Emery: This Way Is Full Of Risk

Emery: This Way Is Full Of Risk

Lately, it has emerged that says that Unai Emery has a bad relationship with Mesut Ozil. Apparently this news is not mere nonsense, the article Unai Emery clearly told the media that he was indeed looking for trouble with Ozil.

Thanks to the poor results achieved by Arsenal, Unai Emery was made a scapegoat by the public and fans. In addition, the decision not to use Ozil’s energy also drew a lot of criticism. Even Mesut Ozil’s name is not included in the long-term plan he made.

This condition makes a lot of speculation where the public says Ozil will soon be kicked out of Arsenal. Ozil is considered a valuable asset for sale. With Ozil’s sale, Arsenal can bring in new players who are considered more competent.

Many media reported that there was a dispute between Emery and Ozil. Emery also did not dismiss the news, but the goal was reversed so that Ozil could increase even greater ambition in the player.

“Class must know when to trigger a dispute and when you should praise the player. “From a dispute, it can trigger players to show their quality in playing,” Emery opened to Sky Sports.

“Sometimes this kind of thing can arouse someone’s ambition,” Emery continued.

Even so, Emery said that actions like this must be carefully considered and carried out. Because this kind of thing is like a double-edged sword, where if it fails to do, the player’s condition will decrease further.

“Things like this must be considered carefully, you have to make sure everything goes well and must ensure that they are compatible with other players. Because if you fail to use this tactic, then the player’s mentality will get worse, “concluded Emery.