Madrid Give Contract Extension For Keylor Navas

It seems that speculation about the future of Keylor Navas at Real Madrid is over, because the Real Madrid side will provide a contract extension to the player in the near future.

Previously there was a lot of talk about Keylor’s future in Madrid. Many say his position as Madrid’s main goalkeeper will be overtaken by Thibaut Courtois. According to news circulating, Navas was also glancing at other options if later he did not get a contract extension.

Actually, Juventus have an interest in Navas and plan to bring it in January. But ABC reported that Real Madrid still did not want to release Navas in the near future, even they had prepared a contract extension for the player.

Navas will get a contract extension until 2021. Real Madrid management considers that Navas is still an important figure and must be maintained.

Even though he has provided a contract extension proposal for the player, unfortunately the details of the extension of the contract have not been leaked to the public. The only important thing that is publicly known is the duration of the play contract extension that will last until 2021.

This means Navas will get a 1-year extension from his current playing contract. According to the same source, Navas has also approved the proposal submitted by Real Madrid. Navas even firmly said he was not afraid even though Madrid had brought Courtois.

“I actually feel challenged and will try to give my best to maintain my position as the main goalkeeper.”