The King Kong Feel Confident on His Fight With Joshua – The challenger of Heavyweight boxing title Luis “King Kong” Ortiz show his Determination  after being defeated by Deontay Wilder last time. The boxer Fought confident and Bravely when he Knocks out Razvan Cojanu only in second round in the game that established on Staples Center, Los Angeles, United State of America , Saturday (28/07/2018)

Ortiz fought for the first time since he lose from Deontay Wilder on Maret 3 in Brooklyn, New york. On that fight, Ortiz have been knocked out in the ten round suprisingly after he almost won it in the seven round and make Wilder success to retain the WBC heavyweight title for the seventh time.

On his fight with Cojanu, King Kong show his determination and fought very confident until the end. The Kuba boxer look a little bit passive and slow in the first round, and that chance will not be miss by Cojanu to try to get the rhythm on the fight but until the first round is over, Cojanu can not do anything to hurt King Kong.

At last in the second round King Kong show us what he capable off, The 29 years old boxer land a right hook on the upper head of Cojanu, and then give the jab with his left hand right into Cojanu nose and Knocked him up so badly.

Cojanu try to stand again and land on the rope, But in the end he Failed. The referee which is Jerry Cantu stopped the fight when times still show 2 minute and 8 second on the second round out of ten.

“In my mind, I am still undefeated. I fell like i never lose to Deontay Wilder” tell Ortiz to the translator.

For his next fight, Ortiz tell that he want to fight Anthony Joshua, the Champion of WBA Super, IBF, WBO, And IBO. Lets see will their fight will be come true or not.

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