Manchester United Quality Is Under Liverpool And Man City

One of Manchester United’s players, Rio Ferdinand, said that currently the quality of Manchester United is under than Manchester City and Liverpool.

As we know, the strongest candidates who are believed to be champions this season are Manchester City and Liverpool. Of the 15 matches they have been through, these two teams have not yet lost.

In the first position of the standings this season perched Manchester Cty (41 points), followed by Liverpool who managed to collect 39 points. This is very inversely proportional to the achievement of Manchester United who failed to show a consistent game.

Despite entering the third year, Jose Mourinho still failed to bring Manchester United to the Premier League trophy. At the moment United remain in eighth position this season.

“We can see there is a fairly wide distance between United and the club over the Premier League. “We don’t play consistently so there is a difference in quality between United and City and Liverpool,” said Ferdinand.

Not only did Ferdinand give such comments, United legend Gary Neville also called United a lag when compared to City.

“Seeing United’s current condition is very sad. Even comparing between United and City is not the right thing at the moment, “Neville told Sky Sports.

“There was a chasm between them and the chasm was very wide. The difference in the performance of the two teams is very clear. “Left behind 12 points from the 12 matches that have made everyone can see the difference in the distance between the two teams,” he concluded.