Neymar: Im Not A Superhero !

Neymar: Im Not A Superhero !

PSG player Neymar admits that he is not a superhero who can solve problems. Neymar also mentioned that he was not a perfect example as a public figure.

Neymar’s level of popularity at the global level is indeed undoubted. His career as a football player who made him became a global public idol. That was not rejected.

However, in some aspects Neymar also experienced bad moments. His career is not only filled with achievements, but also controversy. Likewise with Neymar’s personal life which often presents a sensation.

“I am not a superhero or a perfect role model. Saua also has a bad moment, where I want to go home and hide, want to be with my friends and family,” said Neymar quoted from Goal International.

“I am not a super hero who is able to overcome all the pressure in the world, but I try to do it because of what my position is. Not only for my family and children, but also for most children here,” said the 27-year-old.

Not only moral responsibility, Neymar also professionally has responsibility to the club he is supporting. In fact, no less important, he also had the burden as a Brazilian national team player.