Ronaldo Dare Messi To Play In Serie A

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently a star at Juventus and also Serie A. Ronaldo even asked Lionel Messi to follow in his way and play in Serie A so he could be his rival again.

Ronaldo began his career in English football with Manchester United for six years. In 2009 he chose to join Real Madrid until finally he decided to move to Juventus.

When playing with Madrid, Ronaldo’s biggest rival or eternal rival is Lionel Messi. It is undeniable, these two players look like true rivals on the green field. Both are always competing to score goals and win prestigious football titles, one of which is Ballon d’Or.

When asked about his longing to compete with Messi, Ronaldo also gave an answer.

“No, it’s precisely Messi who misses me!”

“I have played in many competitions starting from England, Spain, Portugal, Italy and also the national team, while he is still in Spain. So in my opinion he misses me more and needs rivals like me, “Ronaldo told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I see life as a challenge. I like challenges and I’m also happy to make people happy. ”

“I want him to move to Serie A and become my rival. Accept my challenge!

“But if Messi wants to stay in Barcelona, ​​I will respect him.”

“Messi is an extraordinary player. But with Juventus I don’t feel deficient and I have a new life here, “Ronaldo concluded.