Sarri Said Chelsea Could Have Win Even Without A Coach

Sarri Said Chelsea Could Have Win Even Without A Coach

Chelsea have just swallowed a bitter defeat when they visited Bournemouth. In the Premier League advanced match on Thursday 31/1 yesterday, Chelsea had to bow before Bournemouth with a score of 0 – 4.

Maurizio Sarri did not even know the reason why his team could lose. Sarri assessed that there was an internal error in his team. Sarri also mentally mentions the players in the match. According to him, Chelsea is a great team, such a defeat is really strange to him.

Sarri considers that Chelsea already have many great players, although not the best in the Premier League, but his team is considered still very competitive. Even Sarri said that Chelsea should be able to win even without a coach.

“I think Chelsea are a great team, they play really well. Indeed, currently we are not at the top, but we are quite competitive in the Premier League. The 4-0 defeat was very absurd, I really respect Eddie Howe, but this kind of chaos is really strange, “Sarri opened to the London Football side.

“Maybe this could happen because of my mistake, maybe I failed to give motivation to every player. But I am very sure that this is a strong team, even without a coach. ”

“I am frustrated with this, not because of the players, not because of pressure, I just feel frustrated at failing to signal to them. I am frustrated by my failure. ”

“I apologize for this incident. I will try to find our problems and fix them. “