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Marcelo Bielsa gives praise to Pep Guardiola After City Winning Premier League

Marcelo Bielsa gives praise to Pep Guardiola After City Winning Premier League

Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa gives praise to Pep Guardiola for successfully bringing his team to two consecutive trophies in the Premier League competition.

Well, Manchester City managed to come out as champions this season after beating Liverpool in the points, where they won 98 points, compared to 1 point compared to Liverpool in second place with 97 points.

Bielsa himself also managed to bring Leeds into the Premier League next season as a promotion team. He admitted that he was very amazed by Guardiola’s training style so that his team could win brilliantly this season.

“I will give an argument as a form of my appreciation and admiration for Pep Guardiola. He is a coach who is able to present beautiful and deadly games. We can learn from how to practice it. He managed to build an alpha team with Manchester City, “Bielsa said as reported by Goal International.

“We often think that Guardiola can’t do anything without a player in Barcelona. But look, he managed to bring Manchester City to win twice! ”

“Its capacity to create beautiful games and distinctive styles is far more important than the players it has now.”

“I don’t say players are not important, but I want to emphasize from the creative side in training. Everything he collects is like a mystery. ”

“Imitating what Guardiola has done is impossible. “They always managed to find a gap in every situation, they were a great team,” Bielsa concluded.

Pep Guardiola: Doing Mistake Is Normal In Football

It seems that Pep Guardiola did not want to dispute the blunder made by his side Oleksandr Zinchenko when his club faced Southampton yesterday. Guardiola was satisfied with the performance shown by his foster children during the match.

The match against Southampton was a crucial match for Manchester City. Because in the last two matches, they always lost. Actually Manchester City managed to take the lead first, but because of Zinchenko’s error on the 37th minute Southampton made it even more equal. Fortunately Sergio Aguero and also James Ward Prowse’s own goal brought Manchester City out as winners in the match.

According to Guardiola, such a mistake is natural. He does not want to blame the player too much and only tries to give input so that such mistakes do not happen again.

“Mistakes are part of developing yourself in playing. Zinchenko’s mistake was fatal, but I didn’t want to blame the player too much. He is a great player, but great players can still make mistakes and I think that is natural. ”

What amazed Guardiola was the attitude of Zinchenko. The player is able to recover quickly and adapt to the current game.

“The mentality makes me satisfied. The mistake is a lesson and he is still very young, he will learn from this mistake. ”

“I often say to players, you have to learn from Zinchenko today, everyone can be wrong, but strong mentality will turn mistakes into a lesson for the future.”