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Madrid Want To Recruit Tagliafico To Subtitute Marcelo

Madrid Want To Recruit Tagliafico To Subtitute Marcelo

La Liga giants Real Madrid seem to want to bring Ajax Amsteram left-back Nicolas Tagliafico next summer.

After successfully impressing Banfield and Independiente in Argentina, Tagliafico immediately got the first place in the Ajax squad. Not only that, because he was able to play consistently, he also helped strengthen the Argentine national team since 2017.

According to TYC Sports alerts, the slick performance shown by the player made Real Madrid interested in getting his signature. Even Solari wants to bring in the player next summer.

Tagliafico’s appearance was solid enough to keep the Ajax defense, this was evident when Madrid faced Ajax in the Champions League competition. At that time Tagliafico managed to score, even though VAR was eventually annulled.

This makes Solari sure that Tagliafico is able to strengthen Madrid’s defense. Actually there is another reason why Solari wants to bring in the Tagliafico, namely the possibility of Marcelo leaving next season.

As we know, Marcelo’s position in the main squad was further eroded. He even lost competitiveness with young Madrid defender Sergio Reguilon. This raises a lot of speculation that says Marcelo will soon leave Madrid.

If the player is indeed brought in to Spain, then Tagliafico will have no difficulty adapting, because in the 2012-13 season he has played at Real Murcia so he is already quite familiar with the style of playing in Spain.