Ex Boxing World Champion, Rocchigiani Die on Accident

Elitesports.fun – A Germany Boxer of Italian descent that also an ex world class champion for super middle class and light weight class, Graciano Rocchigiani, die on his 54 in South Italian after being crash by car when he having a walk on that time.

Rocchigiani that have an Italian father and Germany Mother is reportedly having super middle class IBF from 1988 to 1989 also light weight class on 1998 after beat Michael Nunn.

Rocchigiani that already fight 45 match on his professional time in Germany, Can get the public attention when having a match with Henry Maske from Germany and Dariuz Michalczewski from Poland on 1990

His last fight was happen on the last 2003 when he is been defeated for a light weight international WBC champion that vacuum on that time.

“Berlin feel this lose, an 1980 and 1990 boxer that make people impressed,” tell Michael Mueller the governor of Berlin.

“Rocky, Because he is known by worldwide, Max Schmeling and Eckhard Dagge three of them is Germany world Champion on professional sport,” Michael Mueller.

“He also is the real Berliner, that having both his mouth and heart. Not all the things we want can happen on our life like what happen to him in the ring. But Berlin love him for what he has done although some that is the harsh one. We feel sorry,” tell Michael to close his word.

Rocchigiani that ever being caught after the assault and driving without the real license is the youngest Germany boxer that ever becoming the world champion. After being retired from the ring. he work as the boxer commentator.

May you Rest in Peace Champions.