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Juventus Try To Get Marcelo From Real Madrid

Juventus Try To Get Marcelo From Real Madrid

It seems that the news of Juventus’ interest in bringing Marcelo from Real Madrid is not a figment. Because Juventus reportedly sent Marcelo’s purchase proposal to Real Madrid.

The news about Juventus’ interest in Marcelo has been circulating since the beginning of this season. Of course this was triggered by Cristiano Ronaldo. As we know, Ronaldo has a relationship that is quite close to Marcelo so that Juventus management tries to bring his best friend to Turin.

According to Tuttosport’s alerts, Juventus management has agreed to Ronaldo’s request to bring Marcelo to Turin. Reportedly the Juventus have also sent an offer to the Madrid side to want to release Marcelo.

Even Juventus are ready to pay dearly if Real Madrid does allow the player to move. Juventus has prepared a fund of 45 million euros to get the player’s signature. This offer will be submitted later this summer.

Not only dare to pay dearly, Juventus is also reportedly ready to provide a big salary for the player. Later Marcelo will get a salary of 12 million euros per year, of course this value is fairly large considering the age of players who have stepped on 31 years.

Juventus’ chances of getting the player’s signature are quite large, this is not separated from the news that Marcelo’s position in the main squad has begun to shift.

Most likely Marcelo will accept an offer from Juventus seeing his unfavorable position at Real Madrid.