Sam Allardyce: I Think Rashford Can't Play For A Long Time

Sam Allardyce: I Think Rashford Can’t Play For A Long Time

A prediction given by Sam Allardyce regarding Marcus Rashford’s career. The former England coach considered the young Manchester United striker would be difficult to play at the highest level for a long time.

Rashford itself is one of the successful products of the Manchester United academy. He made his debut in the first team when he was 18 years old, and since then he has regularly appeared in attacking Manchester United.

Not only being a mainstay in Manchester United, Rashford is also a mainstay in the England national team. Even when he was 18 years old, he was taken to Euro 2016 by Roy Hodgson, where to this day he is still actively defending The Three Lions.

In the eyes of Big Sam, if this condition continued, Rashford could have a chance to retire after being young. “With his current condition, I feel it is very difficult for him to play until the age of 30,” Allardyce told Talk Sports.

In his analysis, Allardyce assessed that Rashford had too many playing portions, so he did not have time to rest and that would have an effect on his career.

“This condition is due to physical and psychological and mental demands that make him experience extreme fatigue. If this condition continues, he only has about 3 weeks in a year on vacation.”

“He will play in all corners of the world because currently there is no such thing as pre-season anymore. He will play for the national team in the summer and he only has about 3 weeks to rest.”

Allardyce assesses that if Rashford continues to get this burden continuously, then he will be difficult to maintain his body condition in his 30s so he has the potential to retire early.