Crash in Buriram, His bike Split into Two – Jorge Lorenzo having a bad day on the second training time on MotoGP Thailand. Lorenzo has  great accident that make his bike split into two big part.

On the Buriram circuit, Friday 05-10-2018 afternoon, Lorenzo experience a severe accident when he would enter the corner to the right. Lowering his speed when making the turn after drive in the high speed, the rear tire of Lorenzo bike seems locked. because of that thing make Lorenzo fall down from his bike and need to land using his back to the asphalt. It look like before stopping in the gravel it take Lorenzo turn around several time before stop it.

The same condition also happen to his bike, His Ducati bike also falling down after turn several time before stop for landing. His motorcycle flakes bounce into various directions. In video replay we can also see there is large chunk of his Desmosedici GP8 that falling apart from his main body bike, that make his bike look like splitting.

That thing make the entire training practice MotoGP Thailand need to be stopped. Lorenzo is directly bring to the circuit clinic using ambulance to get a further treatment.

As we know Lorenzo itself before this training is indoubt for joining the race in MotoGP Thailand because of the crash he get when the fall in MotoGP Aragon two weeks ago. His condition is not fully recovered from that accident and now got another bad luck in where having another crash after two more weeks. Let hope the best for Lorenzo so we can see his performance on this year MotoGP Thailand.