Hazard to Real Madrid !

Elitesports.fun – Chelsea striker, Eden Hazard is having a very good start in this season. And now once again he talk about his future about move to Real Madrid. Hazard just confess that he can not become the best footballer in the world if still playing for Chelsea.

Hazard still once again in the list of  Balloon d’Or this year. This is not the first time a Belgian striker  is inside the nominee. However, being a nominee is the only thing that can Hazard get in the past year. he always lose to another player that play in Spain. Messi and Ronaldo is the best for this 10 years.

Moreover only 1 player from English Premier League that can become on the top three nominee of Balloon d’Or which is Fernando Torres when he is playing to Liverpool on 2008.

Because of that without reduce his respect towards Chelsea, Hazard confess that Baloon d’Or or the best footballer in this world is the main reason why he want to move to Real Madrid From Chelsea now. “It is the reason why i want to leave,” Tell Hazard.

But also in that time he also denied the possible of his move to Real Madrid will be soon happen. Eden Hazard already tell that he want to play for Real Madrid after the end of World Cup 2018. It is his dream since he was a child.

Eden Hazard contract with Chelsea will be end on Juni 2020. It means that if the Belgian player refuse to extend his contract, it means that Chelsea need to sell him on the next transfer session if they do not want to lose their player for free.

Let see will this transfer will be happen or not, and for meanwhile let sit and enjoy his football, Eden Hazard