The Secret Power Of Manchester City

If asked who is the most powerful and feared team in the Premier League competition this season, maybe the answer will fall to Manchester City. How not, the team coached by Pep Guardiola has managed to score 27 goals and only conceded three goals this season. This results obtained by Manchester City is also the best record in the history of the Premier League.


Since being trained by Guardiola, Manchester City’s performance has continued to increase. This is evident from the achievement of the victory with a big goal notch in many Premier League matches this season.


But the public spotlight is Manchester City’s very strong defense. Not many teams managed to penetrate the defensive wall. Manchester City only conceded three times this season. This is not separated from the style of Guardiola who likes to play defense.


During his career as a coach, Guardiola claimed to be happy with the style of training that emphasized the team’s defense. When he coached Barcelona and Bayern Munich, he also seemed to focus on his team’s defense.


“I always like this, I don’t want to be arrogant, but when I train Barca and Munich, we also always become the team that concedes the least goals.”


Although City’s defense is very strong, Guardiola said that it was not only his defense, but all aspects on the field, from attackers, midfielders to winger.


“Clean sheets are important, we also have to pay attention to our chances of conceding. We focus on stability in the team. All aspects are very influential and with a stable game, we can reduce the risk of conceding goals. “