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Griezmann: Im Happy At Atletico Madrid

Antoine Griezmann is a star player from the Atletico Madrid club. Some time ago he was hesitant because he got an offer to join Barcelona. The player even admitted it was not easy to reject the offer given by Barcelona. As we know, Barcelona is a giant Spanish team that contains many tough players like Lionel Messi. Surely joining a club of that size is the dream of many players.

Griezmann himself entered Barcelona’s main radar in this 2018 season. Barcelona have been eyeing the player since January, this proves Barcelona’s intention to bring Griezmann to the Camp Nou.

Many ways have been done by Barcelona to get the player’s signature, starting from giving back number 7 to the position of the starter. But after Griezmann refused the offer, the back number was given to Coutinho.

Griezmann had doubts about his future at Atletico Madrid. Besides that the player has a clause of 100 million euros. This is what makes the Barcelona more eager to get the player’s signature.

“Refusing Barcelona’s offer is not an easy thing. But I feel happy playing at Atletico. This is my home and I want to do great things with them. ”

“When you get love in your own home, then you won’t want to move.”

“The club has tried to keep me going. The club has also brought in many great players and formed a strong team. I was also in their midst and became the center of the Atletico family. I will survive because they want me to survive. “

Real Madrid Gave Clarfication About Sergio Ramos

Real Madrid finally gave clarification regarding rumors saying that their captain, Sergio Ramos failed to pass a doping test carried out in the 2017 Champions League final. Madrid explained that it had given the medical report Ramos to UEFA.

But recently, one of the German media, Der Spiegel actually issued a report that said Sergio Ramos proved to have failed to pass a doping test, only UEFA chose to remain silent about this.

Hearing reports issued by Der Spiegel, Real Madrid immediately spoke up so that there was no mistake in the news. Real Madrid then gave clarification through their official website.

“For information reported by Der Spiegel regarding Sergio Ramos, we will provide clarification. Sergio Ramos did not commit doping abuse or violate any anti-doping regulations. ”

The Madrid side also confirmed that UEFA had not taken action because they had received a complete medical test and Ramos had not been proven to violate doping regulations.

“UEFA has received complete information from medical tests conducted by Ramos. They have verified the experts. The World Anti Doping Agency, AMA, and UEFA have examined the condition of Ramos. ”

“The news published by Der Spiegel was untrue and their report was baseless. The club decided not to respond and provide evidence to Der Spiegel because the accusations he made were baseless. “

Kante Sign His New Contract In Chelsea

Finally speculation about N’Golo Kante’s future at Chelsea has been answered. The player has officially obtained an extension of his playing contract with Chelsea until 2023.

Since his move from the club Leicester City, Kante immediately got an important position on the team. He even became a player who was able to show consistency when playing.

The performance shown by Kante made many European clubs take an interest in him, namely Real Madrid, Barelona, ​​and Manchester United.

Many speculations have sprung up lately regarding Kante’s future at Chelsea. It seems that Chelsea don’t want to let go of the player and decide to give a contract extension to play for Kante.

“I am very happy to be able to continue playing at Chelsea. I have spent two years with this great team. Many happy memories at Chelsea and I want those memories to continue.”

“I have continued to grow since my arrival two years ago. I tried to challenge myself and surpass all my limits. I also won a lot of awards with Chelsea. I like this city, this team, and I am very happy to continue playing here.”

Marina Granovskaia as Director of Chelsea also expressed his fondness for the player.

“He is an extraordinary player. He has also signed a new contract here. When he arrived, we were sure he was an extraordinary and special player. His game on the field was not selfish and he only focused on team wins, he was a very talented player “

Madrid Give Contract Extension For Keylor Navas

It seems that speculation about the future of Keylor Navas at Real Madrid is over, because the Real Madrid side will provide a contract extension to the player in the near future.

Previously there was a lot of talk about Keylor’s future in Madrid. Many say his position as Madrid’s main goalkeeper will be overtaken by Thibaut Courtois. According to news circulating, Navas was also glancing at other options if later he did not get a contract extension.

Actually, Juventus have an interest in Navas and plan to bring it in January. But ABC reported that Real Madrid still did not want to release Navas in the near future, even they had prepared a contract extension for the player.

Navas will get a contract extension until 2021. Real Madrid management considers that Navas is still an important figure and must be maintained.

Even though he has provided a contract extension proposal for the player, unfortunately the details of the extension of the contract have not been leaked to the public. The only important thing that is publicly known is the duration of the play contract extension that will last until 2021.

This means Navas will get a 1-year extension from his current playing contract. According to the same source, Navas has also approved the proposal submitted by Real Madrid. Navas even firmly said he was not afraid even though Madrid had brought Courtois.

“I actually feel challenged and will try to give my best to maintain my position as the main goalkeeper.”

United Want To Recruit Pickford ?

According to news circulating, Manchester United are currently paying attention to Jordan Pickford. In fact they plan to bring Pickford if David De Gea decides to leave the club.

Until now the future of De Gea at the club still does not get clarity. De Gea contract with United will actually run out in the upcoming June 2019. But until now there has not been a bright spot between the two parties regarding the contract extension playing De Gea.

United already have negotiated with the player, but the negotiation process has not gone smoothly and always has a dead end. Even so, United are still trying to defend the player.

According to the The Sun, if in the end United failed to defend De Gea, United had also prepared the worst possible way by bringing the keeper from Everton, namely Pickford. But to bring Pickford, United need to spend funds that are not small, reaching 60 million Pounds.

According to the same source, De Gea is currently also on the Juventus players’ search list. Actually Juventus already have two new goalkeepers, they are Wojciech Szczesny and also Mattia Perin. But Juventus want to increase the strength of their club by bringing De Gea.

Szczesny is currently a mainstay of Allegri, unfortunately he often fails to show a slick performance so Allegri wants to bring another talented goalkeeper to win the Champions League title this season.

Inter Milan Want To Recruit Andrien Rabiot

It seems that Barcelona’s desire to attract PSG star players, Andrien Rabiot will meet a fairly steep road. Because the Italian giants club, Inter Milan are also reportedly eyeing the signature of Andrien Rabiot.

It is undeniable, Rabiot’s career in France is quite brilliant. He is a very legendary player now in France. He also became a key player for the PSG team.

Since last summer, Barcelona has been warmly talked about wanting to hook the player to play at the Camp Nou. The Barcelona side believes Rabiot’s ability can add to the power of their team to win the title.

According to Tuttosport’s alerts, Inter Milan won’t let Barcelona get Rabiot easily. Inter Milan have also been reported to have entered the radar of the player’s search since last season.

If we go further, in the past two years Inter Milan are indeed re-concocting their team. Under the command of the Sunning Group, Inter want to be the hardest rival for Juventus.

Inter’s trip this season is also fairly good. They managed to bring in attackers and great players. Unfortunately they are still lacking in players who can control the course of the game. Therefore they will try to hook Rabiot from PSG to maximize their fighting power.

Inter also have a second option if later they fail to bring in Rabiot. Their second option falls to Luka Modric who plays for Real Madrid. Besides that Modric is also looking for new challenges in his football career, apparently playing in Serie A can be the right choice for Modric.

Mourinho Said His Team Lose Because Doing Some Mistake

Manchester United must again take a defeat when dealing with Manchester City. Despite losing, Mourinho explained that the performance of his foster children was not bad.

If viewed further, the performance shown by City in the match is indeed better than United. But that does not mean United’s appearance is bad. One thing that is clearly seen in the match is the spirit and confidence of City that is superior to United.

City played very aggressively throughout the game, in contrast to United who made several crucial mistakes. According to Mourinho, United’s defeat was the result of mistakes made by his players.

“Our performance is not bad. You have to be able to distinguish between poor performance and performance with some mistakes. ”

“The performance shown by the players is far from a bad word. But we made many mistakes. Our performance is full of mistakes. ”

“Three goals scored by City were a result of mistakes we did. We must accept punishment for the mistakes we made. ”

Despite losing, Mourinho said that there was a positive thing that was achieved by his team.

“I judge my team’s appearance as an performance with mistakes, not a bad performance.”

“But the mentality of the players has increased. Togetherness, the beliefs and struggles of the players are different things. We will develop all these things and we will not lose together just because we lost. “

Pochettino: Kane Is Extraordinary Player

Mauricio Pochettino as Tottenham Hotspur coach believes Harry Kane can be a very terrible player if he is not too focused on scoring goals. Pochettino also asked Kane to reduce his desire to score when playing for the team’s victory.

Kane is also on the list of the deadliest players in the world. Even many people who say the type of player that is similar to the characteristics of Harry Kane is very rare. Kane is known for its fast and deadly movements.

Harry has donated his 150th goal for Spurs when his team beat PSV with a score of 2 – 1. Pochettino was very confident Harry could develop rapidly if he could reduce his desire a little.

Pochettino thinks Kane is a murderer if he is in front of the opponent’s goal keeper. Kane was also able to score even though the chances created were very thin.

“Kane is like a murderer. He always managed to “kill” the opposing goalkeeper,” Pochettino told to Sky Sports.

“But it can also have a negative impact on the game. His obsession when not scoring can affect the stability of the game on the team. Sometimes freedom in playing is far better than being bound by obsession. ”

“He is still young, he is still in the learning stage. He is more mature and will understand this. ”

“When practicing, he was very focused, even you had to stop him from the training session because he always wanted to practice and develop, he was a very extraordinary player.”

Best Shoes Worn By Proffesional Football Player

In soccer, shoes have a crucial role when playing in the field. Good shoes can help the movement of soccer players when grazing. According to the T3 site’s, there are some of the best soccer shoes at the moment, what do you think about that?


The first shoe is Nike Tiempo Legend 7. These shoes are excellent shoes for playing football. In fact, many people say that this shoe is the latest breakthrough from the most phenomenal brand, Nike. These shoes use Flyknit technology which is claimed to be 22% lighter than other shoes. Nike Tiempo Legend 7 is currently used by Raphael Varane.


The second shoe is Adidas NEMEZIZ 17+ 360 AGILITY. For shoes this one is specifically for those who play with speed. This shoe is indeed designed by Adidas for those who have agility in playing soccer. These shoes are worn by Lionel Messi and also Roberto Firmino.


The third shoe is Adidas Ace 16+ Primeknit. These shoes are usually used by midfielder players. Even the world’s top midfield players like Paul Pogba, Ivan Rakitic and also Mesut Ozil use these shoes.


The fourth shoe is EvoSPEED SL II Tricks produced by the PUMA brand. These shoes are made with very light weights and can provide good grip to the players. Antoine Grizmann is a player who wears these shoes.

That’s the three best soccer shoes currently according to T3. In your opinion, the soccer shoes especially those that are suitable are crowned as the best shoes?

Guardiola Give Praise Young Player On His Team

Josep Guardiola as coach of the England giants club, Manchester City has just sent praise to the young players on his team. This praise was posted after the match against Fulham at the Carabao Cup. He said, performance shown by young players should be appreciated.

Manchester City face Fulham at the Etihad Stadium on Friday 2/11 early yesterday. In that match, City managed to win with a score of 2-0 through Brahim Diaz’s goal. The player who was only 18 years old managed to score at minute 16 and also 65.

Not only Diaz who got the chance to play, Guardiola also entrusted Arijanet Muric to keep City’s goal. Muric himself is only 19 years old. In addition, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Phil Foden also got the opportunity to graze.

The young players handed down by Guardiola were combined with senior players such as Vincent Kompany, Danilo and also Gabriel Jesus. Seeing the results achieved by his team, Guardiola was very satisfied.

“All players play very well. Brahim Diaz managed to score two points for us and Arijanet Muric also recorded a clean sheet. There are not many opportunities, but they can maximize the opportunities available. Phil Foden also plays really well. ”

Actually the contract to play Diaz with City will end in the 2018/19 season, until now there is no new agreement between players and clubs. If Diaz doesn’t get a contract extension, a lot of news says the Spanish club, Real Madrid is ready to accommodate the player.

“I will fight for Diaz to continue playing with us. We want him to survive, but if he chooses to leave, then that is the decision he made and we have to appreciate it. “