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Platini: VAR Destroys the Spirit of Football!

Platini: VAR Destroys the Spirit of Football!

Michel Platini as the former President of UEFA commented on the decision taken by the referee after discussing with the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in a match between Manchester United and PSG in the Champions League yesterday. According to him, VAR has damaged the spirit of football.

In the second leg that was held at PSG headquarters, United managed to get the winner after getting a penalty at the end of the match. Thanks to the victory, United are certain to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Many parties regretted the penalty decision. The reason is, the Kimpembe Presnel doesn’t intentionally touch the ball. Platini also explained that handball is not always a violation. Initially United were only given a referee by a referee, but after discussion, United won a penalty.

“When I served on the International Board, I tried to continue to protect and defend the players,” Platini said as quoted by Le Journal Du Dimanche.

“Paris Kimpembe in this case did not do handsball intentionally. The referee has acted correctly by giving a corner kick, but the people asked for a review and finally the decision turned into a penalty. ”

“Deciding to give an accidental penalty for handsball has damaged the spirit of football, against the game of football itself!”

“From the beginning I never agreed with VAR, when I was still a player, it was not always what was told through the television screen was true, there were times when such things could be tolerated.”