Thibaut Courtois’s Future at Chelsea There is no clarity yet

Maurizio Courtois as Chelsea’s new coach explained the future of one of their players, Thibaut Courtois. The coach can’t confirm Courtois’s future at the club. He is also not sure whether Courtois will survive and keep playing at Stamford Bridge or not next season.

If we flashback a bit, Courtois has been widely reported to want to leave the club since last year. According to news circulating, Courtois is likely to return to Spain and join the Real Madrid club.

When confirmed about Courtois’s future at the club, Sarri explained that he still did not know what would be done.

“Currently he is still the Chelsea goalkeeper, but no one knows what will happen later,” Sarri told Sportsmole.

Sarri also explained that he still could not confirm whether Courtois would survive or not.

“If you ask about Courtois’s future at Chelsea, I still can’t confirm anything. It depends on the club’s decision whether to release it or not. ”

“To move, everything depends on the player. If you ask if I will use it next season, I will answer yes. But all back to the club. ”

Actually Courtois’s move to Madrid was very close, unfortunately, the offer of 35 million Pounds that Real Madrid posted was still considered too low so Chelsea decided to hold the player.

Courtois’ play contract will expire in 2019, if Real Madrid wants to be patient, they can get it for free if Chelsea fail to convince the player to keep playing at Stamford Bridge.