Gary Cahill Say Goodbye To Chelsea ?

Premier League Club, Chelsea maybe will lost their senior player in this summer. Gary Cahill already said goodbye to his team and his friends in Chelsea. Cahill is the last senior player in Chelsea. He came to Chelsea in last 2012. After joining in Chelsea, he always be the priority player in club.

But the situation become harder for Cahill. There is a rumour that said Cahill is not in Maurizio Sarry plan. If we see, Maurizio Sarri decide to serve Cahill in the bench on this season.

Turki Fotomac said, Cahill is ready to go. He will join the Galatasaray club in the near future. A few days ago, Sarri already ask Cahill to keep stay in Chelsea. He said sorry to Cahill because did’nt choose him to play. We all know, Sarri put trust in Antonio Rudiger and David Luiz for his defender line.

But Sarri also said that Cahill still on his plan. He want Cahill to wait a little bit more. For now Sarri want to find a good solution for Chelsea, so he need to compare all the possibility in team.

Cahill is not believe that words, he decide to leave the club soon. In that report, Cahill already reach the final step of this transfer to Galatasaray. And Cahill already say goodbye to all his friends and team in Chelsea.