Marc Marquez on Claiming the World Champion 2018 – The Honda racer, Marc Marquez is so close on becoming the world champion for MotoGP 2018. He can get his fifth World Champions title in Japan, Motegi, October 21th.

Now Marc Marques already collect 271 point and win by 77 point with the second position which is Andre Dovizioso (Ducati). There are still four race last for MotoGP 2018, There will be a hundred point to be fight for. It means that if Marquez can keep his score ahead for 75 point, he can be the champion on Japan.

So let see the scenario on how Marquez can get his fifth world champion title in Japan ? this is the possibility on how Marquez can be the champions :

– Marques get the pole position, Dovizioso runner-up : It makes Marquez have 296 point, while Dovizioso have 214 point. Means that they will be 81 different on them, so with only three race left, Marquez already become the champions.

– Dovizioso win, Marquez runner up. Marquez will have 291 while Dovizioso get 219. both of them only separate by 72 point, in this case, Marquez still can not become the champion on that race.

– Dovizioso runner up, Marquez on the third. Marquez will have 287 and Dovizioso will have 214. only separate by 73 point also can not make Marquez become the winner.

– Marquez runner up, Dovizioso got the third position. If this is the case, the different point between two of them is 81 and make Marquez becoming the World Champion on MotoGP 2018.

So in a big picture we can say that if Marquez can finish in a better position than Dovizioso, Marquez can become the early champion of MotoGP 2018. And if both of them failed to finish that race, while Rossi can get the pole position, Marquez also can not be the champion yet.

So how will MotoGP 2018 this year ?