“We Will Stronger Than Before,” From Gareth Bale

Real Madrid Stricker Gareth Bale is confident that his team will be stronger after the lose they get from Atletico Madrid on UEFA Super Cup. Bale alone is not playing in the game where Real Madrid should admit that Atletico Madrid is superior than them and lose by 4 – 2  in A Le Coq Arena, Estonia.

” I think that the team is playing well tonight, but clearly that is some mistakes make by our teams that cause we lose at the end of the game. We learn a lot from this lose and it will make us even stronger in the future,” Tell Bale to the reporter.

On that match Atletico is already leading from the first half. But Karim benzema can tie the game before the first half is over. Real Madrid turned the game by leading 2 – 1 with the goal score by their captain Sergio Ramos from penalty kick on 63 minute.

Costa tie the game and make it to the over time. Atletico Madrid score two goal in the over time by Saul Niguez and Koke and make Atletico win that game. But Bale is confident because of this lose, It will motivated he and his team to doing better in 2018/2019 season.

“Every team do not like to lose, especially ours, That feeling will motivated us to do better and make us stronger in the future,” Tell Him.

Let see what result will Bale and Real Madrid get this season after them losing their superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.