Impossible to Beat Barca? United Experts Breaking the impossibility!

Impossible to Beat Barca? United Experts Breaking the impossibility!

Manchester United will soon face a very tough test where they will be met with the Spanish giants Barcelona in the Champions League. Many people who say this task is an impossible task for United.

Seen on paper, Barcelona is superior to the United squad. Not to mention that Barcelona is very familiar with the Champions League so that the games that are presented are more stable and consistent, don’t forget Lionel Messi, who is still the best player in the world.

Messi alone is considered the gap between Barcelona and United. But we also cannot underestimate United who are in their best form under the leadership of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Although United’s position did not benefit, Juan Mata had a different view.

If we roll out a little United’s trip in the Champions League this season you could say it is full of miracles, let’s call it a victory over PSG which is quite surprising to many.

Seeing their experience when defeating PSG yesterday, you could say the conditions are similar to their current conditions.

“At that time I was not in Paris, the victory in Paris seemed very impossible right? But the victory was a very historic victory for us, “Mata opened as quoted by Marca.

“We were left behind in the first leg, but we managed to turn things around.”

“I believe the experience of the young players in Paris coupled with our cohesiveness at the club has made us a strong team. We will mobilize all our capabilities with United’s red jersey, we will not give up even though we face Barcelona. “