s selling price.

Skriniar himself can be said to have been one of the defenders of a rising star in Serie A since last season. He appeared solid when escorting the Nerrazurri defense, so he was considered one of the best central defenders in Serie A at the moment.

The Slovak defender’s performance reportedly attracted the attention of Manchester United. The Premier League giant is reportedly interested in bringing the player to Old Trafford to strengthen their defense.

But Spalletti insisted that he had no plans to sell Skriniar in January. “Skriniar stays here,” Spalletti opened to the Goal International.

Spalletti believes that Manchester United should look for new targets in the transfer market this winter.

The former AS Roma coach confirmed that Skriniar would be priced at a very expensive price and could not be reached by red demons.

“I think he is outside the price range any club can afford. I am sure no team can afford it.” said the coach.

Skriniar himself is still under contract at the Giuseppe Meazza until 2022.

Pochettino Said Facing United Is Hard

Tottenham will soon host Manchester United in the Premier League match. Mauricio Pochettino as the Tottenham Spurs coach admitted that the match against Manchester United was a complicated and difficult match.

Tottenham will host United at Wembley on Sunday 13/2/2019 at 23.30 WIB. In this match, Tottenham were more favored as winners. Although Tottenham is in third place in the standings, this does not make supporters and United squad tremble.

Not only that, Tottenham also appeared with considerable confidence after winning three wins in the last three games they played. In fact they managed to overthrow Chelsea in the first leg of the Carabao Cup.

If we see United, we can also see the same thing where they have managed to maintain an impressive game lately. In the last five games they played, United were able to wipe out all their victories.

Seeing this condition, Pochettino explained that United were in good momentum. He asked his foster children to focus and mobilize everything to win in the match later.

“This game will run intense and interesting. Tottemham vs Manchester United, and vice versa will always be a fun match to see. “This match will be very competitive,” Pochettino opened.

“I see Manchester United as a team at a different level, this match will be very interesting. They are in very good condition. I think the game will run quite hard for us. But we will try to get full points in the match, “he concluded.

Buffon: I am the best purchase of Juventus!

The increase in the price of players today makes ex-Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon surprised. The 40-year-old man was convinced that the defending champion of Serie A had done the right business by buying it from Parma first.

As is known, Buffon joined Juventus in 2001 with a high enough value of 52 million euros. The transfer value had made him the most expensive goalkeeper in the world before Ederson broke it in 2017.

He managed to pay the expensive transfer fee with a brilliant performance under the crossbar as well as a series of achievements for Juventus. Even the name Buffon is often referred to as the best goalkeeper of all time.

After his transfer record was broken Ederson, the price of the keeper soared. Now the transfer record is held by Kepa Arrizabalaga, who was brought in from Athletico Bilbao a few weeks after Alisson’s move to Liverpool worth 80 million euros.

The increasing selling price of goalkeepers in a short time clearly made Buffon as a former record holder surprised. He said that if the goalkeeper was bought at a high price during his time, people would question the club’s policies.

“If we go back to my purchase at Juve, the value of the money they spend on me makes every critic say the same: ‘No, you can’t pay that much money for goalkeepers,’ Buffon told FourFourTwo.

“But in the end, I was with Juventus for 17 years. I think with me, Juve has made one of the best businesses in its history. If you look at it now, I doubt anyone will disagree with it,” he continued.

Ederson, Kepa, and Alisson are some goalkeepers who are still relatively young and are stealing attention with their respective clubs. Buffon believes that all three can repeat their success in the past.

“Ederson, Kepa, and Alisson – all three are still very young, just like when I was at Juventus. So, they have made the club sure they have not needed another goalkeeper for a long time,” he added.

“I think every goalkeeper must be paid according to his value, and also according to what is appropriate for them. There is no competition between goalkeeper and defender, goalkeeper and attacker, goalkeeper and midfielder,” he concluded.

At present, Buffon is enjoying his time with the French giants Paris Saint-Germain. Although his age was no longer young, but Thomas Tuchel as a coach still often entrusted the post to him.

Benfica Want To Recruit Jose Mourinho

Luis Filipe Vieira as president of the Benfica club claimed to want to bring in new coach Jose Mourinho. He even boasted about the money that must be spent to bring the coach.

As we know, Jose Mourinho is currently unemployed after being expelled from the club Manchester United. A lot of news links the coach to other big clubs in Europe.

Actually there are two names that most want the coach, just call Real Madrid and also Inter Milan. But besides the two clubs, Benfica is also reportedly targeting Jose Mourinho.

Benfica itself is an eternal rival of the Porto club, for those of you who don’t know, Jose Mourinho once panned success with them. Seeing the conditions that exist at Benfica at this time, actually the news circulating is not mere nonsense.

Last week, Benfica also just released Rui Vitoria so they needed a new coach to achieve success. But their desire to bring Mourinho is not easy, because Mourinho claimed he did not want to return to Portugal in the near future.

Mourinho saw himself at the peak of his career so he did not want to gain success in the second caste league in Portugal. Mourinho is still patient looking forward to offers from big European clubs and decides to be unemployed until the end of this season until there is a definite offer.

Vieira also claimed to be close friends with Mourinho, except that until now he has not tried to offer a cooperation with the 55-year-old coach.

Selling Hazard Is claimed Can Bring Positive Impact on Chelsea

Eden Hazard is one of the important players of Chelsea. However, Liverpool legend John Barnes believes Chelsea will change for the better if they sell the player.

Hazard performed brilliantly with Chelsea this season. The Belgian star has scored 10 goals and made nine assists from 20 matches in the Premier League this season.

Last summer, Hazard was widely reported to be joining Real Madrid. Until now the rumor turned out to still not subside.

Hazard himself had revealed that he had a dream to play at the Santiago Bernabeu someday. Madrid is expected to return to target Hazard in the summer.

Barnes is very supportive if Chelsea sells Hazard to Real Madrid. Because, Maurizio Sarri’s team was very dependent on Hazard so that it could harm the Blues.

“The biggest problem for Chelsea is that they are very dependent on Eden Hazard,” Barnes said as quoted by the London Football.

“Steven Gerrard experienced the same thing, or Liverpool experienced something similar where when Hazard wanted the ball in any area he got the ball, he dominated other players so that other players could not come forward to show what to do because he was right. right dominates them.

“So if he doesn’t play well or scores goals, because the team is used to giving him the ball all the time, they don’t appear as a team.”

Barnes believes that big teams like Chelsea should not depend on just one player.

“Now it’s okay if you are a small team with big players, but for teams like Chelsea who want to be European and English champions, they must have enough big players not to dominate the team as much as him. Even Lionel Messi doesn’t dominate Barcelona like it’s Hazard at Chelsea.

Pep Guardiola: Doing Mistake Is Normal In Football

It seems that Pep Guardiola did not want to dispute the blunder made by his side Oleksandr Zinchenko when his club faced Southampton yesterday. Guardiola was satisfied with the performance shown by his foster children during the match.

The match against Southampton was a crucial match for Manchester City. Because in the last two matches, they always lost. Actually Manchester City managed to take the lead first, but because of Zinchenko’s error on the 37th minute Southampton made it even more equal. Fortunately Sergio Aguero and also James Ward Prowse’s own goal brought Manchester City out as winners in the match.

According to Guardiola, such a mistake is natural. He does not want to blame the player too much and only tries to give input so that such mistakes do not happen again.

“Mistakes are part of developing yourself in playing. Zinchenko’s mistake was fatal, but I didn’t want to blame the player too much. He is a great player, but great players can still make mistakes and I think that is natural. ”

What amazed Guardiola was the attitude of Zinchenko. The player is able to recover quickly and adapt to the current game.

“The mentality makes me satisfied. The mistake is a lesson and he is still very young, he will learn from this mistake. ”

“I often say to players, you have to learn from Zinchenko today, everyone can be wrong, but strong mentality will turn mistakes into a lesson for the future.”

Navas Giving Signal To Resign From Madrid

Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas seems to have said goodbye to his club through uploading on Instagram social media which is quite emotional. He thanked Real Madrid supporters for all their support.

Navas must be willing to sit on the bench after the arrival of Thibaut Courtois earlier this season. He only became the second option because Courtois was considered much better.

Madrid’s attitude certainly hurt the Colombian goalkeeper. Why not, for the past four and a half years, Navas has done a great job. He helped Madrid win three Champions League titles in a row.

After Madrid’s open training as a closing 2018 in Valdebebas some time ago, Navas expressed his gratitude directly to the 8000 spectators present.

He uploaded his photo when interacting with Madrid supporters with the text “Gracias por todo !!!” which literally means “Thank you for everything.”

The message is indeed double, but if you look at Navas’s current situation, it seems he indicates that he intends to leave Madrid. Given the January transfer market has been opened.

The question: where is Navas anchored? Although not young anymore, Navas’s experience cannot be ignored. Reportedly, several clubs like Arsenal and Juventus are looking for experienced goalkeepers of the highest quality.

Observing the current situation, chances of Navas leaving to Juve are bigger than Arsenal – at Arsenal there are Bernd Leno and Petr Cech. Because, after the departure of Gianluigi Buffon, Juve has not brought in a commensurate replacement.