Marc Marquez Destroyed Jorge Lorenzo Race and His Toe – Jorge Lorenzo blame Marc Marques on the crash that happen to him on the last race of MotoGP Aragon. Lorenzo tell that The candidate of his new teammates already destroy his legs.

Starting the race from the pole position, Lorenzo got a crash on the first bend. Because of that crash, Lorenzo need to finish the race early and being reported having leg fractures.

Although that from the replay seen that he having a solo crash, Lorenzo claim that crash can happen because of Marc Marquez. Lorenzo tell that Marquez giving a hard sitution for him and cause of that the accident happen.

” I will not got to report this things to the Race Director, because people already disappoint with the crash that happen on that race. Some of them will think that the crash happen because of my mistake.”

“But that is not what happen actually, and Marc also know about that. He do not give me a space, he carelessly overtake and then block my road and give me no choice outside from crash or widened beyond the track and choose to take the risk on crash, and that happen.” Tell Lorenzo to the media.

Because of that crash, Marquez succeed on becoming the winner of MotoGP Aragon. Marquez succeed on becoming the first after won a fierce duel with Andrea Dovizioso.

Moreover because of that accident Lorenzo claim that Marquez already destroyed his chance on winning that race and also the next race that will be held on Asia, Thailand.

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