Ronaldo Overhead Kick Become The Best Goal In UEFA 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo get an award again for individual level. For this time, Ronaldo successfull make himself as the best striker in the world UEFA 2018 version.

His goal became the best goal in UEFA 2018. Remember when he do a overhead kick when fought against Juventus in Champions League competition ? Back in time, he play as Real Madrid player but for now he already join Juventus.

In that match, Madrid can win with score 3 – 0 as Juventus. He also get standing applause from the audience. Not only that, he also get the standing applause from Juventus fans and supporter, is that cool ? Even the enemy fans giving him a big respect for his performance.

Beside Ronaldo’s goal, there is 11 another nomination for the best goal in that time. But from 11 nomination, only 3 can go to the next level and only one who can be a winner, yup, he’s Ronaldo with a beautifull overhead kick.

After taking a vote, Ronaldo get 200.000 sounds from 346.915 participants. Its mean, more than 50% voting Ronaldo for his action. Before Ronaldo, Mario Mandzukic from Juventus win the nomination for season 2017, Lionel Messi from Barcelona for season 2015.

There is no doubt why Ronaldo became the best player in the world, he have the capability to become the best player. Good job !