Zidane Is The Best Coach In The World !

Zidane Is The Best Coach In The World !

Not long ago the world of football was shocked by the news of Zinedine Zidane’s resignation as coach of the Spanish giants Real Madrid. Zidane’s decision was taken after he coached Real Madrid for 2.5 years. Even before he decided to leave Real Madrid, he also managed to bring Real Madrid to become Champions League champions this season.

Zidane’s exit seems like a knight where he has been rumored to be sacked by Florentino Perez if Real Madrid fail to win the Champions League title, unfortunately Zidane managed to prove his quality, proven Real Madrid were able to win 3-1 over Liverpool in the Champions League final . Seeing the achievement is certainly a special impression for Zidane.

The exit of the coach from the Real Madrid club then got a response from Luis Figo. According to him Zidane is the best coach for Real Madrid. This is evident from the many achievements of Madrid during Zidane’s coaching period.

Luis Figo was a figure who had played with Zidane while at Real Madrid. He said that Zidane had magical powers capable of bringing the team to victory.

“Zidane is a friend of mine for a long time. I will support whatever he does, including his resignation from Real Madrid. ”

“I think he has reached his highest limit at Real Madrid, we must respect his decision.”

According to Figo, there will be no coach better than Zidane. He said that the figure of Zidane was the best coach for Madrid.

“Zidane is the best coach, does anyone else do more than him? That is impossible. ”

“The decision is indeed surprising, but we know the reason behind it all and we must respect it,” Figo concluded.