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Modric Refusing New Contract From Real Madrid

Modric Refusing New Contract From Real Madrid

Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric is rumored to have dealt with a contract extension offered by Real Madrid. Seeing this, his condition in Madrid is quite doubtful.

Previously the player had indeed made a statement wanting to retire at Real Madrid. But the player realizes that his decision will be very difficult to fulfill.

Modric realized he had to be at the highest level if he wanted to retire at Real Madrid. He did not want to be a burden in Madrid. Actually, if you look at its performance so far, Modric is still included in the impressive category.

Madrid also want Modric to stay at the club. As we know, Modric became a very crucial figure in Madrid, just like Ronaldo and other crucial players.

According to TeleMadrid , Real Madrid has submitted a contract extension for the player. If Modric decides to leave the club, this will be a big problem for the club.

This is also reinforced by the status of Luka Modric who will become a free transfer player next season. When the 2018/19 season begins, Modric is often reported to be leaving. Some big clubs like Inter Milan are also rumored to have negotiated with the player.

After winning many titles with Madrid, Luka Modric claimed to want to try new challenges, especially Serie A. Just as Ronaldo decided to play with Juventus. If it is true, it is not impossible that Ronaldo will face his former teammates in Serie A.

Chris Smalling Confirmed Will Absen Till 2019

Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, still cannot reduce one of his ammunition at the back. Because, the name Chris Smalling was confirmed still injured and will be absent until 2019.

United are currently in good standing since Solskjaer arrived. Two matches, two wins. The Red Devils were able to score eight goals. However, there are still problems at the back.

Of the two matches, United were unable to record the cleanse. Goalkeeper David De Gea was twice broken by opponents. This situation made United make Smalling’s power needed by United’s back line. However, he is still in a state of injury.

Chris Smalling is indeed expected to be a solution for United’s back line. The 29-year-old central defender was in a good mental state after signing a new contract some time ago.

However, Smalling is still injured. According to Solskjaer, he could only return to play in mid-January. Smalling will still be absent throughout the busy period between Christmas and New Year.

“Smalling is still having problems on his feet. So, I don’t think I will see him until the new year. Maybe before against Spurs [January 13]. Around that, but you will never know,” he explained.

“Romelu Lukaku, Anthony Martial and Alexis Sanchez have undergone light training yesterday. Hopefully they can join the part of today’s training and let’s see after they come back,” Solskjaer said.

Isco Asked To Maintain His Attitude

Isco must maintain his attitude despite losing a place in Real Madrid’s starting XI. This was stated by the former Madrid and Spain coach, Vicente del Bosque.

Since Santiago Solari was appointed as coach of Madrid to replace Julen Lopetegui who was fired, Isco’s fortune seemed to change.

Isco hasn’t even been given the chance to be a starter by Solari, only three times as a substitute. Isco was not even taken when Madrid faced AS Roma in the Champions League last week.

Isco was dropped, even though he was not injured. There was an issue that Isco’s relationship with Solari had begun to crack, even though Solari later denied it.

“Isco? The coach must do his job, while the player must know when he plays and why he doesn’t play,” Del Bosque said, as quoted by Goal International.

“He must maintain his attitude and set an example in the group.”

Isco started the season with two goals and one assist in ten appearances in all competitions, when Madrid were still trained by Lopetegui.

Under Solari, Isco only played for 78 minutes in three matches. His future in Madrid began to be doubted.

But Del Bosque hopes Isco can maintain his attitude and work hard to get a place in the team.

Indonesia National Basketball Team Lose To Guam

The Indonesian national team faces Guam in the 2021 FIBA ​​Asia Cup Pre-Qualification match. The following are the results of the Guam vs Indonesia match.

The Indonesian Basketball National Team is struggling in the FIBA ​​Asia Cup 2021 Pre-Qualification. The Indonesian national team coached by Fictor Gideon Roring underwent the first match in the second round against Guam.

Previously, the Indonesian national team qualified for the second round as a representative of Group A. And in this second round, the Indonesian national team competed for four tickets to qualify for the next round.

This time there are 5 rival countries, namely Thailand, Malaysia, Guam, Singapore and Macau.

Guam became the first opponent for Arki Dikania Wisnu et al. However, in this match Indonesia must surrender in the hands of Guam.

Indonesian national team has difficulty developing games and leading scores. That was used by Guam to slowly add scores.

Guam was able to lead the acquisition of numbers since the second quarter thanks to several three-point shots. Until the middle of the third quarter, the Indonesian national team left behind 42-40.

Guam finally closed the third quarter with a score of 49-42.

In the fourth quarter the Indonesian national team was still struggling to score points. Four minutes before the fourth quarter ended, Guam was far ahead 63-44.

The Indonesian national team had chased, but the match ended with a score of 65-53 for Guam’s victory. The Indonesian national team lost not only about the score, in this match, Indonesia also lost far about offensive rebound.

Indonesia only got 8 offensive rebound, while Guam was able to get 23 rebounds. Next, the Indonesian national team will face Singapore on tomorrow, Friday (11/30/18).

Sean Dyche: Arsenal Keep Doing Diving !

Sean Dyche as Burnley’s coach cast charges against Arsenal by saying their players like diving. As we know, Burnley must defeat Arsenal in the Premier League competition this season. Sean seems unable to accept this defeat and overflows his emotions in that way.

Arsenal managed to win 3 – 1 winners. In the match, Alex Iwobi and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang were the ones who managed to record names on the scoreboard. While one goal belonging to Burnley was scored by Ashley Barnes in the second round.

The victory achieved by Arsenal is not an easy victory. Burnley played aggressively and was quite rude, even Barnes had been caught stepping on the feet of Matteo Guendouzi and making him hostile with Sokratis Papastathopoulos.

After the match was over, Sean immediately sent an unpleasant accusation to Arsenal.

“I disagree with this,” Emery said in response to the accusations made by Sean.

“The most important thing is victory. Whatever is in the field between players is a precious moment for us. ”

“Everyone must respect the referee! They have the characteristics of an aggressive game and it is very clearly included in their game plan. ”

“But we are able to adapt and respect the referee’s decisions. We played long passes, but they played hard. ”

Unfortunately, despite successfully winning over Burnley, these conditions did not affect Arsenal’s position in the Premier League.

Griezmann Decides To Refuse Barcelona For Atletico

Antoine Griezmann is a star player from the Atletico Madrid club. Some time ago he was hesitant to get an offer to join Barcelona. The player even admitted that it was not easy to reject the offer given by Barcelona. As we know, Barcelona is a Spanish giant team that contains many tough players like Lionel Messi. Surely joining a club of that size is the dream of many players.

Griezmann himself entered Barcelona’s main radar in the 2018 season. Barcelona has been eyeing the player since January, this proves the intention of Barcelona to bring Griezmann to Camp Nou.

Many ways that Barcelona has done to get the player’s signature, ranging from giving back number 7 to starting player position. But after Griezmann refused the offer, the number was given to Coutinho.

Griezmann had doubts about his future at Atletico Madrid. In addition, the player has a clause of 100 million euros. This is what makes Barcelona increasingly eager to get the player’s signature.

“Refusing Barcelona’s offer is not an easy thing. But I feel happy playing at Atletico. This is a home for me and I want to do great things with them. ”

“When you get love in your own house, you won’t want to move.”

“The club has tried to keep me. The club has also brought in many great players and formed a strong team. I was also in their midst and became the center of the Atletico family. I will survive because they want me to survive. “

The Secret Power Of Manchester City

If asked who is the most powerful and feared team in the Premier League competition this season, maybe the answer will fall to Manchester City. How not, the team coached by Pep Guardiola has managed to score 27 goals and only conceded three goals this season. This results obtained by Manchester City is also the best record in the history of the Premier League.


Since being trained by Guardiola, Manchester City’s performance has continued to increase. This is evident from the achievement of the victory with a big goal notch in many Premier League matches this season.


But the public spotlight is Manchester City’s very strong defense. Not many teams managed to penetrate the defensive wall. Manchester City only conceded three times this season. This is not separated from the style of Guardiola who likes to play defense.


During his career as a coach, Guardiola claimed to be happy with the style of training that emphasized the team’s defense. When he coached Barcelona and Bayern Munich, he also seemed to focus on his team’s defense.


“I always like this, I don’t want to be arrogant, but when I train Barca and Munich, we also always become the team that concedes the least goals.”


Although City’s defense is very strong, Guardiola said that it was not only his defense, but all aspects on the field, from attackers, midfielders to winger.


“Clean sheets are important, we also have to pay attention to our chances of conceding. We focus on stability in the team. All aspects are very influential and with a stable game, we can reduce the risk of conceding goals. “

Klopp: Pogba Is World Class Football Player

Jurgen Klopp did not want to comment on the conditions faced by Paul Pogba at Manchester United. Aside from the poor performance shown by Pogba this season, Klopp actually said that Pogba was a world class player and he would be prepared to face threats from the player.

On Sunday 16/12, Liverpool will face Manchester United in the Premier League competition. The match that will take place will be a very crucial match for both teams. Liverpool will try to maintain their position at the top of the table, while Manchester United are trying to get to the top four.

Until now, Pogba was considered only to be toxic to United. He is often referred to as the game breaker United. The bad aura presented by Pogba at United has a negative impact on other players.

When asked about the presentation of their team’s victory when faced with United, both with Pogba’s presence and without Pogba’s presence, Klopp did not want to comment on it and chose to praise Pogba’s game.

“I don’t know what Mourinho will answer if asked about the quality of our players, but is there anyone questioning Wijnaldum to us, I don’t think so,” Klopp said as quoted by Fourfourtwo.

“All I can say is that Pogba is a world class player. He is able to pose a threat to each of his opponents. So what we will focus on is how to deal with him and also United, “Klopp concluded.

Jordi Alba: Morata will be warmly welcomed at Barcelona

Alvaro Morata does have a track record of playing for Real Madrid. But, if indeed joining Barcelona, ​​Jordi Alba guarantees he will get a warm welcome from other players.

Morata’s name later became a conversation again. Ahead of the January 2019 transfer market, Morata is said to be moving from Chelsea. The 26-year-old was called to offer himself to Barcelona.

The news is of course surprising. Because, Morata is a player educated by the Madrid academy. Bomber who is under contract with Chelsea is a big fan of Real Madrid, Barcelona’s main rival club.

Barcelona and Real Madrid have a long history of feuds. In the past, there were moves from both clubs and not all went smoothly. The case of Luis Figo’s transfer became quite hot.

However, Jordi Alba ensures that Morata will get a positive response from the Barca players. Alba already knew what Morata could do if he moved to Barca. He did not doubt Morata’s abilities.

“Morata is a player that I really respect. For years, he has been a top player. In the end, this is the decision of the club, whether they want to bring it or not,” Alba was quoted as saying in Four Four Two.

“If indeed the rumors are true, we will warmly welcome him, as do other new players,” said the Spanish national team player.

Ronaldo Dare Messi To Play In Serie A

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently a star at Juventus and also Serie A. Ronaldo even asked Lionel Messi to follow in his way and play in Serie A so he could be his rival again.

Ronaldo began his career in English football with Manchester United for six years. In 2009 he chose to join Real Madrid until finally he decided to move to Juventus.

When playing with Madrid, Ronaldo’s biggest rival or eternal rival is Lionel Messi. It is undeniable, these two players look like true rivals on the green field. Both are always competing to score goals and win prestigious football titles, one of which is Ballon d’Or.

When asked about his longing to compete with Messi, Ronaldo also gave an answer.

“No, it’s precisely Messi who misses me!”

“I have played in many competitions starting from England, Spain, Portugal, Italy and also the national team, while he is still in Spain. So in my opinion he misses me more and needs rivals like me, “Ronaldo told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I see life as a challenge. I like challenges and I’m also happy to make people happy. ”

“I want him to move to Serie A and become my rival. Accept my challenge!

“But if Messi wants to stay in Barcelona, ​​I will respect him.”

“Messi is an extraordinary player. But with Juventus I don’t feel deficient and I have a new life here, “Ronaldo concluded.

Jose Mourinho Happy About Goal Made By Lukaku

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho claimed to be happy with the success of Romelu Lukaku scoring in the match against Fulham. Mourinho called the striker’s performance significant increase lately.

This season can be said to be a tough season for a Lukaku. In recent months he has often harvested criticism after a goal drought for almost the past three months.

But Lukaku himself began to break down last week when he scored against Southampton. He continued the positive trend when he scored against Fulham in the Week 16 match of the Premier League last night.

Mourinho himself was pleased to see a positive trend in Lukaku. “The goal was very good for him,” Mourinho said to MUTV.

Mourinho admitted that he was very happy Lukaku began to routinely score goals for Manchester United.

He considered the player had started playing better for his team lately.

“I think the Romelu game has really grown rapidly compared to previous matches.”

In his praise, Mourinho admitted that scoring was very important for Lukaku’s confidence.

But he insisted that he was satisfied with the overall aspects of the Belgian national team striker’s game throughout the match.

“I am happy with the development not because he scored just a goal, but he also did pressing and struggling for the team. We really played as a good unit and we did not give Fulham a chance at all in the first round. he said.

Manchester United Quality Is Under Liverpool And Man City

One of Manchester United’s players, Rio Ferdinand, said that currently the quality of Manchester United is under than Manchester City and Liverpool.

As we know, the strongest candidates who are believed to be champions this season are Manchester City and Liverpool. Of the 15 matches they have been through, these two teams have not yet lost.

In the first position of the standings this season perched Manchester Cty (41 points), followed by Liverpool who managed to collect 39 points. This is very inversely proportional to the achievement of Manchester United who failed to show a consistent game.

Despite entering the third year, Jose Mourinho still failed to bring Manchester United to the Premier League trophy. At the moment United remain in eighth position this season.

“We can see there is a fairly wide distance between United and the club over the Premier League. “We don’t play consistently so there is a difference in quality between United and City and Liverpool,” said Ferdinand.

Not only did Ferdinand give such comments, United legend Gary Neville also called United a lag when compared to City.

“Seeing United’s current condition is very sad. Even comparing between United and City is not the right thing at the moment, “Neville told Sky Sports.

“There was a chasm between them and the chasm was very wide. The difference in the performance of the two teams is very clear. “Left behind 12 points from the 12 matches that have made everyone can see the difference in the distance between the two teams,” he concluded.

Allegri Gives Compliments For Ronaldo

Massimiliano Allegri as Juventus coach again gave praise to his star player Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite getting a red card in the Champions League, Ronaldo managed to show his quality in Serie A.

Ronaldo was revealed since the first minute when Juventus faced Frosinone in the fifth Gionata of the Serie A this season. Although undergoing a game that was quite difficult when dealing with Valencia, but Ronaldo was able to show his class in Serie A.

As we know, Ronaldo must get a red card when facing Valencia in the Champions League. Many debates occur regarding the decision to give the card.

But Ronaldo became a very important figure when Juventus faced Frosinone. He managed to score at the end of the match to make Juventus win with a score of 2-0. Juventus also topped Serie A.

Not just the shadow of a red card that disturbs Ronaldo’s mind, he also has to undergo a difficult match when dealing with Frosinone.

“He did fail to execute several opportunities, but he was very focused. He never gave up, even when he had managed to score a goal. ”

“Ronaldo does always play like that, he can create important things at the end of the game. The mentality he has is very great and far stronger than other players. ”

The goal he scored in yesterday’s match was the third goal scored by Ronaldo in Serie A.

Mourinho Said Pogba Is Like Virus

Jose Mourinho as coach of Manchester United has just expressed his disappointment to one of United’s players, Paul Pogba. The manager was upset and angry that Pogba did not perform well when United faced Southampton.

In that match, Southampton first scored an advantage through Stuart Armstrong and Cedric Soares. Fortunately United managed to catch up with goals scored by Romelu Lukaku and Ander Herrrera.

According to reports from the Daily Record, Mourinho looked upset after the match. One name that became the outlet of his anger was Paul Pogba.

Mourinho also did not hesitate to say Pogba was a virus in United’s team. The manager feels dissatisfied and upset with what Pogba has shown in the field.

“He’s like not playing. He does not respect other players and the supporters present. It’s like a virus that can destroy the mentality of other players. ”

As we know, Mourinho’s relationship with Pogba has indeed been heated up for a long time. Had subsided, hot relations again occurred this season.

A lot of speculation that said Pogba was not at home at United and will soon move next season.

One of the clubs most widely rumored to be cradling the player is his former club, Juventus. In the week ahead, United will face another formidable team which is their rival, Arsenal.