Chelsea Need To Give A Little Time For Sarri

Gustavo Poyet provided support to Maurizio Sarri who is currently handling Chelsea. Poyet believes that Sarri is the right coach for Chelsea. He also asked the Chelsea management to give a little time and be patient with Sarri. According to Poyet, Sarri is currently developing a brilliant plan for Chelsea, but to make it happen, Sarri needs a little time.

Sarri was appointed as Chelsea coach at the beginning of last summer. Sarri was appointed to replace Antonio Conte’s position which was dismissed by Chelsea’s management for failing to bring Chelsea to the title.

But recently there was news that asked Chelsea’s management to stop Sarri from the coaching chair. Yes, if we look at Chelsea’s performance, it seems that Sarri has also not managed to show consistent results where they can win with an outstanding aggregate score, but they also have to lose with such a large goal difference.

Although not yet able to show a consistent performance, Poyet still considers Sarri worthy to lead Chelsea.

“I feel Sarri has done extraordinary things at the beginning of this season, he is still worthy to lead Chelsea,” Poyet said as quoted by the International Goal.

Poyet saw Sarri able to change the face of Chelsea as a strong title contender. But Sarri needs time to realize it.

“People praised Sarri at the start of last season because he was able to change the Chelsea game system.”

“Chelsea even had become a serious contender for the top Premier League team. He is able to analyze the games of other teams and apply perfect methods to deal with the opponent’s playing style. ”

“It’s true lately that Chelsea looks bad, but we can’t just focus on negative things. I think Sarri can bring Chelsea in a better direction going forward. “