Klay Thompson to La Lakers ?

Elitesports.fun – It seems that Los Angeles lakers is having an attention to getting a existing NBA Basketball star to join them for the next season. Been rumored would like to having Kawhi Leonard sign, Now lakers is been rumored targeted one of the best shooting guard in this era which is Klay Thompson, Golden State Warior shooting guard.

As we know that Lakers make a significant move to deeper their squad for the next season. Team that having Staples Center as their Home court success getting one of the best if not the best player in the world which is LeBron James. But there are not stopping until there, Lakers management claim that there are not satisfied with only getting one superstar for the next season. they hope that they can get one more superstar in the free transfer time next year. Some of big name already been rumored is getting there.

The one that been rumored in the mean time is Kawhi Leonard, But after several time, looks like now Lakers already have their attention on other player. The other player that we mean is Golden State Warrior Shooting Guard which is Klay thompson. Thompson is reportedly become more suitable player to be recruit because of his shooting accuracy. Beside that, also there are a rumored that Klay and Luke Waltons as the main coach of Lakers are having a good relationship that can make this transfer happen.

Unfortunately, For signing Klay, It will not be a simple task for lakers. Beside that Klay already stated that he is feel very happy playing with GSW now, Klay father’s also stated that he want to see his child become a Warrior player until the end of his carrier. So let see where will Klay be in the last.

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