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McGarry Said There Is No Place For Countinho In Liverpool

McGarry Said There Is No Place For Countinho In Liverpool

Ian McGarry believes that Liverpool will not bring Philippe Coutinho next summer. As we know, Coutinho is an Anfield idol, unfortunately in 2014 ago, he chose to leave and join Barcelona with 142 million Pounds.

But in his first year with Barcelona, ​​Coutinho failed to show his quality so he wanted to return to Liverpool.

McGarry was convinced that Jurgen Klopp would not woo Coutinho back to becoming a playmaker at Liverpool.

“I think this will be an interesting thing, we’ll see where the Countinho will go,” McGarry opened to the Transfer Window Podcast.

According to McGarry, Klopp has rearranged his team and there is no room available for Coutinho. Therefore Klopp will not try to repatriate the player to Liverpool.

“Liverpool will not accept Coutinho again. The first reason, Klopp already has a perfect team composition at the moment, so why bring back Countiho? The second reason is the financial club that is not yet stable. ”

McGarry also made a number of opinions regarding Coutinho’s current position. According to him, Barcelona will immediately release the player, even at a cheap price.

“I think Barcelona will sell Coutinho at a cheap price. Looks like at 90 million Euros. They are ready to take out Coutinho and bear their losses when they bring Coutinho first. “

Liverpool Do Not Want To Bring Back Countinho From Barcelona

In the last 2017/2018 season Liverpool had objected to releasing Philippe Coutinho. But now the story is different, even the Reds claimed not to intend to repatriate Coutinho to Anfield.

Since the beginning of the 2017/2018 season Coutinho has indeed expressed his desire to leave the club. Barcelona also had a bid for the player, but the offer was rejected by Liverpool.

In early January 2018 ago, Coutinho was finally released to Barcelona. From the sale of Coutinho, Liverpool has a lot of funds to buy new players. Coutinho himself sold for 120 million euros, a pretty big number right?

In his first six months in Barcelona, ​​everything seemed to go smoothly. Coutinho even became Barcelona’s top choice. But entering the first half of the 2018/19 season, his condition changed, because he no longer got the main place at the club.

The player is often seen on the bench. Coutinho was deemed to be less competitive with Ousmane Dembele who was preferred by Ernesto Valverde. Seeing this condition, a lot of news said that Coutinho felt uncomfortable and unhappy in Barcelona.

According to the Telegraph’s alerts, Coutinho has hinted he will leave the club. Coutinho also did not rule out the possibility of returning to England.

But Liverpool said clearly that they were not interested in returning Coutinho to Anfield. They assume that the current squad is good enough so that they don’t want to repatriate Coutinho.