Klopp: Pogba Is World Class Football Player

Jurgen Klopp did not want to comment on the conditions faced by Paul Pogba at Manchester United. Aside from the poor performance shown by Pogba this season, Klopp actually said that Pogba was a world class player and he would be prepared to face threats from the player.

On Sunday 16/12, Liverpool will face Manchester United in the Premier League competition. The match that will take place will be a very crucial match for both teams. Liverpool will try to maintain their position at the top of the table, while Manchester United are trying to get to the top four.

Until now, Pogba was considered only to be toxic to United. He is often referred to as the game breaker United. The bad aura presented by Pogba at United has a negative impact on other players.

When asked about the presentation of their team’s victory when faced with United, both with Pogba’s presence and without Pogba’s presence, Klopp did not want to comment on it and chose to praise Pogba’s game.

“I don’t know what Mourinho will answer if asked about the quality of our players, but is there anyone questioning Wijnaldum to us, I don’t think so,” Klopp said as quoted by Fourfourtwo.

“All I can say is that Pogba is a world class player. He is able to pose a threat to each of his opponents. So what we will focus on is how to deal with him and also United, “Klopp concluded.