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Asensio Threatens to Leave If Madrid Brings Neymar

Asensio Threatens to Leave If Madrid Brings Neymar

One of Real Madrid’s versatile players, Asensio is rumored to be leaving the club if Real Madrid decides to bring Neymar to the Santiago Bernabeu.

Indeed, recently Neymar has been warmly discussed to be brought to the Real Madrid club. The reason, the Brazilian player considers Ligue 1 is a competition that is far below the standard La Liga.

This circulating news made Asensio restless. Because he rejected the idea to bring Neymar to the club. Not only that, he also threatened to leave the club if Neymar was actually brought to Madrid.

The reason is actually reasonable, Asensio does not want to fight for a position with Neymar. As we know, Neymar and Asensio are in the same position so that one of these players will be reserved. Therefore Asensio strongly disagrees with the club’s decision to bring in Neymar.

When under the leadership of Zinedine Zidane, Asensio did get relatively few flight hours. Of the 53 matches that his club underwent in all competitions, Asensio was only played 19 times, even in the Champions League competition, he only played 3 times as a starter.

Actually Asensio is a player who is in demand by many people. He has a very clear ability and vision. Naturally, many teams want to bring themselves. Some of the big teams that are rumored to want to propose Asensio are PSG, Juventus and also Liverpool.