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Neville Ask United To Spend Much Funds To Recruit Solskjaer

Neville Ask United To Spend Much Funds To Recruit Solskjaer

Gary Neville assesses there is one thing that must be done by Manchester United if you want to be successful with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, which is in full support. Both financially and other resources.

Solskjaer just got a permanent contract from United. The 46-year-old man will be at Old Trafford in capacity as manager for the next three seasons.

Giving a permanent contract is of course not separated from the slick achievements achieved by Solskjaer. He was previously appointed as interim manager, replacing Jose Mourinho who was sacked in December 2018.

Gary Neville asked Manchester United to fulfill every need for Solskjaer in terms of purchasing players. Neville wanted Solskjaer to get a large amount of funds, as United had given the previous managers.

With United, Solskjaer has already passed one transfer market in January 2019. However, the Norwegian manager did not buy a single player. And, Neville wants to have money squandered by Solskjaer next summer.

“The amount of money spent by United must be large, but over the past few years, the club has never failed and has always fully supported the manager,” Neville was quoted as saying on Sky Sports.

“I don’t think that the club will fail financially, they will waste money. Players have played well in recent months with Solskjaer, but they are Mourinho’s [choice] players,” he added.

Giroud Want To Leave Chelsea Next Season

Lately, Olivier Giroud has rarely been seen and is more often seen on the Chelsea bench. Seeing this, Giroud reportedly is considering leaving Chelsea and looking for a team that can provide more flying hours for him.

With Alvaro Morata spearheading Chelsea, Giroud’s chance to play was thinning, even Maurizio Sarri was more interested in playing Gonzalo Higuain than he was.

The last time Giroud managed to score a hat trick in the match against Dynamo Kyiv. Thanks to this goal, this means Giroud has collected nine goals in seven appearances with Chelsea.

Actually the score was fairly good, because last season Giroud’s appearance was fairly ordinary. There were no special nicks made by Giroud last season. But due to minimal playing time, Giroud admitted to being frustrated and wanted to move.

“This makes me really frustrated,” Giroud said as reported by the RTL.

“Today I know that there is no competition to play since last January.”

“I will only be played in the European League competition. I try to play effectively, but I am still reserved. ”

“I am ready to go down the level so I can play. I need an opportunity to play more, I am not there to be reserved! ”

“I could just go and play in Paris. We’ll see what it will be like. “

Jose Mourinho Will Comeback !

It’s been three and a half months since Jose Mourinho was forced to leave Manchester United’s coaching chair. He claimed to be ready to go on an adventure at a new club that he felt suited to his wishes.

Mourinho has only enjoyed the warmth of Manchester United’s coaching chair for two and a half years. The Portuguese coach is considered the culprit of a series of bad results which were reaped by the Red Devils since the start of this season.

Now, his status in the world of football is still unemployed. To fill his spare time, Mourinho was seen several times filling out a television program to comment on the performance of the teams that were struggling in their respective competitions.

Despite appearing several times on television, Mourinho did not deny that he missed the atmosphere of training again. Therefore, he was determined to find the next labuhan club before next June to have time for preparation.

“When you are in the world of football, between press conferences, games, video sessions, battle analysis, and everyday problems, you don’t have time for yourself. I have used the last few months to reboot,” he told beIN Sports .

“The coach’s position is special and I enjoy everyday work. I want to go back this summer, starting in June, for the beginning of the season,” he continued.

For the sake of MU, Pogba Choose To Refuse Real Madrid Offer

Manchester United star Paul Pogba has reportedly rejected an offer posted by Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane. Pogba claimed to want to continue his career with the Red Devils who are currently being led by Ole Gunnar Solksjaer. Pogba said he was optimistic about United’s future.

Zidane himself was just appointed as Real Madrid coach. He was trusted to lift Madrid from adversity in the Santiago Solari coaching era. Reportedly, Zidane wants to make major changes in the composition of players in Madrid.

According to RAI Sport’s alerts, Zidane has prepared a list of names of players he wants to bring in next season. Zidane’s seriousness in bringing Pogba seems to be no mere nonsense, because his party has contacted Mino Raiola as Pogba’s agent to discuss.

Unfortunately Paul Pogba firmly rejected the offer submitted by Zidane. If the offer comes at the beginning of last season, maybe Pogba’s answer will be different. Because when trained by Jose Mourinho, Pogba did look unhappy and often reserved.

Seeing this, Florentino Perez did not want to extend the case and would focus on other players.

If we see, the rejection by Pogba has no effect on Madrid, because there are many other players that can be brought in, namely Christian Eriksen, Eden Hazard, and also Kylian Mbappe.

For Mbappe, Madrid will make it a long-term plan where they don’t need to be too rushed to bring in the player. One of the names that Zidane wants to hear is Luka Jovic.

Platini: VAR Destroys the Spirit of Football!

Michel Platini as the former President of UEFA commented on the decision taken by the referee after discussing with the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in a match between Manchester United and PSG in the Champions League yesterday. According to him, VAR has damaged the spirit of football.

In the second leg that was held at PSG headquarters, United managed to get the winner after getting a penalty at the end of the match. Thanks to the victory, United are certain to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Many parties regretted the penalty decision. The reason is, the Kimpembe Presnel doesn’t intentionally touch the ball. Platini also explained that handball is not always a violation. Initially United were only given a referee by a referee, but after discussion, United won a penalty.

“When I served on the International Board, I tried to continue to protect and defend the players,” Platini said as quoted by Le Journal Du Dimanche.

“Paris Kimpembe in this case did not do handsball intentionally. The referee has acted correctly by giving a corner kick, but the people asked for a review and finally the decision turned into a penalty. ”

“Deciding to give an accidental penalty for handsball has damaged the spirit of football, against the game of football itself!”

“From the beginning I never agreed with VAR, when I was still a player, it was not always what was told through the television screen was true, there were times when such things could be tolerated.”

Neymar Said Dont Bother His Social Life

Neymar is the highest paid PSG star player. He was brought in by PSG from Barcelona with a dowry of 222 million Euros, so he became the most expensive player in the world to date. Unfortunately he is often caught going to parties and nightclubs just to spend time, this makes him reap a lot of criticism from the public.

As we know, Neymar is known as a player who is quite eccentric when outside the field. Many people are worried about the lifestyle that Neymar lives. They fear that lifestyle will affect their performance on the green field.

Not only happy to go to parties or nightclubs, Neymar also likes to spend his time playing games, poker and some other activities that are considered useless.

Criticized for partying, Neymar: Don’t join in!

Seeing this, Neymar then commented and said that don’t interfere too much with his social life.

“I don’t think my social life will affect my performance on the field. I feel funny about the criticism. Why do they compare what I do outside with what I have done in the field? ”

“You can see my statistics, it’s still very good! I have said before that my personal life is my business, so don’t comment too much. ”

“I continue to move forward, because that’s what I have to do, and this is my life and my business.”

“If you want to criticize, criticize my performance on the field, don’t criticize me when I’m outside the field because this is my life and I want to enjoy it.”

Sarri Said Kepa Still Be The Main Goal Keeper For Chelsea

Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri insists that Kepa Arrizabalaga will remain the club’s main goalkeeper. Previously Kepa Arrizabalaga was reserved by the coach in the match against Tottenham Hotspur. In the match, Chelsea won a brilliant victory.

Sarri chose to play Willy Caballero in the starting XI in the match. Of course it is still clearly remembered not how Kepa refused when Sarri asked himself to be replaced by Caballero when dealing with Manchester City in the Carabao Cup competition.

At that time Chelsea had to swallow defeat in the penalty shootout round. Because of his actions, Kepa received sanctions from the club. Even so, Sarri explained that the incident was merely a misunderstanding.

Sarri chose Caballero to emphasize that Chelsea was not about individual games, but team games. When asked about the main goalkeeper at Chelsea, Sarri then answered emphatically, “Yes, of course Kepa.”

“I think this is a proper punishment, he has received sanctions for the club, and he also has to pay his position for the team.”

“I think this punishment is enough, tomorrow he will be played again.”

“We can’t kill Kepa, he is young and sometimes young players can make mistakes.”

“But you must be able to respond to every mistake well. Kepa has been punished and I think the sentence is enough, so I think the question will be closed until here. “