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Giroud Want To Leave Chelsea Next Season

Giroud Want To Leave Chelsea Next Season

Lately, Olivier Giroud has rarely been seen and is more often seen on the Chelsea bench. Seeing this, Giroud reportedly is considering leaving Chelsea and looking for a team that can provide more flying hours for him.

With Alvaro Morata spearheading Chelsea, Giroud’s chance to play was thinning, even Maurizio Sarri was more interested in playing Gonzalo Higuain than he was.

The last time Giroud managed to score a hat trick in the match against Dynamo Kyiv. Thanks to this goal, this means Giroud has collected nine goals in seven appearances with Chelsea.

Actually the score was fairly good, because last season Giroud’s appearance was fairly ordinary. There were no special nicks made by Giroud last season. But due to minimal playing time, Giroud admitted to being frustrated and wanted to move.

“This makes me really frustrated,” Giroud said as reported by the RTL.

“Today I know that there is no competition to play since last January.”

“I will only be played in the European League competition. I try to play effectively, but I am still reserved. ”

“I am ready to go down the level so I can play. I need an opportunity to play more, I am not there to be reserved! ”

“I could just go and play in Paris. We’ll see what it will be like. “