LeBorn James “We Are Getting There”

Elitesports.fun  – Los Angeles Lakers becoming the favorite team to win the NBA Final this season. Also LA Lakers  always being compared to The last season champions, Golden State Warriors. This could be happen after LeBron James, one of the best player that still playing now joining this team.

As we know on the last few season, LA Lakers can not do so many things on NBA not like the time when they have Shaq and Bryant playing together. They always been dwell on the below board at western standings. For the last season, Lakers with all their younger squad only can finish on the 11 and failed going to playoff for a five year consecutive.

But this year will not be the same, La Lakers show his capability on welcoming LeBron james, because of that now the fans of Lakers can hope more from their beloved team for this season. Not only recruiting The King, La Lakers also recruit other experience player such as Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee and also Michael Beasley.

This experience player will be combine with the young talent own by Lakers such as Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma that been confimed will make Lakers can get into a higher level as a team compare to the last season. Even some of them consider that Lakers now has the capabilities to compete with Golden State Warriors and also Boston Celtics.

However, LeBron James ask their fans not to be so confident with this team, On his first conference press with Lakers, LeBron stated that this team is still new and not yet can be compare with the team that being playing along together in such a long time.

He also say that they need a long way to reach the level like a Golden State because they need to start from the beginning and that one should be a long way to go. But he also stated that the fans do not need to worry about that. He sure that they are in a right track in where they will surpass Golden State in a mean time. LeBron said that this team will try to get along first and then will try to compete with that bigger team on NBA.

Let see what King James and LA Lakers can do for this NBA season.