Hazard: Victory over Brazil is a Beautiful Memory with Belgium

Hazard: Victory over Brazil is a Beautiful Memory with Belgium

Eden Hazard as Chelsea winger admitted that the Belgian national team victory over Brazil at the 2018 World Cup was a happy memory that he would not forget. As we know, Belgium became one of the dark horse teams in the 2018 World Cup.

At that time they advanced to third place after overthrowing the England national team. Unfortunately in the semifinals, they had to fall after being defeated by France. Before these two crucial matches, Belgium had already faced Brazil. At that time Belgium managed to take the lead through an own goal made by Fernandinho.

But in the 31st minute, De Bruyne managed to add another goal for Belgium, while Brazil only managed to score one goal through the action of Renato Augusto.

“Victory over Brazil is my best memory, both in individual and collective aspects. I feel what I do it is perfect, after all who is not happy to beat a great team like Brazil? “”

We advanced as the favorite team, but in the second half there was a bit of trouble for us, but in the end we managed to win.

” for me, everything was filled with emotions of excitement at the time, we reaped a lot of criticism in the Euro and we proved to the world that we are a great team after beating England. ”

” The most beautiful team is Belgium and I will always remember good times there. “