Neymar Said Dont Bother His Social Life

Neymar Said Dont Bother His Social Life

Neymar is the highest paid PSG star player. He was brought in by PSG from Barcelona with a dowry of 222 million Euros, so he became the most expensive player in the world to date. Unfortunately he is often caught going to parties and nightclubs just to spend time, this makes him reap a lot of criticism from the public.

As we know, Neymar is known as a player who is quite eccentric when outside the field. Many people are worried about the lifestyle that Neymar lives. They fear that lifestyle will affect their performance on the green field.

Not only happy to go to parties or nightclubs, Neymar also likes to spend his time playing games, poker and some other activities that are considered useless.

Criticized for partying, Neymar: Don’t join in!

Seeing this, Neymar then commented and said that don’t interfere too much with his social life.

“I don’t think my social life will affect my performance on the field. I feel funny about the criticism. Why do they compare what I do outside with what I have done in the field? ”

“You can see my statistics, it’s still very good! I have said before that my personal life is my business, so don’t comment too much. ”

“I continue to move forward, because that’s what I have to do, and this is my life and my business.”

“If you want to criticize, criticize my performance on the field, don’t criticize me when I’m outside the field because this is my life and I want to enjoy it.”