Real Madrid Gave Clarfication About Sergio Ramos

Real Madrid finally gave clarification regarding rumors saying that their captain, Sergio Ramos failed to pass a doping test carried out in the 2017 Champions League final. Madrid explained that it had given the medical report Ramos to UEFA.

But recently, one of the German media, Der Spiegel actually issued a report that said Sergio Ramos proved to have failed to pass a doping test, only UEFA chose to remain silent about this.

Hearing reports issued by Der Spiegel, Real Madrid immediately spoke up so that there was no mistake in the news. Real Madrid then gave clarification through their official website.

“For information reported by Der Spiegel regarding Sergio Ramos, we will provide clarification. Sergio Ramos did not commit doping abuse or violate any anti-doping regulations. ”

The Madrid side also confirmed that UEFA had not taken action because they had received a complete medical test and Ramos had not been proven to violate doping regulations.

“UEFA has received complete information from medical tests conducted by Ramos. They have verified the experts. The World Anti Doping Agency, AMA, and UEFA have examined the condition of Ramos. ”

“The news published by Der Spiegel was untrue and their report was baseless. The club decided not to respond and provide evidence to Der Spiegel because the accusations he made were baseless. “