Guillem Said Madrid Is Dead !

Guillem Said Madrid Is Dead !

Guillem Balague, who works as a football observer, explains that Real Madrid are facing a very serious problem this season. In fact, he also said that Madrid was no longer Los Galacticos.

You could say Madrid is facing a crisis, how not? They must swallow four bitter defeats in a row at home. Not only that, hopes of reaching the Copa del Rey trophy and the Champions League have also vanished, only the La Liga trophy remains, and even then if they can catch up to 12 points from the top, Barcelona.

Guillem asked Madrid to be too passive in the player market. He also said that Madrid could not be called Los Galacticos anymore because there were no star players that could be brought in by the club.

“Real Madrid are dead, they cannot compete as they used to. They have stopped bringing in star players since 2014. Who can be called a superstar in Madrid? There is no.”

“They have to move and make changes, we just wait for the summer. One of the top players there, as well as the captain said that his team only needed to play well in four games to win the Champions League title, from which we could see there were very big mistakes and problems. ”

“Similar to Gareth Bale, he wants full minutes when playing, but he is not able to show his quality. That makes it frustrating. He also will not shine if given a short playing time. I think Madrid must immediately fix this problem next season. “