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Pires Said Arsenal Must Recruit Bale Next Summer

Pires Said Arsenal Must Recruit Bale Next Summer

Robert Pires, Arsenal legend player gave input to Arsenal to bring Gareth Bale next summer. In the view of Pires, Gareth Bale can provide additional bang for the Gunners.

As we know, lately Gareth Bale is reportedly in the list of players who will be legged by Real Madrid. His position as a winger began to erode by Vinicious Junior in the first team of Madrid.

The player’s condition was increasingly uncertain after being involved in friction with other Madrid players. Yes, Bale refused to celebrate when dealing with Levante, this is what reinforces the suspicion that the player will soon leave Madrid.

Seeing this, Pires gave pressure to Arsenal’s management to act quickly.

“I think this is Bale’s last season in Madrid,” Pires opened to Bwin.

The situation that is being experienced by Bale is considered very not conducive. Therefore, he said that Bale had to return to England and play in England.

“The situation is very difficult now, both on the field and outside the field. Many questions have questioned his relationship with his teammate in Madrid. ”

“You can see Bale’s unhappy face in Madrid. I think he’d better go back to the Premier League than have to stay in Spain. ”

“Many people say he will return to Tottenham, but I think Arsenal is a suitable place for Bale. Emirates door will always be wide open for Bale. ”

“Maybe Tottenham fans will not be happy with this, but I emphasize once again, we will warmly welcome Bale at Arsenal. I hope Arsenal management can bring it to the summer. “