Manchester United Was Destroyed After Sir Alex Ferguson Left

Alan Shearer gave a big critics to Manchester United. Newcastle United legend said that Manchester United situation is not controlled after Sir Alex Ferguson Left.

In 2013, Sir Alex Ferguson finished 26 years of his regime in Manchester United. In that time, Manchester United won lots of trophies. They also won 20 Premier League trophies under leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson.

After Sir Ferguson left, United tend to fall. They already recruting 3 new manajer in last 5 years. But none of them can bring United to win Premier League.

Shearer said that after Sir Ferguson left, United keep falling. Remember about their match against Brighton last week ? They have beaten by underdog team. So many people dissapointed about United performance in that match.

“United already try all ways to win, but you can see the situation right now,” said Shearer.

“They also recruting 3 new manager in last 5 years, none of them can lead United to win Premier League.”

“This kind of situation never happen in Sir Alex Ferguson era. In that time, all players can follow the instruction so good. If they can’t do that, they will kicked out. Manchester United must fix this problem right now, if no, they can’t reach the top position in Premier League.”