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Jose Mourinho Will Comeback !

Jose Mourinho Will Comeback !

It’s been three and a half months since Jose Mourinho was forced to leave Manchester United’s coaching chair. He claimed to be ready to go on an adventure at a new club that he felt suited to his wishes.

Mourinho has only enjoyed the warmth of Manchester United’s coaching chair for two and a half years. The Portuguese coach is considered the culprit of a series of bad results which were reaped by the Red Devils since the start of this season.

Now, his status in the world of football is still unemployed. To fill his spare time, Mourinho was seen several times filling out a television program to comment on the performance of the teams that were struggling in their respective competitions.

Despite appearing several times on television, Mourinho did not deny that he missed the atmosphere of training again. Therefore, he was determined to find the next labuhan club before next June to have time for preparation.

“When you are in the world of football, between press conferences, games, video sessions, battle analysis, and everyday problems, you don’t have time for yourself. I have used the last few months to reboot,” he told beIN Sports .

“The coach’s position is special and I enjoy everyday work. I want to go back this summer, starting in June, for the beginning of the season,” he continued.