United Want To Recruit Pickford ?

According to news circulating, Manchester United are currently paying attention to Jordan Pickford. In fact they plan to bring Pickford if David De Gea decides to leave the club.

Until now the future of De Gea at the club still does not get clarity. De Gea contract with United will actually run out in the upcoming June 2019. But until now there has not been a bright spot between the two parties regarding the contract extension playing De Gea.

United already have negotiated with the player, but the negotiation process has not gone smoothly and always has a dead end. Even so, United are still trying to defend the player.

According to the The Sun, if in the end United failed to defend De Gea, United had also prepared the worst possible way by bringing the keeper from Everton, namely Pickford. But to bring Pickford, United need to spend funds that are not small, reaching 60 million Pounds.

According to the same source, De Gea is currently also on the Juventus players’ search list. Actually Juventus already have two new goalkeepers, they are Wojciech Szczesny and also Mattia Perin. But Juventus want to increase the strength of their club by bringing De Gea.

Szczesny is currently a mainstay of Allegri, unfortunately he often fails to show a slick performance so Allegri wants to bring another talented goalkeeper to win the Champions League title this season.