Mourinho Said His Team Lose Because Doing Some Mistake

Manchester United must again take a defeat when dealing with Manchester City. Despite losing, Mourinho explained that the performance of his foster children was not bad.

If viewed further, the performance shown by City in the match is indeed better than United. But that does not mean United’s appearance is bad. One thing that is clearly seen in the match is the spirit and confidence of City that is superior to United.

City played very aggressively throughout the game, in contrast to United who made several crucial mistakes. According to Mourinho, United’s defeat was the result of mistakes made by his players.

“Our performance is not bad. You have to be able to distinguish between poor performance and performance with some mistakes. ”

“The performance shown by the players is far from a bad word. But we made many mistakes. Our performance is full of mistakes. ”

“Three goals scored by City were a result of mistakes we did. We must accept punishment for the mistakes we made. ”

Despite losing, Mourinho said that there was a positive thing that was achieved by his team.

“I judge my team’s appearance as an performance with mistakes, not a bad performance.”

“But the mentality of the players has increased. Togetherness, the beliefs and struggles of the players are different things. We will develop all these things and we will not lose together just because we lost. “