Allegri Gave Compliment To Cristiano Ronaldo

Allegri Gave Compliment To Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo became a very crucial figure for Juventus in the match against Ajax in the Champions League. The mega star managed to score one goal for Juventus at the end of the first half.

As many people predicted, the match between Juventus and Ajax went quite intensely. Ajax’s strength cannot be underestimated, besides being able to displace Real Madrid, they can also draw against Juventus in this first leg.

Massimiliano Allegri also did not want to comment much when asked about Ronaldo’s ability. According to Allegri, Ronaldo’s ability is known to everyone. But there are two things that make Ronaldo different from other great players.

Allegri explained that Ronaldo was a player at a different level who could find a gap to score even though he was in a bad position. This has been shown by Ronaldo when netting a goal against Ajax.

“Ronaldo has proven everything. Ronaldo’s greatness has taken him to a different level. He was able to find a gap at the right time and convert it to a goal, “Allegri said as reported by the Italian Football.

“He was able to bring the game and provide encouragement and create movement for his teammates. Federico Bernardeschi and Blaise Matuidi also managed to make good moves at the start of the match. ”

“Ronaldo’s colleague was also great, they were able to create a space for Ronaldo and give a perfect pass. We will focus on the second leg match later. “