Bad Result For United In Premier League This Season

Bad Result For United In Premier League This Season

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as coach of the British giants Manchester United currently claims to have understood the conditions and situations that exist in his care team.

Solskjaer also admitted that he already knew what he had to do to develop the team’s performance. For now, he explains that his team is still not eligible to compete at the top level of the Premier League competition.

On Sunday 12/5 yesterday, United had to kneel with a score of 0-2 over Cardiff City. Worse yet, the match was held at their own headquarters, Old Trafford. Surely the defeat is not a good farewell to his fans.

This defeat shows the conditions that exist at United. Even to beat the bottom team like Cardiff they can’t. Seeing this, there are many tasks that must be done by Solskjaer to bring back a bright light at Old Trafford.

Solskjaer asks all fans to be patient. At the moment there are a lot of things he has to do and he asks all fans to support him. Do not want to be grandiose, Solskjaer even just eyeing the top four positions. If the big four can be achieved, then the next target will be the trophy winner.

“The fans know United’s current conditions. The task that we have to complete is very heavy. We must return to our position, which is at the top of the standings, “Solskjaer said as quoted by

“At present there are very strong competitors, they are Liverpool and Manchester City. We still have a lot of points behind them. We have to fight hard to get close to them. ”

“All players already understand what is happening and what they have to do. For this season it might be too heavy, we will focus on next season. “